5 Best Holi & Summer Water Play games ideas for Kids

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So its a “Holi Hai” time and as usual we are full of spirits to have a fun filled Holi playing with water, basking in the spring sun and savouring ourselves with lots of Rasgulla’s. And why not, after all, the festive season is back as the winter breeze has receded and the waters have become more humble to us. Holi is all about colours, water, happiness and love, let’s love it and live this life by the essence of this colourful festival. Let’s help kids imbibe the virtues of goodness, gratitude, compassion and love for every living being on this planet.

So, this year the fervour is high, as we have planned to have an amazing water blast with our munchkin.

Here are 5 water fun Ideas for Holi and summers for kids:

1. Water Gun :

Holi Fun and Summer fun, Read best Holi water play and games ideas for kids #holi #holifun #holiplay #waterplay #watergun #bubbleplay #waterbeads #waterballoons #Holiwaterplay #forkids

Nothing can beat water gun when it comes to Holi! Let’s all vouch to use the Organic or floral colours, they’re safe to kids, us and even for the environment. Allow kids to have a messy fun with colourful water using water guns in a garden or an open space. Participate as a family, involve kids and others from the neighbourhood to have the fun. You can plan few games and competitions for kids, which are equally amazing for adults as well :

  • Light the candles placed on the table in a horizontal manner. Kids have to blow the candles with water gun. Specify the distance and time limit, for more fun and furore.
  • Hand out the water guns to all kids and allow them to run after each other, wetting all. Believe me, nothing can beat this mad play.
  • Make a dart from foam board and place it on a stationary location. Fill the bottles or buckets with diluted colours and then start the water gun painting over the dart. A less messy work, but kids will enjoy this dart painting with their water guns.

2. Water Balloons :

Holi Fun and Summer fun, Read best Holi water play and games ideas for kids #holi #holifun #holiplay #waterplay #watergun #bubbleplay #waterbeads #waterballoons #Holiwaterplay #forkids

Oh, I so much love these water balloons. I was mostly into them during summers and Holi, when I was a kid. I loved hitting with water balloons during the Holi celebration and wetting everyone so much. Bura na Mano , Holi hai!! So, be ready with buckets and tubs full of Water balloons to have fun filled hours.

Various games with water balloons for kids can be planned as :

  • Targeting each other with the water balloons and raging a loving war, one of my favourite
  • You can also make teams and ask kids to hit and out the member of other team with the water balloon. Whichever team remains with more members (not targeted with water balloons), wins the game.
  • Arrange the colorful water in the buckets, ask kids to fill up the water balloons with the water guns in one minute. The one who fills maximum water balloons, wins the game. The winner gets a chance to target all others with their balloons and even stomp their water balloons, lol, a true fun!!

3. Water sensory Beads :

Holi Fun and Summer fun, Read best Holi water play and games ideas for kids #holi #holifun #holiplay #waterplay #watergun #bubbleplay #waterbeads #waterballoons #Holiwaterplay #forkids

Water beads works amazing as a sensory activities and kids can have lots of fun with these bouncy, soft textured water beads. Put them in a large tub and let them soak water and swell up to their maximum size. You should use safe and edible water beads so that the fun with kids remain unhindered.

  • The best way is to ask kids to simply play in the tub with these balls.
  • Blow balloons with air and fill water beads in them. Play catching these balloons in the garden.
  • You can also freeze a tub full of beads and ask kids to just mash them up, they feel great, I must say!

4. Bubble Play :

Holi Fun and Summer fun, Read best Holi water play and games ideas for kids #holi #holifun #holiplay #waterplay #watergun #bubbleplay #waterbeads #waterballoons #Holiwaterplay #forkids

Who wouldn’t love bubble play, I’ll be into it along with kids always. What all you need is a large container with soapy bubble solution and blower. Kids can easily fill their bubble shooters and get ready for some fun games.

  • Blow out the bubbles and ask kids to pop the bubbles, no not with hands. For fun, ask them to pop using their head, elbows, knees and so on. It’ll be a super fun.
  • Blow the bubbles, run after them and catch them on the wand.
  • Hold a hula hoop and ask kids to blow bubbles through them. the one who blows maximum bubbles though the hula hoop, wins!

5. Inflatable Water tubs :

These bath tubs are perfect hit for summers and even for Holi. Fill the tub with organic coloured water and then begin the fun. Switch on the music, put some soft balls in the tubs and allow kids to have a real fun slipping, falling, playing  with balls. Once kids have enough of water tub fun, you can plan for a playful game as :

  • Place 5 similar things (as in ducks, small balloons, rubber bands, paint brush or so)in the colourful water tub and all kids have to pull out 5 same things from the colourful water in specified time. The one who pull out 5 same things earliest, wins, yay!

Let’s welcome the summers this Holi, now with the water play which everyone loves, that is a Rain dance. One of the holi games, that will be a great fun for kids, adults is the colourful Rain dance. You can end the party with rain dance. Opt for an open space having boundary, play the Holi songs, ready up the organic colours. You can arrange rain dance with water guns or buckets or even plan with the proper shower heads. Splash the water, dance and just have fun with all!

Be merry and at the end keep the beautiful morals of this festival in your hearts along with the memories of Holi Celebration!

How are you planning to celebrate Holi? Share some more water fun ideas here that you plan this year with kids!

Happy Holi, be safe and have fun!

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