10 child friendly places to Travel in India – Part I

Hey Friends, have you put a full stop or semi colon to your fascinating Travel journey’s post having Kids? Not so sure how to go about & where to tap on with kids in India? Need some travelling tips, then go right here & comeback to clinch these child friendly places.

India, a diverse but friendly country has so much on plate for children. Rich in history & traditions, overflowing with amazing Flora & Fauna, full of adrenaline rush activities, Luxurious stay at palaces and Villas, Deserts to snow, Greens to sands, it has almost everything a child wold love to explore, learn & appreciate.

Let’s delve into some amazing top 10 child friendly places in India, with Part I right below (5 Incredible vacation places) :

1. Kerala: 

Child friendly Places in India - Kerala

Acquaintance with a beautiful nature, clean life, Calm weather, honest people, kid friendly activities, Kerala offers a unique experience for a Family Travel.

Start out at “Cochin” to see those Bollywood famous Fishing nets from the Fort and then start for “Munnar hill station”. Breathtakingly beautiful hill station, full of Tea plantations, dense flora & fauna, this will for sure make you fall in love with what India is!  Get onto “Thekkady”, a small village famous for the Periyar National park & Tiger Reserve. This will be a great exploration for kids, to get onto Nature walk, Spotting Tigers in Tiger trails, Boating around the sanctuary and spotting Asian elephants, going for Bamboo rafting[mainly big children and adults].

All these experiences will make this visit a memorable one. The route then goes to visit “Venice of South India – Alleppy”, famous for its backwaters, lots of waterways and canals. A day at the houseboat will be for sure a fascinating experience for kids. Why not head on to the calm yet touristy “Kovalam beaches”? Get onto some Ayurvedic Spa for yourself while the kids have some water fun!

A little more stretch at “Kanyakumari”, the southern most tip of India, gives you some marvellous landscapes to capture for ever in your eyes & hearts. Kids will for sure appreciate the Sunrise & Sunsets you get to view there, along with visit to the famous Vivekananda Rock memorial!

Best Time: October – March

2. Lonavala – Matheran :

Kids friendly travel places in India - Lonavala

A stunning hill station located very close to Mumbai & Pune, offers a panoramic view along with some spell binding adrenaline activities which kids will love for sure. Why not get an unforgettable hot air balloon ride to embrace the amazing views full of greens & surrounded by hills? Or get the Trekking love ignited by visiting the Duke’s Nose trek & have hands on rappelling? Or why not try out camping at some of the great camp sites Lonavala offers with complete family? With horse Riding, numerous outdoor sports, whole family is for sure gonna enjoy the thrill of Lonavala.

Nearly an hour and a half drive from Lonavala, is Matheran. Apart from enjoying the amazing beauty it offers, kids can easily enjoy horse riding. Even riding hand cart or get a small train ride as well for fun. If not, go for Chanderi caves trekking or opt for the waterfall rappelling, a lifetime experience you’ll hold onto! You’ll find ample monkeys welcoming you on this muddy land, so enjoy but beware of their naughtiness!

Best Time : October – April

3. Rann of Kutch :

Kids friendly travel places in India - Rann of Kutch

That’s something kids don’t get to see very often. World’s largest Salt desert, Rann of Kutch, organises “Rann Utsav” every year during the winter months. Ranging from spotting Flamingoes to some sand fauna, it gives children some interesting insights into the local handicrafts while enjoying Camel rides and various other sports. Witnessing the sunset & night of the white salt of The Little Rann of Kutch will for sure make kids fall in love with the diverse nature. Their interactions with the locals on their life, visit the UNESCO’s Wold heritage site – Rani ka Vav, will leave them jaw dropping!

Best time : November – February

4. Himachal Pradesh –

Kids friendly travel places in India - Himachal Pradesh

Covering India with the Himalaya’s, It embodies a scintillating beauty, with varied activities in different seasons. From Snow Skiing in winters to Trekking trails in Spring/Summer months, it is an apt destination to explore in all weather’s with kids.

Venture out to :

Manali for Skiing, Trekking & witness the amazing snow clad ranges

Kasauli – For Paragliding & the Greens

Kasol & Kullu – For Rafting & enjoying with fresh water

Kufri – For Skiing, horse rides, Nature Parks, Fun world for kids

Chail – For Paragliding, Wildlife

Best Time: July to September and March – June (Winter months – Dec – Feb are snowy but perfect if you love snowfall & snow skiing).

5. Darjeeling (Toy Train) & Kalimpong :

Kids friendly travel places in India - Darjeeling

A child friendly Toy train riding on the mountainous terrain will take you all for a beautiful adventure! Visit a very well maintained “Himalayan Zoological park” with some high altitude rare & endangered animals as snow leopard, Red Panda, which will energize the kids. It offers amazing sights & options for kids to enjoy their Indian vacations.

If your kids love Trekking, this Darjeeling – Sikkim terrain has ample treks for all. From easy to hard, trekkers can witness reverberating beauty of the ranges, waterfalls, tea estates. Witnessing sunrise at Tiger hill will for sure leave you spell bound. Why not get a little Mountaineering done, with the support at “Himalayan Mountaineering Institute”? It also has a ropeway – “Darjeeling Rangeet valley passenger ropeway” to experience the amazing mountains & peaks of the North east via cable cars.

Approx 2 hours drive from Darjeeling will get you to Kalimpong, an astoundingly serene place offering amazing Rafting experience in the lifeline of North Bengal – River Teesta.

Excited enough, pack your bags & hit the destination. I can personally vouch of the excitement it gives throughout!

Best Time: October -December (Winter months) and May – June

Feeling kicked to read part II of the rest 5 Child friendly places for travel in India? 

