10 Cardboard craft ideas for kids : Summer Extravaganza IV

Cardboard crafts
Amazon made us more creative:)

Cardboard craft for kids!

So here comes Summer extravaganza IV, with lots of interesting crafts, from the stock of piled cardboards at your home! Courtesy – Online shopping. I order multiple times a month & what I accumulate are the cardboards. Either I can pile them up & throw away one fine day or indulge in some creativity. So why not be creative & imaginative, let’s use it for some interesting crafts this summer. Let it be a super crafty Funday with our kids. You can try out simple crafts for a toddler helping him learn colours or shapes or even work out a science project out of boards.

Entering the creative world with 10 Cardboard craft ideas for kids:

Cardboard crafts!
Amazing crafts

1. New Paint sheet :

Are the white sheets out of stock? Let the kids switch to cardboard sheet for some interesting dark designs – Night scenes, dark landscapes, shiny galaxy, flying bird or any imagination. They’ll look really cool on the hardboards and can be framed as well. A decorative piece is ready for your kids room, without spending penny:).

2. Carving :

What all you need is Cardboard, Glue, coloured sheets/colours, scissor or cutter. Ask your kids to mark out the shape of Dinosaur – “Dino on the road”, elephant or any of their loved animal. Colour/paste the coloured cut out sheet on the cardboard, make an eye & your gang of animals is ready. Why not take the gang today to get your bestie panicked the next door? A perfect cardboard craft idea, let the imagination be simple to care out here!

3. Hanging Decorative’s/ boxes :

Let your kids have their own hand made small boxes for some essentials (as small ball box, their fruit basket). It’s so very simple just a rectangular box cut out & a handle on the top joined on both the sides. Adding colours will attract them for sure and make a great cardboard craft for them to flaunt.

4. Aquarium/Jungle :

Yes, that will have to be waterless aquarium;) and no real animals. Why not have story theme based on the Aquarium life or the Jungle life?  Pretty elaborate cardboard craft idea this is but really enjoyable. Cut out the rectangular box and get the base painted blue as in Tides & River. You can carve out some fishes, seahorses from clay or colourful sheet or cardboard itself of varied shapes & colours. Paste wooden stick to them incase you wish to hang them from the slits on the top of cardboard. Carve out some corals, sea weeds, water plants, colourful stones to give an awesome feel. After a great hard work, you’ll be pleased to see an amazing aquarium right besides you:). Let the little one pamper the fishes, allow him to feed & narrate a fishy shorty to all! Here’s a guide looking at which I did with my lil one:)

5. Shapes :

Trying to make your toddler learn shapes & colours? A great cardboard craft idea for him. Carve out various shapes on the cardboard by marker. Cut out few colourful shapes from the paper sheet. Put a tape on the cardboard marked shapes & let your lil one do his revision with pasting the specific paper sheet on the matched shape on cardboard. That’s a match game, match for colour & shape. Do applaud him for his efforts on every correct note:)

6. Bus or Car or Aeroplane : 

Why not give your bumble bee the joy of enjoying rides sitting at home? A perfect pretend play with super creativity and least items on the shelf. Cardboard, glue/Fevicol, coloured sheets, scissors & disposable plates is all what you need. Why not catch on this “Mother goose video to know DIY Bus” for a pretend play around the house?

7. Summer or Beach hats :

Indeed its Hot! And hats are must either for a beach stroll or a neighbourhood walk. What all you need is polka dots decorated sheet, glue, scissor, and a ribbon. Get out the shapes cut of the hat (a big oval, cylindrical & a top round covering the cylindrical shape) & paste them. Paste a beautiful colorful polka dots sheet around the lower base of the hat or you can even tie the ribbon with a bow. Put two side cuts to get the ribbon tie inside it. And you’re ready to hop on the beach with lovely hats:).

8. Barbie House :

Excited? This can be the most exciting house of your life. No loan, no rents, no long constructions, no worries on interiors;), Isn’t it moms & dads? Give cardboard the very basic shape of a house we drew when we were kids. Prepare compartments with standing cardboard. Now, give the pretended walls a beautiful decor, which can be simple to painted to dotted one. Now tag the names – Living room, washroom, bedroom, kitchen.. Try making small cardboard table, mirror, floor mat by paper sheets. These can be glued to floors or walls. If you wish you can accommodate a lil bed as well:). How cute that would be, your child will for sure love it ! A MUST try cardboard craft idea.

9. Cardboard roll stamps : 

Cardboard craft - hearts
Tiny hearts beat for u!

A beautiful card can be created out of it. My 2.5year old kid did it on V-day:). We took an empty toilet-paper roll & gave it a shape of heart. Just dipped it in some colour & pasted on the sheet. It was a super hearty V-Day!

10. Birthday party masks /crowns :

Accumulate lots of cardboards for it mommies & some ice cream sticks or pipes to hold them. Carve out the masks design and cut the shape out. Stick some colorful or glossy sheets to the carved masks/crowns & they’re ready for a party:). Simple, easy to make cardboard craft with no extra $ to shell out!

cardboard crafts
Pretty creative

There can be so many ideas, almost everything we see around the house or in the neighbourhood, can be practically crafted upon using cardboards. Momma’s try out these DIY cardboard crafts & you’ll be surprised to see your kids out of those gadget modes & getting their hands on some creativity:)

Good Luck Crafting! Share me what did you like of the ideas / what your kid made out of cardboard. Also share me the pic.


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  1. Corinne

    I loved this post! My son would love to try the aquarium idea 🙂 he loves anything to do with animals 🙂

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, I just did aquarium 2 days back with my 2.5year old son.. n he enjoyed so much of it! DO try

  2. loyaloilmom

    I loved reading your fun and creative ways to use cardboard. My kids have built cars, but the airplane. Must try this one soon!

    1. Jhilmil

      Ya airplane fun is amazing! Try out & share the pic:)

  3. April Kitchens

    Such creative ideas! I’ll have to start saving boxes to try some of these out.

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, DO that, many new will spring up in the course:)

  4. Kendra

    Love this…I will suggest some of these to my kids! We had a huge cardboard box that they made into a house this weekend. Decorations all around, homemade chimney stack…it was pretty awesome to watch them create! Thanks for sharing your ideas too!

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh wow, I love the cardboard house, guess your house would have looked awesome with those hand made decorations:)

  5. Kavita Singh

    Thanks for sharing these creative ideas. All are lovely.

  6. Vladimir Covic

    Nice tips. Developing creativity early in childhood will pay dividends in adulthood.

  7. naijaintrovert

    I have a 7 year old who loves making things with her old school notes. Guess it’s time to get cardboards. I love the idea of decorating boxes. Gift cards are nice too!

  8. Mercy (Zen Maud)

    I like your creative ideas with cardboard. I’ll try the beach hat for myself. 🙂

  9. Kirti Arora

    Awesome ideas .. I have few card board boxes at my place .. would definitely try these 🙂

  10. shahins.info

    I always try to learn some craft ideas from childhood. I feel proud when I help my kids school project.Thx for sharing.

  11. These are cute and fun. Children should develop such skills rather than spending time on the internet.

  12. Alex

    Very interesting article 🙂

  13. Preeti Chauhan

    Thank you for such life saving posts for summer vacations 🙂

  14. Tina Basu

    This is so cool, I havent done an activity with mu kid, but i am thinking painting some boards

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, do some in dark shades, you’ll love it!

  15. Manohar Mathi

    Good way to use card board for fun..Surely children will like these crafts

  16. Judy

    Good way to channelize children’s immense energy.

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