Healthy Rice Recipes for Kids

Healthy Rice Recipes for Kids

5 Healthy Rice Recipes for Kids

You don’t have to cook fancy masterpieces for your kids daily, rather good food from fresh ingredients is what goes a long way! Rice is a cereal, loved by kids across the world in different forms. It also acts as a wholesome food, if cooked with right combinations. It acts as a basic cereal in many cuisines worldwide. Hence, I planned to bring across my readers 5 simple yet healthy and delicious Rice recipes for kids (and adults too). I’m sure, it will cater to picky eaters too.

Rice is a staple cereal across the world. And here are 5 nutrious and tasty Rice recipes for kids. Easy to cook, these delicacies taste delicious. #kidsrecipe #deliciousfood #recipe #ricerecipe #forkids #tiffinideas #lunchideasforkids #mangorice #curdrice

1. Black Rice Pudding :

Black Rice, sounds bizarre? A very famous Rice mostly grown in Southeast Asian countries, Black rice has been gaining popularity due to immense health benefits. In India, it is mostly grown in Manipur and Northeastern states. Black rice is rich in proteins and fibers (less in carbs) compared to its white and brown counterparts. It is a great source of Antioxidants (has an extremely high level of anthocyanins), iron and Vitamin E, it acts as a natural detoxifier. It also has anti-cancer properties, helps in weight management (due to high dietary fiber content), reduces cholesterol and improves digestion too.

With these benefits, giving black Rice to kids (and even adults), is one of the best choices. This time, on our trip to NorthEast, we got few packets to try Black Rice pudding and I must say that it tasted really delicious.

Simple to make and delicious too!

Ingredients required :

Milk, soaked Black Rice (4-5 hours), saffron, cardamom, Cane sugar and Cashew, Ghee and Raisins (optional)

Check out the detailed recipe here

Give it a try, I’m sure, you’ll love it! Let it become a family staple food!

Kids who are fed healthy foods, grow up loving healthy foods! Savour in the rice recipes for kids.

2. Mango Rice :

When we were small, during hot summer evenings, I remember our dinner table had Ripe Mango rice and it tasted amazingly well. Mangoes not just taste great, but they are full of Vitamin C(67%), Fibres, and also rich in Copper and folate. The best part is, it is low in calories and more so a perfect healthy fruit improving immunity and growth. Hence it is a must for kids.

Do you love Guava Fruit salad? Read out my favorite salad!

It can act as a wholesome meal in the form of Raw Mango-Rice and Ripe mango rice. Here I’ll mention about Ripe Mango rice which acts more like a cool summer dessert and tastes heavenly.

Rice is a staple cereal across the world. And here are 5 nutrious and tasty Rice recipes for kids. Easy to cook, these delicacies taste delicious. #kidsrecipe #deliciousfood #recipe #ricerecipe #forkids #tiffinideas #lunchideasforkids #mangorice #blackrice #brownrice #mexicanbean

Ingredients Required :

Coarse Rice, Milk (to boil in rice), Cane Sugar (add less if Mango is sweet), Saffron, Cardamom powder and Mango puree.

You can top it with cashew and almonds and serve it as a chilled dessert. Check out the recipe I follow here .

3. Vegetable curd – Rice

This South Indian recipe is a hit in our family and Arham loves it too. We’re sure to have this wholesome dish once a week.

Rich in carrot, cucumber, curd, Vegetable Rice curd is really light on the stomach. Yogurt is rich in Calcium, Potassium and Vitamin D, which are important for growing kids.

Ingredients Required :

Grated Carrot, chopped cucumber, whisked yogurt (I prefer homemade), cooked rice and coriander. For tempering, I prefer Mustard seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, and black lentils.

Relish this nutritious meal at room temperature or you can even serve chilled on a hot afternoon day.

You can check out the recipe I prefer here.

4. Beetroot Pulao :

Making my kid eat beetroot was always a challenge for me. I tried various recipes, out of which Beetroot pulao (with Boondi Raita) and Beetroot sandwich have been hit for us.

Beets are a great source of Vitamin C, and folate, and has really fewer calories and fat. They also support the heart and brain health and are must that we expose kids to beet.

I prefer beetroot pulao just like fried rice and add potatoes also to it. Having raita adds up the flavor and kids love this combination.

Ingredients Required :

Rice, Grated Beet, Chopped Potato, Ginger garli paste, chopped onions, clove, pepper, Bayleaf, Mint leaves .

Here is the recipe which I follow (minus peas, you can add that as well)

Rice is a staple cereal across the world. And here are 5 nutrious and tasty Rice recipes for kids. Easy to cook, these delicacies taste delicious. #kidsrecipe #deliciousfood #recipe #ricerecipe #forkids #tiffinideas #lunchideasforkids

5. Mexican Bean Rice :

Well, Mexican food lovers like me will vouch for this bean rice, which can be eaten as a bowl or even be filled n wrap and enjoyed. Black and Kidney Beans being rich in proteins and fibers, this simple rice dish would go great for growing kids. Further beans and rice together make a complete protein rich diet for Vegetarians.

Ingredients Required :

Washed Kidney beans and black beans, Bell peppers, sweetcorn, tomato puree, onion, cloves, pepper, ginger – garlic paste, and cumin seeds.

You can also grate and add Cheddar cheese as a topping (sometimes) for additional flavor. But This Mexican bean rice is a family favorite and must try! You can read a related recipe, similar to what I follow here 

So mama’s, did you relish this lip-smacking post as much as I did writing it? Share some of the Rice recipes for kids love in the comment section.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wealthy!

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