10 child friendly places to Travel in India – Part II

Continuing our Part II of sharing child friendly places of travel in India for Mamas and Daddy’s! Catch the “Part I here “

6. Rajasthan :

Kids friendly travel places in India - Rajasthan

 Interested in lots of History to get your kids experienced to? With the Grandeur in every city, warm & close knit people, exciting lifestyle, Delicious food to tap on, Rajasthan has a unique charm of itself for both kids & couples.

Experience royalty in its forts and palaces as :

Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur),

Lake Palace located in Lake Pichola (Udaipur),

Udai Vilas Palace on the banks of Lake Pichola

Amber Palace, Jaipur

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Neemrana Fort, Alwar

Umaid Bhawan palace, Jodhpur

Gorbandh Palace, Jaisalmer

Kumbhalgarh Fort, near Udaipur

Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh

Get spoilt by the amazing service, tradition, exquisite handicrafts, Feel of royalty at some of these amazing Palaces. Rich in culture, tradition, handicrafts; climbing the forts, getting onto enchanting Elephant & Camel rides, Rajasthan offers a unique bouquet of experience. From Sam dunes (sand dunes) of Jaisalmer , lakes of Udaipur, wildlife of Ranthambore & avifauna of Keoladeo, it has ample to showcase its Heritage & rich culture.

Best Time : November – February, Rajasthan has perfect winter season with ample sun for a great trip!

7. Jim corbett National Park

Kids friendly travel places in India - Jim Corbett National park

Venturing out in the wilderness of Jim Corbett is an enchanting memory for life. Get onto a detailed Jim Corbett post right here .

It is pretty famous for its Tiger Trails, Wild Asian Elephants, numerous Fauna & Avi fauna. Kids and families can have a relaxing yet learning experience here. You should book a resort inside the national park, which will be a cherish-able moment. With minimum lights(to feel the nature), homely cooked food, hearing howling wolfs, checking onto the clear galaxy in skies, listening to morning chirps gives a feel well away from the city & into pure nature. One can even take on the Jungle safari with the Elephant which in itself is a super adventurous ride for children & family in wild with wildlife!

8. Odisha –

Kids friendly travel places in India - Odisha

Very less explored city on the coast of Bay of Bengal, this city has a magical charm of its own. Famous for its cultural heritage, temples, Odissi dance, Clean rivers, Lagoons, Beaches in Puri and yes Sea food, Orissa is a must explore place for kids.

Visit Odisha for natural beauty and :

Serene walk & day by the beaches with Red Crabs at Puri and Chandipur beach & Famous Jagannath Temple

Witness beauty of Konark temple with magnificent architecture

Chilika Lake, biggest salt water lagoon, famous for a huge gathering of Migratory birds and Dolphins

Temple City of India – Bhubaneswar to witness alluring monuments & arts

Wildlife sanctuary of Simplipal and waterfalls in Sambalpur

Odisha has an altogether different charm in itself! Visit & experience!

9. Ooty –

Kids friendly travel places in India - Ooty

 Serene, lush green, waterfalls, lakes, botanical gardens, Trekking, Bird watching, Fishing, Tribal experience and what not! Hey guys, kids will fall in love with what this amazing Hill station has on the plate:).

Visit Ooty for :

Jolly world, an amusement park for some Go carting experience

Ooty Lake surrounded by the Eucalyptus, with numerous Boating options, horse riding, cycling & some other fun activities for kids

Toy train ride from Ooty Mettuppalayam in Tamil Nadu, which shares an incredible sightings of tea estates, Nilgiris [mountain ranges], villages, charming old towns 

Well maintained Botanical gardens for some beautiful flowers, shrubs, vibrant orchids, & Tiger hill for caves & reservoir

Dolphin’s Nose, an enchanting peak site with gorgeous Catherine falls will for sure make you spell bound.

Pykara Lake and waterfalls – with amazing landscapes, you’ll get to hike and boat here.

Emerald Lake – In the midst of Nilgiri’s, it is a must for the photographers! With some fascinating landscapes of Tea plantations and meadows, it gives one a great time to relax in the lap of nature!

