10 reasons of Crying baby

Decoding Crying baby

Are you unable to identify as to “Why is my baby crying”?

Does your infant or toddler cries lots and you are just uncertain as to why does my infant cries? Read 10 most probable reasons as to why an infant or a toddler cries from my experience of Motherhood. #infantcry #cries #infantcries #toddlercry #whydoesmytoddlercry #cryingbaby #babycries #reasons #parentingtips #fornewmums

That stands true for almost every mom : Decoding the mystery as to why babies cry and how to make baby stop crying? None of the moms and dads have ever mastered this art or rather decoding a crying baby. After all crying is the only way for the child to communicate & ask for what they desire. Dealing with a crying baby is damn painful for the parents & triggers lots of hormonal secretions in moms .

So, lets accept this challenge and do some guess work (that’s the best option) on the probable reasons & how to overcome them.

First Identify that this is not a Colic or Purple period of crying” for the baby. If not, then there could be one of the possible reasons as mentioned here.

You would love to read tips for consistent Night sleep for kids.

10 Reasons why and Infant or a Baby cries :

1. Hungry : Oh you fed the baby just 15min back, how come he is hungry again? Well these lazy couches have very tiny stomach and they intend to focus more on their sleep even while breastfeeding. So you ought to be focussed to feed frequently and wake them up if they catch a little nap in between the feed.

2. Burping : Well, few people quote that it isn’t mandatory, but I personally feel burping has a lot significance after all the feed. While sucking the milk (either BF or Bottle), babies swallow air as well. If not released it can create lot discomfort in their tummy & result in gasification. Burping won’t do any harm, so after feed just rub or pat the back gently for 4-5minutes or put baby on his stomach & allow the air to pass out for the comfort.

3. Stomach ache & Mother’s eating habits: If the baby is on BF, mind it mommies, you have to be extra cautious for initial 5-6months as your eating and baby’s tummy’s reaction have direct relation.

Every ingredient of your diet has a role in milk formulation which when passed to the baby results in comfort or discomfort. Monitor your food, take light foods which do not result in gas formations. Also maintain an energetic, walking life, be it for some time post having food.

“Once I had Chola-Puri in the evening in my baby’s 2nd month, thinking to fulfil the temptation, hardly realising its impact on my breastfeeding baby. To my surprise, it led to so much of stomach discomfort & crankiness that I had to take him to doctor & there, he released lots of air. 5minutes post that, his discomfort was gone. It was a big lesson to me and made me realise the value of my moms words”.

If you hear a sudden shrill of your child, a pain stricken face, just try rubbing your fingers in circular manner slowly on their tummy & try to note the reaction. If the doubt confirms of a stomach pain, do take the child to doctor or meanwhile try some home remedies. Applying heeng – water mixture on baby’s naval, a very light massage on the tummy, a warm bath can help ease up the discomfort.

4. Check the Diaper or the mat: Most babies hate poo, and that’s how they react to of they feel discomfort in the diapers or on the mats. Keep a check & change it.

5. Overwhelmed: Yes, that’s true, you might be trying to lighten up the feeling of motherhood. Lots of relatives chatting & trying to talk to baby, rattles buzzing, music playing & suddenly you hear a shriek..usually babies below 6months react negatively to high stimulation. They’ll for sure cry to inform you, that it’s enough of party time, get some peace in the room for now. Let them have a decent stimuli, they need more of calmness.

6. Weather:  Extreme weather can be bit rude to these delicate darlings. They are highly sensitive to cool temperatures. Keep then wrapped in a soft layer of blanket or cotton cloth basis the weather. Don’t overdo it, what they need is one layer extra than what we adults want. Do try maintaining a balanced temperature for them to be happy.

7. Sleep: Tired? Yea that’s what happens to us as well when we get cranky once deprived of sleep. Try putting baby on the cot or hold him closer and pat slowly. Ensure the ambience is correct, dim lights, no noise, you could turn on very light instrumental music also. It’ll let the munchkin have a proper sleep to get up fresh & rock back!

No Crying,Sleeping baby
Sleeping baby

8. Bored of one position: We usually keep the babies in straight position most of the times but babies might freak out of this consistency. Why not put them on their tummy while on bed, or just make them lie on your legs folded with head on a higher end? Babies love this position and also it helps them release gas, if any. Do try to change the positions, but do not make a baby sit or stand (for less than 5months). It should be strict no for babies less than 4 months. For babies between 5-6months, do try making them sit for few seconds and as per their comfort. Their bones are way too delicate to handle the body weight yet , hence be slow & protective.

9.Teething pain: That’s very difficult to identify, I swear. “From 2nd month my baby started nibbling almost everything and released saliva. It always gave us the confusion of teeth sprouting, but it was always a fake sign. He got his first tooth when he turned One”. Most of the kids nibble toys/anything they play with. But, teething can actually be a pain for both baby and parents. Incase of any doubts, try touching the gums with your clean finger. You’ll definitely feel hard nub of the upcoming tooth or see that the gum is swollen. Usually first tooth appears between 4-8months, but it all varies from baby to baby.

10. Want to be held: Yes, everyone loves to be in the arms of their loved ones so why not babies? They’ve just surfaced from the mother’s womb & they definitely want to be hugged & held closely to have the warmth. Hold the crying baby closely, sing out some soft song/lullaby, try some swaying movements. Little one will rejoice having mumma or daddy all to himself:)

Does your infant or toddler cries lots and you are just uncertain as to why does my infant cries? Read 10 most probable reasons as to why an infant or a toddler cries from my experience of Motherhood. #infantcry #cries #infantcries #toddlercry #whydoesmytoddlercry #cryingbaby #babycries #reasons #parentingtips #fornewmums

Hope mom’s and dads, you’ve by now decoded one of the reasons why the little ones could be fussy!

I would like my readers to share their experiences and tips when it comes to Baby Crying. How have you handles these small issues?

Happy Parenting and enjoy Motherhood!

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