10 best Diwali activities for Kids

Hey lovely mama’s and papa’s, Diwali is back with a sense of great thrill, indulgence, fun, gifts, glitters and much more. And amongst all this, why not let the festive extravaganza spread all across our kids minds and hearts? Why not let us make this festive season more of fun and learning experience for our children, along with giving it an Eco friendly touch and sharing with them the significance of Diwali.

I’m sure, most of us would want to, but have been stuck just to trigger that beginning. So begin right here, with 10 amazing Learning cum fun Diwali activities for Children.

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10 Best Diwali activities to engage your kids with :

1. Printables :

Get some Printables (print sheets) for kids related to :

  • Lord Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Ravana (with 10 heads)
  • Engage them in the colouring activity on those print outs, basis the story lines as :
    • Ram and Sita getting married
    • Their journey to forest
    • Meeting with Hanuman
    • War with Ravana
    • Return Back to Ayodhya on a path full of Diya’s.

As your kids engage with these sheets, simultaneously narrate them the scenic short stories with all voice modulations. Help them understand the essence and significance of Diwali, make them aware of the morals behind it. It will be really a fun way to see curious children asking you, what happened next and this way they will get the morals.

You can also create small scenes with props available at the house and enact the major scenes of the story. 

2. Diwali Puzzles and learning fun :

What best can be than to have the fun with some learning. I have created some printables for you all, subscribe my blog via your Email ID, and get those print sheets free in your mail box:). Know what all you can opt for :

  • Pick up the word “Diwali” from a sheet full of disorganized alphabets. When kids pick out /circle up “Diwali” Alphabets from the puzzle, they will get to learn the spelling of Diwali as well as get more thorough with their alphabets. This activity can be targeted to Preschoolers/Nursery kids. 
  • Guessing Images? Sample attached below,  A chart with numerous images, all again in a disorganized manner. Include 5-6 images of items related to Diwali (example shown below) and mix them up with other pictures. Ask your kids to ascertain the pictures associated with Diwali. This will enhance their cognitive skills.
  • Count the Diya’s: My son loves counting the diya’s in a printable I’ve made, I keep on changing the chart and he enjoys it. This ensures that he is getting through with his numbers and counting skills. 
  • Diwali Chart: Create a chart with the words being used for Diwali, as in : Light, Diya, Lamp, Rangoli, Victory, Good, Goddess, Laxmi, Ganpati, Thanks, Joy, Sweets, and so on basis you child’s age. Stick them to their room walls/cupboard. Your child will definitely enhance his vocabulary and simultaneously learn some festive related words.

Diwali printable

Lets come to the Creative corner now,

3. Decorate Diya’s :

Diwali Diya

I don’t know if there is any kid who doesn’t like this. If your child does pottery, then provoke them to make some Earthen pots/Diya’s for the decor by themselves. Post that, take out some paint in the paint plate and ready up some decor items. Items as glitter, mirror makes beautiful decor. Allow children to just sprinkle and use their imaginations for the Diya Decoration. If there are many kids in the neighbour, why not host Diya making and decorating competition? I bet, kids are gonna love it.

4. Door hangings :

Floral Door Hanging

Say bye bye to those plastic and synthetic coloured Bandarwar/Door hangings. Indulge your kid in some creativity and you’ll be pleased to showcase their decors during Diwali.

  •  Engage in Floral Bandarwar : Oh, I just love Door hangings made out of fresh flowers and leaves. The enchanting colours makes the entry of house look so beautiful.
  • Cut out beautifully coloured paper Diya’s, candles and why not hang them on either sides of your door. Hanging colourful Diya’s looks just awesome.
  • Let kids cut different shapes, flowers, leaf shapes from the coloured sheet. Its damn simple, arrange them by sticking to a moli (thick thread we tie in hand) and decorate as Door hangings.

5. Bangle Diya :

Bangle DIya

This was an instant hit when I made it with my son. Though I had less of old/unused bangles, most of you who have good collection can make these beautiful glittering Diya’s with kids and illuminate your houses with them. All you need is a small cardboard (colour /make some design on it) to act as a base for bangles. For one Bangle Diya holder, you should have some 4-6 bangles (use unused ones). Stick the bangles one on top of the other with the fevicol and place the beautiful wax Diya inside it. At the bottom, paste the small cardboard [similar to the size of Bangle holder] and this is ready.

6. Lanterns :

Diwali Lanterns , kids craft activities

Lanterns are way simple and need very basic items. 2 different coloured sheets, glue, scissor and coloured tape/some decor things as pearls or mirrors. kids will love making it for sure. Make 5-6 and hang those lanterns in your house.

7. Disposable Cup Room lights :

Diwali Decor

Why not paint those Disposable cups and decorate them with mirrors. You can even make some designs on them. Arrange them in a linear fashion and insert Diwali lights by piercing the cups from the top. Look how beautiful they seem to be in the night. This one has been made by my 3yo son, he went crazy doing this.

8. Diwali Cards :

This can be the simplest yet most beautiful creativity of your child. Encourage their art by exchanging cards [made by them] along with gifts. Simple drawing, to Paper designing to Quilling, cards generate “n” no. of ideas in the minds of children. Talk to them and motivate them to make few 5-7 cards which can be exchanged with their loved ones.

9.  Puja Thali :

Decorated Pooja Thali

Who says it has to be a fancy Puja thali for the Diwali Pujan? Few years back, I was tired to get the desired Puja plate and this year, me and my son have made our own. Gives me such a great sense of pride decorating the Puja Thali with beautiful flowers. We even tried making a clay decor in thali.

10. Rangoli :

Rangoli design for Diwali

Go different this year, let kids make Rangoli out of clay. Seriously, it will not wither with the winds and children will get a sense of great engagement. I shall make one with my son on the Diwali day and share photo with you all for sure. Also, get into Rangoli making with flowers. They are not harmful to kids and they look fresh and beautiful.

There are plethora of activities in which kids can engage and be a part of the festive preparations. If you plan to make laddoos at home, ask kids to bind them up for you. Allow them to do the activities, as this will give a different tangent to their cognitive, social skills. Their imaginations will get a great boost. Do it and observe the difference.

All the decor items have been made by my 3yo, which makes me proud.

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www.mommyinme.com and www.familyonthewheels.com wishes you all a Great Diwali Blast!


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    We don’t celebrate Diwali, but I still might try some of these out with my kids so they can learn about it. I just love those door hangings!

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    It’s always fun learning about the celebrations in other cultures. Oddly enough, the only bits I knew about Diwali were from episodes on The Office and The Big Bang Theory! These activities look like great fun for kids, similar to what American kids might enjoy for different holidays here. I like the room lights – such a simple idea, but so pretty!

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    Happy Diwali to You. Decorations done during Diwali make every street and home in India so beautiful. Hope that would have been the case everyday. I love decorating with lanterns and flowers. 🙂

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