5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Oven and Extend its Lifespan

5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Oven and Extend its Lifespan

It is important that you become deliberate about taking care of your range if you want your oven to last for years. Rest assured that how to clean oven will be a big feature in your overall care and maintenance plan.

Getting right to it, here is what you can do to extend the lifespan of your oven and keep it in good shape for a long time

1. Clean Your Oven

This is, without doubt, the top tip for extending your oven’s lifespan. Clean it thoroughly.  Any spills on the range and inside the oven should be cleaned as soon as possible after they happen. For inside-the-oven spills, you will want to make sure the oven has cooled down first before you start cleaning for your safety.

Whenever you leave food spills on your range or inside the oven, you contribute to the heating elements of your range burning out faster. Why? Because the elements have to work a little harder to ensure your food cooks. In addition to the reduced efficiency, you will have to put up with the smell of burnt every time you use the oven and it will no doubt affect the taste of the new meal.

Depending on how frequently you use the oven, give it a thorough cleaning a couple of times a year. For safety, you will want to unplug your oven for these thorough cleanings.

If you must, then ensure that you only ever use the self-cleaning feature sparingly.  This cleaning mode can be especially hard on your oven and you want to make sure you don’t use it too frequently, and when you do, it’s according to the manual.

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2. Keep it Dry

After cleaning your oven ensure that it is dry. Keeping your oven-dry avoids corrosion, which can significantly reduce your oven’s lifespan, not to mention the fact that you may need more frequent repairs.

The best way to dry your oven is by heating it up, then turning it off, after which you will want to open the oven door and let it cool down naturally as it dries off.

3. Stay Away from the Knobs

The knobs are connected to your oven’s control system. You will want to avoid removing them.

When cleaning, it is best to avoid spraying the knobs. Spraying cleaning solution directly onto your oven’s knobs can lead to corrosion. Again, it can lead to shorts as the electrical elements may burn out. What you should do instead, is use a rag, dampened with water and cleaning solution, to clean your oven’s knobs.

4. Take Care of the Door Seals

The door seal or gasket is usually the likely culprit if you notice that your oven is taking too long to heat up, and can’t seem to hold up the temperature well. The seal along your oven’s door frame serves to hold  the heat inside  but if its old, it may fray or crack. If the seal is damaged, then your oven’s heating elements will certainly have to work a lot harder to not only reach the right temperature but also to hold it.

To improve your oven’s efficiency, repair your gaskets as soon as possible. If repair is no longer an option, ensure you replace the door seal.

5. Be Gentle

Is yours a multi-function oven? If yes, then you will want to bring back to zero the temperature knob before you can start selecting between oven functions. Doing this is important as it reduces the risk of damage to the oven selector switch. These switches can be hard to find, and quite expensive to replace.

Enjoy for Longer

Baking is one of the fun activities to do at home with the kids. Take care and properly maintain your oven with the outlined tips and you can look forward to making more memories as you bake with the kids.

If you love baking, then you must be wondering ways to clean your oven and tips for extending your oven’s lifespan. #oven #hg #cleanoven #barbeque #bakecake #bakingcake #cleaningproducts

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