10 tips to lose baby weight post Pregnancy

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Weight gain while Pregnancy(Baby Weight)

That’s very Normal! During and after Pregnancy, body changes are expected. Forget the aspiration to continue with that figure and cut on the diet as suggested by the doctors.Weight gain is one of the prime important factor during and after pregnancy(for initial 1month) . Keep in mind that the extra weight is important for a healthy baby and it will go off soon. If you gained normal 12-15Kgs during your pregnancy, you can be happy to know that you can easily shed off those extra kilos. Pregnancy or Baby weight loss is no “Book Continue Reading

10 reasons to get family time

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Story Began : Family Time is Important!

[Once upon a time….there were no mobiles, no tables, no laptops, no apps, no E-Commerce, no crèches…What was then?] Was there just a “Family Time”? No, there was a whole bunch of time zones to usher the creativity with the joy of being with Family.

No Family Time!
Gone alone!

Well, then was the big “Play time”..

No no not those “Wild Wild Taxi’s or Dune Buggy’s” but yes going out with neighbourhood friends in the parks to catch on games as “Frozen T-Shirts race, Bean Bag ladder toss ,water balloons ,fishing for marbles or shells … Continue Reading