10 Ways to Improve Working Memory of Children

Working Memory of Children

This is a guest post! Memory is an elemental aspect of learning. A good memory ensures a good life as memory is associated with all the functions an individual performs in his/her lifetime. A good memory can be a great alibi for students and children in their process of learning new and wondrous things. This is a virtue that helps them to remember all the different things that they learn, bear in mind all the new information that they accumulate in their process of learning and recall and apply them whenever required.

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Tips to increase the working memory and concentration in children. Must read as a parent. #memory #concentration #parentingtips

Which are the Two Types of Memories?

Memory can be of two types mainly – short term memory and long-term memory.

  • Short term memory will indicate the instant application of new knowledge whereas the storage of this information for long-term usage will indicate at the virtue of long-term memory.
  • There is rote memory and also other types of memory and depending on their ease to remember, students can be asked to memorize. However, there are many children who face an acute problem in terms of their memory scale. This is a problem that often makes it very difficult for them to remember things and hence recall them and apply them as and when required. This affects their school and college life and can also affect their career is majority of instance.

Asking Questions to understand the difficulty of children and also to monitor their per day rhythm :

  • Ask Questions: We all remember when we were kids our parents used to ask us questions about our day and what did we do, this simple process made us remember the small things which we performed. If you aim at improving working memory of your child then one of the best ways to go about it is helping the child to know the subject as best as possible. This is something that can be done by encouraging the child to ask numerous and different questions regarding the content of the subject.
  • Rhythm: Our brain is a beautiful creation which is the result of thousands of years of evolution. It might interest you to know that our brains respond naturally to music and rhythm. It makes our mind active in a way that no one can explain properly. This is why if you see that your child is having a problem in memorizing some information then the same can be arranged in the form of a rhythmic song. This will help in improving the working memory of your child. This will make the whole learning process interesting and fun to do.
  • Do Not Make It Boring: Now this is for the umpteenth time if you wish to improve the working memory of your child help to make the subject more interesting to him.  And thus it will help them out in memorizing it without any lack of enthusiasm.

How can you Check with the Interactive Study and relating to Reality Procedures?

Tips to increase the working memory and concentration in children. Must read as a parent. #memory #concentration #parentingtips

Interactive Study:

Learning to them should not be like sitting in their study rooms alone at their study tables and mugging their brains sore. Mixing things up will make things interesting.

Relate to Reality:

One of the elemental aspects that help in improving the working memory of your child is when the learning subject matter is related to reality. This makes your child’s curious mind feel more connected to the topic and thus makes them remember the subject matter easily.

Related Information:

One of the best ways of improving working memory of your child is to relate the different information of a single subject with other information on the same subject. This helps the child to remember the different aspects of the same topic.

Make Keywords:

This is one of the simplest ways through which you can help your child to remember the different key aspects of the of subject topic. These keywords can relate to sights, sounds and touches altogether.

Smaller Chunks of Information:

When any information is big and complex then children can face a certain problem in memorizing it. This is when you should break the large piece of information into smaller chunks and make the whole thing simpler and interesting. For example, breaking the definitions into small parts and then make them memorize it. 

Convert the Child into the Teacher:

This is a fun way to help your child remember the subject and retain the information for a long time. By doing so your child will think as if he/she is a teacher and thus will try to impart their wisdom to their students, in this case you.

Learning and remembering a new thing is fun but can be a challenge in many cases. A little patience and a little technique are what is required to help your kid and bring out the best in any student. Remember this can be the first stumbling block that can be easily overcome or can place greater hurdles for your child.

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