5 effective Tips for Digital Detox

Digital Detox : The Need of an hour

Being a blogger and an Influencer, detaching myself from the smartphones and continuous scrolling became an uphill task. Every single notification became an addiction and urged me to lift up and see what it cited. At the back of my mind, I wanted to stop my hands from lifting the phone but every text coxed me as the dopamine released. Social Media and technology has made life much comfortable but it has also reduced the quality Family time and Me time. Researches suggests that Internet is one of the growing reasons of family disconnects, strained relationships and false emotions.

We’re spending more and more time on digital medium’s these days compared to what it was even 5 years ago. We’ve all seen the phase when there were no smartphones, and life was all the more “Less Cluttered”.

The more Digital way we are going the more we are getting cluttered. Its time to opt Digital Detox. Here are 5 effective ways for a blissful digital detox. #Digitaldetox #detox #digital #timemanagement #socialmedia

This Diwali, I vowed to complete this long pending initiative of Digital Detox. It doesn’t means that you completely bid bye to the gadgets, but it is a methodology to restraint self from that excess use. Believe me, with every day that passed while I was practising this detox, I was getting more and more optimistic. I felt more productive, my mind was a lot calmer. And the best part was, I had so much of time for things which I couldn’t do. After all, I had saved lots of time by not engaging in futile scrolling’s and their aftermaths.

5 simple Tips to practise Digital Detox :

1. Turn off the notifications :

Believe me, Social media notifications are the biggest culprits. One beep sound, you might not touch, but by the third beep, you are tempted enough to see what all is happening. Ask yourself, if that’s not true. Notifications are the real distractions, so better switch them off. I did that and with no alerts, beeps, buzzes every minute, I found that I completed my task more effectively. It looked like a Time Management strategy to me. Try it out honestly, It will work wonders!  And yes, keep your smartphone more than an arm’s distance while you are engrossed in your work.

Every notification is not an “emergency”, is what I learnt.

2. Love watches and Alarm clocks :

For a good body functioning, unhindered and quality sleep is imperative. Are you getting up in the night and looking at the feeds or mails or messages? Have you lost that quality sleep? Don’t say that you were setting the morning alarm now. How about the idea – ditch smartphone alarms and bring in the real alarm clock? I’m loving that ticking sound waking me up. The big dial watches look classy, wear them, flaunt them and don’t pull out your phones from the bags to see the time anymore. Let your jeans /dress pockets feel lighter, put your phones in the bag. Don’t allow Facebook, Instagram, Whats app to sleep with you in the bed.

3. Be productive :

Yes, I know there is an acute shortage of the time. Even I thought so. We have 24 hours, leave 8 hours for your work, be it office work or house work. Keep 8 hours for sleep. Man, you still have 8 more hours!

Either you run the day, or the day runs you. ~Jim Rohn. You run the day and see the difference!

Be productive and focussed. Ignore smartphones while you are working. I’ve stopped looking at the mobile while I’m writing my blog posts and believe me, my productivity and the time frame I write in, has bettered off, a lot!

4. Indulge in your passion :

There are 24 hours a day, and you have 8 hours free, so spend atleast one hour doing something you love (Online Shopping not included in this, lol). Be it Gardening, Nature walk, Sketching, Photography, Poetry, Dancing,Swimming, Sports or any activity, pamper yourself with your passion. Keep your phones away from you, feel the real bliss of doing something you love. Be a person of impetuous passion. Spending dedicated 30min amidst the beautiful nature, will give you the real happiness. You’ll see yourself brimming up with optimism and constructive thoughts.

Music can be an integral part during workouts. Don’t cut that, simply swipe to ON the Flight mode. Enjoy the music and sweat out while working.

The more Digital way we are going the more we are getting cluttered. Its time to opt Digital Detox. Here are 5 effective ways for a blissful digital detox. #Digitaldetox #detox #digital #timemanagement #socialmedia

5. Are you fasting?

No, I’m not asking about fasting from foods. Many religions and now science has also proved the benefits of intermittent fasting for a healthy body. So, why not indulge in periodic fasting from gadgets (mainly smartphones)? Good for eyes, hands, and mind! I practised one full day last week without any electronics and I simply loved it. I took it as a challenge and the effect was mesmerizing. I had so much time to be with my child and play with him. I had time to read books and have some hearty talks with my beloved family. It was something I wanted from a long time.

