Importance of Proteins : The Protein Week

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The Protein week by IDA and PFNDAIRecently I got a chance to attend an event which aimed to create an awareness on the Importance of Protein for the development. It laid special emphasis on the protein requirements of a pregnant women, growing child and even we adults. This made such an impact that I’m attuned to share a series of posts stating the “Protein importance” and why we need to change our dietary patterns to have a healthy body in coming weeks.

Reason to announce,

“The Protein week” by IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) supported by Protein Foods Nutrition Development Association of India (PFNDAI) was :

  • Observance
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Fine motor Skills activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Motor Development in kids

Lot of us are unaware of small daily life activities which help toddlers to Pre-schoolers in their Fine Motor skills Development. Rather we are not even aware of what is Fine motor development & how it impacts our child’s development.

What is Fine Motor Skill?

Fine motor skill involves the coordination of small muscles, mainly hands, fingers, with eyes and brain. It is basically learning to synchronize the things out at a time. The importance of development of Fine motor skills can be understood from the fact that they have a big impact on Intellect & Human development. When an … Continue Reading

Does baby talk help in Child Development?

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Is baby talk good for toddlers development?

What exactly is Baby talk?

Parents and we adults, have had a thought from centuries that the best way to communicate with a baby is via baby talk. This gives a feel of being more innocent, immature, loving, which is very close to what babies are. Speaking slowly with some rhyming in between, varying the voice tones to attract a child seems to be okay to see a responsive & excited baby. But using not so common and strange words, developing un-real words sounding & ending with “yy” or similar may not be the best manner to communicate with your Continue Reading

10 tips for Speech Development in Children

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Speech Development in children

There has been time and again researches on the Speech Development for kids less than 3/4years. And with every research, it is coming out firmly that the use of wide variety of vocabulary is so important for a kid to start speaking & later enhance his spoken skills. For this, parents have to  talk more and more with their kids, so that they become more receptive & communicative. They need to link common words with their images. Remember, Images have a better capture in brain than the written or spoken phrases. And, so let me share some of the activities Continue Reading

7 tips to help toddler wean off that Milk bottle

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When to wean baby off the bottle?

When a baby has crossed a year or so, start weaning off baby from the bottle. The longer the bottle phase, the more tedious it becomes to put a stop to it. Day on day, babies really get attached to their bottles and an effort to separate can create a chaos in their lives. The efforts can double up if the phase is extended till 2years or longer. Apart from difficult weaning, bottle also poses some negative impact on your child’s health. Bottles by then no longer pose as nutritional object but they Continue Reading

When do babies start walking – Milestone 3

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Babies start walking : Precious steps!

Those first steps are precious! And quite exciting to celebrate the biggest milestone along with their Birthday. Believe me, after cruising all the way, suddenly a day comes when they stand up and take 4-8steps to reach some unidentified goals:). Same happened to me, we had returned from Goa the last night when my son had just turned 11months. Suddenly I woke up in the morning to see him stand and taking 7-8 steps at a go. He then turned stationary, smiled and chuckled looking at me, & there I ran to hug him. Continue Reading

Baby starts Sitting – Connecting the First Milestone

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When does baby starts sitting ?

Every parent, just like me is super enthusiastic to see their baby achieve the developmental milestones. The first being able to sit. That’s a very curious question I’ve heard and rather asked experienced moms post my baby birth. When does a baby starts sitting ? And the answers vary from 4-6months usually. Although this is a common range, few babies sit up by as long as 8-9months and that’s completely fine. It’s a very common phrase that “ All babies develop differently”. It matters a lot on the surroundings in which they grow. It Continue Reading

Crawling and Rolling – Baby’s Milestone 2

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Second Milestone : When do babies start Crawling

Happily Crawling
Happily Crawling

In general crawling begins from 6months – 10months , more so in the mid of 8-9months of age. Again just as the first milestone of sitting up, rolling and crawling also depends a lot on the opportunities given to the baby as  – Promoting Tummy time, making baby practise sitting exercise, making him sit surrounded with the C-shaped Pillow. To know more about helping baby sit up read my post .

“My baby started sitting on his own when he was 6months, although he got enough of tummy time from Continue Reading

5 reasons to avoid Baby Walker

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View of my Side : Walker Story

This article can be contradictory to many Indians, who have been using Walker for their kids from many years and could not differentiate on the development part. Here I am sharing a very logical explanation post which I decided not to go for walker for my baby. To use or not to use is definitely your discretion parents. This is just to make you more “Aware as parents”.

Just like you moms and dads, we too had planned to bring around a walker for our darling baby when he was close to Continue Reading

5 tips to chose right bottle for baby

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Initiating Bottle feed to a baby is in itself a big deal and an onerous phase for Moms and babies both for most of the time. During this phase, a factor which plays prime importance are the tactics or tips applied for introducing Bottle feed. Here choosing the right bottle for baby plays a very important role. Redirect if you wish to first know the tips to initiate bottle feed for a baby here.

Since the market is over flooded with variety of catchy bottles, moms and dads you have to be very specific understanding your requirements and then buying … Continue Reading