10 Best Family Holiday Destinations in India to Visit in 2020

10 Best Family Holiday Destinations in India to Visit in 2020

10 Best Family Holiday Destinations in India to Visit in 2020

The two parameters that mark the holiday season in India are the end of school exams and the changing weather conditions. During the summer vacation, most Indians venture out in buses, planes, and trains to enjoy their holidays.

You cannot fail to find perfect destinations in India for a holiday with your family. This article will lend a helping hand for anyone who is looking for a perfect family holiday destination. These tourist attractions are spread across the sub-continent from North to South and east to west. These destinations will surely give you a promising holiday.

1. Manali

You can call it a cliché but the must-do thing in snow-capped hill stations is making a snowman and then posing with it. This is an excellent way of beating the heat and enjoying family time together. One of the best choices for a holiday remains to be snow.

Rohtang in Himachal has so much of this to present your way. You will be able to enjoy adventure sporting this holiday season in Manali. You can also enjoy ice-skiing in Rohtang as you submit yourself to the lush beauty of the Kullu Valley. It is one of the perfect destinations in India for a holiday with your family.

2. Rishikesh

It is a good thing to plan a weekend getaway to Rishikesh. This destination offers some thrilling adventure sports, White water Rafting, in the lap of river Ganges. Even a 2-night staycation in the tents on the banks of River Ganges is bliss here. Be ready with some Instagram worthy nature shots here.

It will also give you an opportunity to pamper yourself with yoga camps and spa sessions. This attraction site is only 230 kilometers away from the great region of Delhi and is accessible by bus/ private cars and by train (till Haridwar). You will be amazed at how rejuvenating and rewarding the weekend at getaway can be. It forms one of the best family destinations in North India.

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3. Himachal’s Luxury Resort

It is good to spend some of your stunning time on the Himachal valley. It is among the most popular vacation places in India. The resort offers an offbeat and relaxed holiday away from the city crowds. This feature makes it a great family destination in India for a holiday.

It is a great family resort that sprawls in this beautiful valley. You will get pleasant early mornings, lakeside picnics, trekking, and camping by the riverside. You can also buy some time and relax at Himachal Pradesh as you try to discover nature in your own way. Trekking /hiking are must-do activities during the Summer holidays.

4. Meghalaya

Meghalaya, the North east indian state needs to be added in your bucket list. It is one of the best place for nature lovers, explorers and even for families. Read to know more. #travelIndia #Incredibleinda #explorer #naturelovers #Meghalaya #lakesofIndia #shillong #rootbridge #livingrootbridge

This destination allows you to spend your holiday with family in pristine East India. You can head to Cherrapunji which is the wettest region on the earth. It will be an amazing experience for you and your family especially if you have never been to this region of the earth.

If you are looking for a perfect family destination in East India, Meghalaya is the place to be. It has hills that are carpeted with tea plantations, tiny rivulets that meander here, Caves, Living Root bridges.

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5. Coorg

If you are a person who is close to mother nature then Coorg needs to be in your list of one of the top destinations in India. One of the major attractions in South India, it has widespread coffee and tea plantations, to cascading waterfalls, you will be able to satisfy your wanderlust instincts here. It is famous by the name Kodagu among the locals. The main tourist attraction is the waterfall that comprises of several small waterfalls. If you somehow manage to have spare time, do visit the Nagarhole national park.

Kerala, God’s own country, is around 6 hours from Coorg and is the heaven of India. Your excitement to adore Elephants can easily come true here, magnificently.

6. Munnar

If you are planning to travel to South India during this summer season, then Kodaikanal and Munnar are the best bargains that you have. These picturesque towns are in the hills hence offering several interesting activities and a pleasant climate.

Some of the activities include trekking, golfing, and boating. You can get closer to nature by touring Palani and Eravikulam National Parks. The homestays give you an opportunity to taste the local life and an excellent place to stay with your family.

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7. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

In June, the monsoons normally settle in and every corner and nook in India starts to bloom with the exotic tropical beauty. It is the best time to explore the rich biodiversity of India. No other place is better for this than the renowned Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

You can take your children to Mowgli’s home of dens, tree houses, and lakes. It will help you to watch them gaping in amusement and wonder. This park is an incredible destination in India for a holiday.

8. Rajasthan

You should not be surprised to see Rajasthan as one of the top destinations in India for a holiday. Even though the region has high temperatures during the day in Summers, the evenings and mornings are surprisingly beautiful and pleasant in Rajasthan.

Unlike the other island and coastal regions, Rajasthan summers are not humid. Though the best time to explore Rajasthan is in winters and Spring (November – March). If you want to get the most from your Rajasthan holidays during the summers, all you need to do is tweaking the itinerary just a little.

Spend your early morning in trekking and bird watching and then sleep away those hot afternoons in one of the comfortable and air-conditioned rooms. The must-visit cities for Historical Forts, Palaces, Kothi’s are Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Jaipur. In Jaisalmer, you can enjoy the Sand dunes, camel rides and get a chance to adore the traditional Rajasthani culture. Rich in food, handloom, antique crafts, Rajasthan is a place not to miss.

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Have you ever been to Jodhpur? This Blue CIty mostly known as Suncity has a lot to offer to tourists. Best season to visit Rajasthan is winters. Visit here for Forts, lakes, Palaces, Museums and Royalty. Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Balsamand Lake, Mandore Gardens, Umaid Bhawan palace are the best heritages to watch at Jodhpur. #Jodhpur #Rajasthan #blogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge #forts #palaces #umaidpalace #mehrangarhfort #india

9. Mahabaleshwar

India indulges a broad range of tropical fruits such as musk melons, chikoos, and mangoes every summer season. For a perfect family holiday, plan to tour the natural cradle of the succulent fruits.

Apart from being breathtakingly beautiful, Mahabaleshwar is also home to fruits like strawberries and fragrant Alphonsos among others. Spend your day picking fruits as you learn about farming and relish the delicious jam. You can sit in a comfortable hotel that is away from the city hassles. It makes it a great destination in India for a holiday with your family. Do explore Panchgani, while in Mahabaleshwar for its magnificent waterfalls in Monsoon season.

10. Ladhak

One of the most beautiful part of India is Ladakh in extreme North India. Right from experiencing Cold desert to lakes, this place mesmerizes you at every step. Nubra Valley, Pangong lake, are breathtaking valleys. Due to its high altitude amidst Himalayan ranges, you can witness snowfall anytime during the year. The routes leading here are closed in winters (December – March) and they open the post that, after the snow gets cleared.

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Conclusion: Best places to visit in India

When looking for a perfect destinations in India for a holiday, you cannot fall short of choices. There is so much that the region offers to you and your family. Just buy those pretty summer dresses and pack them in your bag as you prepare to tour India this summer.

Happy Travelling!

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