5 Best Kids movie this Summer : Vacation extravaganza

5 amazing Kids movie to enjoy this summer!

Summers, vacations and lots of masti stands out as a complete package not just for kids but for the family as well. But it also is the time when “Sun God” is some extra courteous from 10am to 6pm. And, yes we are protective for kids during that time, assuring that they remain indoors. This is really a “stalwart’s job” to keep those jumping jacks confined in the house unless you are engaged with them. Since there is a long “No” list pre-defined by us for the kids (No TV, No Mobile games, No Balls in house..blah..blah..), it leaves them with really very few interesting options for them to explore being indoor (apart from indoor games). And here I’am giving away 5 best Kids movie this Summer!

Vacation Carnival – Phase I

Relax parents! We do try to keep kids away from TV demoting them watching “No utility content” basis their age. Let me tell you, kids will for sure watch TV, no matter you may want to put a full stop! Just try making that TV time really interesting & creative basis their age. keep your serials or those boring reality shows on the bay.

I’m sharing phase -I line-up of this “Vacation Carnival” with you. And believe me, this will definitely prompt you as well to join them in the Fun,  Adventure, Thriller ride of watching world class animated movies.

Let’s get onto the “Vacation carnival -I” with five movies that ensure your kids to land into the world of imagination :

1. Kung Fu panda :

Kung Fu Panda -Kids animated movie
I love Panda, This one is not Kung FU!

Take away those Monday blues for 3 weeks, with “Kung Fu Panda 1/2/3: Undoubtedly it is one of the most hilarious & captivating series I’ve ever seen. THE AWESOME PANDA with his furious five (Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Viper) will take you on the hilarious journey of becoming Dragon warrior with Turtle Oogay delivering the real world inspiration to set aside the setback and keep moving. How the reunion of Po with his dumpling dad was not so happy, with the warriors in stage to attack their Kung Fu legacy. You’ll be high on laughs & all love for amazing Po wanting to couch his belly;). Do catch complete series (control the temptation to one a day) of Kung Fu Panda on Amazon. It indeed is one of the best Kids movie.
 Ssshh.. Your bunny bees are awaiting some popcorns & shakes in the between, pull your eyes off & take a break.

2. Madagascar :

Madagascar - Kids animated movie
Sweetheart Lemur

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present”, is surely what every grandparents tell their children. It indeed is scorching summer & we will not be able to make it Zoo. So why not go for a round for a virtual zoo trip with  “Madagascar”which will make kids love animals. Don’t try to decode what all is “I like to Move it, Move it ” for many weeks. Just dance around the amazing “Move It” & enjoy.

Based on a journey of a Lion and his friends(Dreamer Zebra, adorable Hippo, Giraffe) from New York Zoo to Madagascar to learn what being “Wild means”, each character gives you a sense of real life character. It Inspires children to respect them as living beings who also have emotions & need love & care. The plots of maniac penguins hijacking the ship while Lion & his friends are en-route to Kenya is one of the most amazing scenes. It’s a complete fun package full of knowledge &  adventure.
Get it on amazon right here (if available). A kids movie full of entertainment at your doorstep.

3. Stuart Little :

Little stuart - Kids animated movie
Little stuart, the darling

Based on friendship goals like determination, trust, respect, and acceptance Stuart Little 2 is one of the best family films of the summer.This visually impressive film, with 3-inch talking mouse (Stuart) as a main character provides wholesome entertainment for kids. A plot for Stuart set up by Snowball & Catty friends shows an emotional struggle for Stuart which gains kids cultivating values & emotions. It also teaches them of the struggles & how to overcome when the path doesn’t remain “Rosy”.
Get this on amazon right here. A kids movie instilling those lost values right from the TV box:).

4. Ice Age :

Ice Age - Kids animated movie
Ice Age Mammoth

One of the movie, I just love it! With 5 series in its bag, it deals with the pre-historic Ice age era. It’s the story of Mammoths, who are forced upon to leave their home to save their herd from the calamity of cosmic blunders. Although it has a big focus on the natural calamities with rising temperature, drifting ice & continents, those dinosaurs, it does shares values of “togetherness”. It also stands true for parents & their challenges to instil correct values in their children along with giving them the space to make their own individual decisions. It should be definitely a family watch!
Catch it on amazon right here with a perfect family drama 🙂

5. Mr Go:

Mr Go -Kids animated movie
Mr Go

A crisp narrative and some truly amazing technical expertise makes Mr Go one of the best family films with big laughs, heart felt emotions and even bigger thrills. Its engaging plot offers a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all ages. It is based on the classic 1980s comic ‘7th Baseball Club’, the titular character referring to a 285 kg circus gorilla who is the first to be recruited by a savvy baseball agent to join the professional Korean Baseball League.  What makes it a must-see film is that it makes you smile with its heartwarming, poignant and inspirational story.

So, are you ready to rock this summer? From panda to Lion, Mouse to Gorilla, all are waiting for clock to strike the set time & have a meeting with kids and You:). This summer TV will turn form”Idiot BOX” to”Ideal Box” for all .

Have some chilled refreshes & enjoy the Summer Fun!

Images are not the same from Movie, They just depict the characters!

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