10. Andaman & Nicobar –

Kids friendly travel places in India - Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Beautiful island which kids will enjoy to the fullest bringing back your childhood memories of playing in sand, shelling out alluring sea shells, building sand castle, running all around on the exquisite beaches. Trying hands on beach volley ball, snorkelling with guide, scuba (kids with 10+years), Banana Rides, Jet Ski, Visit to Marina park for exciting rides and games, sea walking at Neil’s island, witnessing turtle nesting [DEc-March], Museums are all so much fun for kids as well as couples.

Even a day relaxing at the beach will help you unwind and give kids a free fun!

Friends, India is awe-inspiring and stunningly diverse and a pocket friendly nation! It showers you as a perfect child friendly place to travel. Give it a glimpse to have the rich colours of life:)

Happy Travelling with kids!


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  1. Vinod

    All the places are simply wow. Must travel places. Everyone Should visit these places.

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    Ooty and Andaman Nicobar are on my list. Jim Corbett became like a second home, thanks to the regular roffsites from work 😛

  3. I have always wished to visit India someday. now that we have a little one on the way … maybe we can still go and even explore one these child friendly spots!

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    I’ve never been to India but it’s definitely in my list. And it’s nice to know it’s a great place to travel as a family even with little kiddies. The photos are beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive list.

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    All these places are stunning. I really need to get to India one day. Those islands would be fun to explore–and the water is so blue! Gorgeous.

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea , do come over, kids will enjoy for sure!

  6. India is such a wonderful place and it is great to read a post of places that not everyone is familiar with, especially when travelling with kids and need to plan.

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      Yea, there happen to be so many queries for India, so its always good to have a good read up to familiarize places !!

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    THANKS for sharing!!! India is absolutely on my travelling plan! Now I know where to visit!

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    What lucky children you have to be taken on such adventures!

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    Already been there on some of the mentioned place, amazing place

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    This is great! The only other country I’ve been to is Canada.?

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    Definitely on my bucket list of places to travel. There are so many fascinating places to visit. It looks like such a wonderful place to explore

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    Love this post!! We love traveling with our daughter, so this was really great info! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Have been to Ooty when I was in college. It was an amazing trip. A memorable one too. Nice list of places to visit with family and kids. Thanks for sharing.

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    Oh, your photos are simply beautiful. I love to travel and there are so many places on my bucket list. It’s so important to get out there and explore the world. Thanks for sharing one more wonderful place to add to the list

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    Thanks for sharing child-friendly travel tips! It’s always hard to know what places will work well with kiddos. I think my family would enjoy the islands the most, but all of these places look beautiful!

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    simply awesome, love all the places. beautifully written..

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    I don’t have kids, but these places look stunning! I hope to one day travel to India.

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    Lovely places for kids.

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    These all sound like great places to visit with a child. Thank you for the sharing this information. I wouldnot of thought about India as a potential place for a family fun/kid friendly vacation spot. But you have shown me otherwise. Thanks.

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    I loves this list! We are always looking for places to travel to with the kids

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    Such beautiful places I do hope we get to travel one day, would love to go to india.

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    Wow all of these places look incredible. I would love to holiday in all of them, especially the islands. And If I ever have kids I’ll take them here to see the beautiful world too 🙂

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    Some really great suggestions you’ve mentioned. I wouldn’t even have known where to begin searching for child friendly places in India

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    These laces look great. I love nature, and being outdoors. If I could, I visit these places.

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    wonderful article, loved reading it!

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    I agree with you about Jaipur and Udaipur. I have traveled there when I was a kid and really enjoyed and recently went to these 2 places with my kids and loved it.

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    Indian is a beautiful place to visit. Looking forward to visit there someday with my family.

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    As a mother of three I think you are very brave!

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    I’ve been to India only once and visited the beautiful Taj Mahal and Amber Palace.
    I would love to discover Odisha. The landsacpe seems amazing there 🙂

    1. Jhilmil

      oh great to know that you have visited Agra! Yes, you should for sure visit Odisha & kerala as well! they are stunning with preserved Indian tradition & cultures!

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