Till then, start freezing the dates and mark your calendar as it is the outset of fascinating exploration of India.

Happy Travelling with Kids! Which places did you find suitable to suggest others to travel with kids? Share your experiences here.


Quest to live the life surrounded with the charming little bundle's of joy. When they speak, I sing, When they smile, I rejoice , When they hug, I hold them never to lose, Such is my passion for these Gifts of God.

This love urged me to navigate separately from my Travel Blog & establish an "All-In-One" Blog for budding mothers. Mum's have multi-tasked this world ,with all her professional commitments , she still makes an extra effort to be a loving, caring and be an intellectual mommy! Cheers, for me too come from the same fraternity, post having a superb academics & close to 8 years of professional experience and blessed with a little one "who has indeed changed my life from Autumn to Spring";)

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  1. Ashutosh Verma says:

    There’s are the places where everyone should go once.. owsum places for vacations

  2. We’ve visited many locations of Himachal and being in the cradle of nature is something we all enjoy. Darjeeling tops my list in the next travel plan.

  3. Well, I’m not a child anymore, but I’d definitely visit these places.

  4. Lovely list of places to go to especially Lonavala it looks so peaceful!

    Love always,


  5. Loved reading it! I have visited these places and could recall all my memories

  6. Me and sister have always wanted to go to India. Now that she has a child and another along the way this list will be useful as it is always hard to travel with children. So thank you for this 🙂

    1. Yea, great do come here:), India will welcome you!

  7. I’m yet to visit India (except for that time I spent 15 hours in transit in Delhi) but I am fascinated by the country. These look like fantastic suggestions and not just for the kiddies. Will pass on to my travelling family friends.

    1. Sure, India will welcome with open arms!

  8. Thanks for these suggestions. I plan to visit India and would love to take my kids along with me.

  9. As long as the kids are used to traveling the distances, these suggestions are actually recommendable. :), you are never sure with the kids.

  10. These do sound like wonderful places to visit. I’ve never been to India before–I hope I can take my kids there one day.

    1. Oh yes, you should visit for sure!

  11. These are best for this summer time. Great places to visit, also because of their natural beauty.

  12. Jhilmil, let me start by complimenting you on your lovely name:)
    When a child comes along, traveling becomes a limited option. Not anymore, with these lovely child-friendly options you’ve shared. Really useful list for parents!

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments Mayuri, feeling much loved:) and thanks for loving my post as well!

  13. We have been to Kerala and Himachal but never been to Rajasthan and North east. Good list of places with kids.

  14. its a very amazing article and a great list of tourist places

  15. Visiting India has always been a dream of mine. It looks so exotic and magical to me, I can only imagine how amazing the food must be! Being a vegan, it must be heavenly to visit India!

  16. Very beautiful! Any child would be lucky to go to these places. Thanks for sharing!

  17. akamatra says:

    I would love to visit India with my family! Thanks for the amazing information you shared here!

  18. It’s great to know there are so many child friendly options for travellers. I don’t have any kids but I’ll have to keep this in mind for the future.

  19. Great post, I’ve never thought of taking kids to India but you have some great ideas

  20. I would love to take my kids to India, these are some amazing places, Darjeeling looks amazing!!!

  21. Wow! What a wonderful selection of places! I can see how all of these options would be great for family and kids. Personally I am interested in Darjeeling! Looks beautiful!


    1. Ya, Darjeeling is awesome, visit in the cooler months of Nov-Dec and it will give you the amazing joys!

  22. Useful, detailed and interesting review. Really beautiful places.

  23. Chemady says:

    Great list you have here. I have never visited any of those places before but I wish to be there some day.

    1. Yea, do plan, India will welcome you!

  24. I don’t know if I will ever get to India but this is a great list!

    1. Oh, why so, India will welcome you with all charm!

  25. Wow! These places all look beautiful! It’s always interesting to find out about new places that would be great for Family vacations too.

    1. Yea, these are beautiful & charming:)

  26. All of these places sound and look amazing. Would love to visit India, the country has always fascinated me.

    1. Ahh.. do come over, we all are there to welcome:)

  27. What a lovely Gide and very beautiful places you mentioned. It’s nice to have travel friendly places and perfect for family vacations. Thanks for sharing and amazing article.

  28. child friendly? forget about children. THIS IS MY TRAVEL GUIDE when i come to india. HOW beautiful, i love your pictures. I am itching to go. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ha ha, I’m damn sure, you’ll love India, I have list 2 coming up soon, to tempt you more n more;)

  29. India sounds beautiful. My husbands friend lives there and he tells him about it all the time. I am sure it is a great place to visit.

    1. Ya, it is wonderful, do come over!

  30. Oh man, all about the toy train. I’ve yet to consider taking my kids to India… bu just maybe.

  31. Great list! Lonavala-Matheran is serene. I would love to go on a toy train ride, sounds exciting. (though I’m not a kid anymore)

    1. Yup, do try it!!

  32. These look like places both kids and adults would love. I appreciate how children are traveling more.

    1. yea, these are great for complete family!

  33. Jill says:

    All these places look so beautiful! I wanna go there now! And again when I’ll have kids 🙂


    1. Great, do lemme know if you need any further suggestions while planning trip to India:)

  34. Darjeeling and the Himachals are our favourite family destinations. Great post to help parents choose .

  35. Great post, for families who are traveling with children to India

  36. Kerala is next on my list! Helpful post

  37. Lonavla and Matheran it’s cool places in rainy season. Nice info. Great Blog!

    1. Thanks Morgan

  38. Amazing! Very well written and filled with useful information and inspiration information, Thanks for sharing, I thought it was extremely top places to visit in India with family.

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