It might sound scary, but give it a shot, atleast once a week. Start the challenge by putting your phone down for at least 30minutes without looking at it on Day one. The next day, increase that break-time upto one hour and so on. Also, you can plan one day a week as Gadget free. Sunday is a good choice, as you get to spend quality time with family and there is usually no work pressure. You can start with 6 hours, then 12 hours and then one full day a week without any electronic gadgets. Most of us will not have any exigency during that period. Just let your near and dear ones know of this fasting.

Beware! Temptation will set in, you need to start Digital Detox with a strong will. But I’m sure once you acknowledge the benefits of it, you’ll be tempted to give yourself a digital-free time and enjoy the simple happiness surrounding you.

Share me your thoughts on the same, what has been your thought on Digital detox and have you attempted such fasting’s?

The more Digital way we are going the more we are getting cluttered. Its time to opt Digital Detox. Here are 5 effective ways for a blissful digital detox. #Digitaldetox #detox #digital #timemanagement #socialmedia

Live a happy contented life!

Disclaimer :

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  1. Sajid Akhter

    Hi Jhilmil,

    What an amazing post. I agree with you completely. Internet and social media has made life so much easier however it has come at a price. We hardly spend time with family and friends. even if we are with them, we tend to be consumed by our smart phones. We need to get out of virtual world and spend more time on offline stuff like sports and other hobbies.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Dipika Singh

    These are some amazing tips Jhilmil, and actually we need this on regular intervals. Digital detox is a necessity today. We bloggers are especially affected by this technology dependence.

  3. Humaira

    Amazing and informative post. Very useful and beneficial tips for the Digital Detox. I would like to prefer Gardening, Nature walk, Sketching, Photography, Poetry, Dancing, Sports or any activity to be fresh with our passion. Great thoughts.

  4. Hema

    Digital detox is need of the hour. People often consider it to be overrated but they don’t understand that they are being addicted to the technology. Great tips. Thanks

  5. Sonam Jauhri Kumar

    This is definitely the need of the hour. Sometimes the digital world poses to be a huge hindrance to our productivity. Some great tips and tricks indeed!

  6. Noor Anand Chawla

    We all desperately need a digital detox! Another simple tip I can add which has really helped me is to keep my phone on airplan mode at night when I sleep. No chance of distractions and I can still use the alarm feature on the phone 🙂

  7. Gunjan Upadhyay

    in today time when we have everything shifted to app for ease and convenience a digital detox is so difficult and yet much needed. I too prefer switching of notifications, this way i check only when I want

  8. Ritu Kalra

    Very rightly said..we all need to make an effort now to stay connected to each other rather than our phones and internet..it’s breaking relationships

  9. Neha Jella

    I completely agree with you Jhilmil. Nowadays the Internet and Social media are where people are wasting their time into. Digital Detox is an amazing, new and innovative idea which will help people to be active and sporty. Thank you for sharing this post.

  10. Deepa

    Digital detox is actually need of the hour. Everyone is busy on gadgets and have no time to follow the passions or be productive. To be more productive, one has to stay away from the gadgets.

  11. Milan

    I must confess since I started blogging my indulgence in technology has grown by leaps and bounds. I know this is not a good practice and I need to change. Your pointers will be helpful in this direction.

  12. Bushra

    Agree we are being addicted to gadgets alot and we really a detox. The tips sounds helpful, especially switching off the notification and fasting therapy

  13. Siddhi

    So I accidentally went on a digital detox in May this year when I was in my native and there was no network in that area. I felt so so so good! It was like I was revamped or something.

  14. Charu Chittwal

    True that, digital detox is something that we all need in today’s date, loved reading the blog and every point mentioned is amazingly written and passion point is something that I will suggest everyone.

  15. Judy

    I agree every word to this post cause most of us now days are so much into social media that we often feel the pressure of being so much into the digital world. Great tips that I will surely implement

  16. Prisha Lalwani

    I for one consider that I cannot take a digital detox. I haven’t even tried because I know I can check it and get into work whenever I want. I work on the digital medium, so I’m inseparable from it.

  17. Alexx bloom

    I am not sure about the indulge in your passion but after reading this post must say I have to find ways to get going with what I love. This is really effective tip from you

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