10 tips on How to fight Depression and anxiety

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If you know someone who’s depressed, please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather.” – Stephen FRY

In the previous post, we have read about why Mental Illness like Depression and Anxiety are 2-3 times more frequent in women. Women is the powerhouse of every family and if she suffers from mental illness then it is a suffering of the whole family and not just a single life.

With the surge of social media, depression and anxiety is surging in women and affecting mental health. Did you knew that women are 2-3 times more susceptible towards depression and anxiety? Read why and signs associated with these mental illness. #mentalillness #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #suicide #selfharm #women

If a woman … Continue Reading

Mental Health and Women : Anxiety and Depression

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Loss due to Depression and Anxiety : Mental Health

With the surge of social media, depression and anxiety is surging in women and affecting mental health. Did you knew that women are 2-3 times more susceptible towards depression and anxiety? Read why and signs associated with these mental illness. #mentalillness #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #suicide #selfharm #women

“I have anxiety. And I’m treating my anxiety. I’m on medication for my anxiety. Why am I saying this? Because it’s a completely normal thing. It’s a biological problem. In my family, there have been cases of depression. More and more people, should talk openly about it. There is nothing shameful about it or something to hide. If you had a constant stomach pain, wouldn’t you go to the doctor? It’s that simple. I want to make Continue Reading

5 Tips to dry clothes indoor faster in Rainy season

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Are you ready for monsoon? Drying clothes indoor is every household problem during rains. Moisture and humidity is a breeding ground for moulds, microbes which cause many health problems. Hence here are some tips to help you dry your clothes quick this monsoon. #monsoon #bonita #bonitaindia #household #durables #clothesdryingstand #dryingstand

Monsoon season is ringing the bells

Monsoon’s are beautiful. Gazing out of the window on the green grasses with water droplets, while sipping a hot cup of coffee is something exhilarating. Isn’t it peeps? To me, the fragrance of wet lands, clean greens, playful kids, chirping birds, rain dances and some delicious foods resonate with the merriment of rainy season. While, it does creates a cheerful environment but at times there is a lot of unpleasantness when there is a lack of sunshine during rainy days.Continue Reading

Health apps for Android and I Phone for Parents

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Health apps for Parents  : Apps every parent should know

For a parent what is most important is his or her child’s health and in the scenario like today each one of us are so busy that it becomes quite a deal to sit back home or take your ward to the hospital if something goes wrong. It does not mean that the parent is not caring; It is just the busy schedule, which makes it difficult for a parent to keep track of what health Continue Reading

Benefits of Family Yoga:International Yoga Day #Yogaday

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International Yoga Day

We all are no strangers to the famous quote “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. People across the globe are becoming self-aware about the importance of staying fit; exceptionally in this “fast moving” world. Everyone has their own way of doing exercise, some of us hit the gym floor, some of go for jogging in nature’s company while some of us do yoga.

Not only adults but even for children, fitness matters a lot today. Yoga is certainly about Continue Reading

Best Story Books teaching moral values : for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Best Story Books teaching Moral values and Life lessons for 2-6 year kids!

Few days back one of my friends asked me to share some story books which teach Moral values and life lesson’s to kids. There are plenty of books on the book shelves, but we need some selective books, which helps us relate to the common situations that kids face. There is so much a story book can do for a child. It builds skills, improves vocabulary, Linguistics, helps in creative imaginations, develops … Continue Reading

Importance of Music for kids : Creative Development

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And as we started singing,

Do – re – mi

Fa – so – la – ti – do

Do – re – mi – fa – so – la – ti – do!

Doe, a deer, a female deer

Ray, a drop of golden sun.

Me, a name I call myself

(Fa) far, a long, long way to run..

These sounds got me into the lanes of my beautiful childhood, when I started playing soft musical beats with my son few months back. These are Continue Reading

A subscription box for Kids activity : Reviewing Flintobox

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Summer Challenge for Kids

Flintobox is an educational Kids activity subscription box. Summers are here and we all know it is the best time to engage creatively with kids. So let's engross them in some family fun - Flintobox, Kids subscription box in India. Read out my complete Flintobox review at www.mommyinme.com #flintobox #kidssubscriptionbox #activityboxes #SibscriptionboxinIndia #kidsbox #educationalbox

Summer holidays are here and it is the best time to engage with kids and have some family fun together. But the biggest challenge is how to engage kids indoors, when most of the time we hear “I’m getting bored“? Well, occasional boredom should be there for a child, but there has to be other engagement activities daily. It’s searing hot and heat waves are sweeping all over. There is no respite even in the green gardens till late evenings. And … Continue Reading

10 Best Board games for 3-6 year kids

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 Best Board games for kids!

The world of games is a fantasy, be it for a 2year old toddler or a 16 year old teenager. And I have always loved playing board games and if given a chance, I really never forget to play a chance of Scrabble and raise a toast over my win with Lime Mojito! Fun, laugh, giggles, strategy, Board games are really something which a child cannot miss. And the best part is most of the board games are played in group, … Continue Reading

Holistic care for Breast Cancer patients : Breast Cancer Awareness

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Breast cancer awareness and Holistic care 

The word Cancer has always got me into a downhearted soul, even though my maternal granny was a Breast cancer survivor for many decades. But she succumbed to pancreatic cancer. So, this fear of BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene (breast cancer gene) has always witnessed a sombre feeling from within. And thus, I always look out for the technological advancements in this area. 

A cancer patient doesn’t just needs treatment in the form of Chemotherapy or Surgery involving lump removal, but Continue Reading