5 Kids craft ideas : Summer Extravaganza II

Kids Crafting ideas

5 amazing Kids craft ideas :

So the Summer vacations are right on their way. Kids are a more of merry lots and parents are more perturbed ones to help kids with a perfectly creative “Day management”. My summer Extravaganza Part I was published some days back & I’m here to share part II with lots of creativity on the table. Presenting some really fun Kids craft Ideas where fun, art & development goes hand in hand. It’s indeed win-win for both kids & parents.

Let’s get it started and have a great read & video watch for every Kids craft ideas mentioned below.

1.Beading :


Beautiful beading set for our creative girls!


Beading is an amazing activity, full of fun, lavished with imagination & ought to be credited for kids development. Numerous designs can me made with beads. Numerous means infinite here:). It all depends upon the imagination & creativity of the kid.

There are ample kids craft ideas & designs which can be showcased:

Kids craft ideas - beaded bracelet
Beaded bracelet
  1. Keychain: Colourful beads can give you amazing keychains. Varying from heart to a fruit or flower or even woven doll.
  2. Snakes/Caterpillars: Those amazing wriggling creatures can be a fun. What you need is just wool or thick lines, beads to weave on it, 2 googly eyes & yes a red venomous flicking tongue;). It’s a 20min art post which your kid will be horrifying you with his newest passion!
  3. Bands: Why not have a friendship band for his/her bestie to present in August? You can make tons of them, with amazing designs you feel like.
  4. Let your daughter have a beaded floral – heart bracelet to flaunt on this summer!

The list will go on, its a perfect DIY for the kids, with lots of fun & craziness embedded! 

Do you know the developmental part while they are busy amusing all with their designing talents?

1. Enhance hand-eye coordination.

2. Grasping small beads & making them fit between the thumb & finger helps develop fine motor skills.

3. Cognitive skills : They need to determine the design they wanna make, what sort of beads will be required for it, quantity of beads, materials required. All of this ignites the cognitive & calculative development of the brain.

Don’t think that this is just for kids more than 3/4year old. It can be easily given to toddlers or preschoolers. Just that their beads have to bigger ones (with large holes) & instead of fine lines, they can be given straws/shoe laces/normal laces to weave upon to have their designs:).

Isn’t that a great Summer vacation Idea moms & dad’s? Buy out a bead set for your loved ones right here🙂

Wanna refer some help video? Watch it!

2. Quilling –

Quilling is an art which not just kids, even you as an adult with enjoy & relish your lost creativity. Why not indulge in to re-ignite the lost passions. Read out my detailed post on Quilling here.

3. Pottery making & painting –

Pottery making & painting
Pottery making & painting

When I was a kid I really enjoyed Pottery & Clay modelling. Making a flask out of the potters wheel is an incredible achievement. And it doesn’t just stops here. Then comes the imaginations, art & creativity, to design the flask. I still remember making such flasks & painting them with beautiful oil colours. I used to top them up designing some grapes or roses (with clay). They looked awesome & I still relish those times. Those masterpieces are still decorating my parents house, which gives me a sense of pleasure.

Pottery & pottery painting is a perfect blend of traditional & modern ways. While designing something out of the potters wheels inculcates the effort & makes kids realize the importance of villagers opting it as their lifestyle. Painting & designing will definitely spice up the lives of kids & adults as well.

Wanna refer some help video? Watch it!

Let me share you the benefits of Pottery & Clay modelling here :

  1. Even a kid tagged as “hurricane” will have to be calm here:). It is a relaxing & easy going activity & there is no space to rush here. Get that calming effect, it is a time to arise your senses to create something amazing. While doing pottery, imagination takes over hyper activeness of kids.
  2. Family Time : Its perfect way to spend a day with family, wherein all can easily create & help each other developing their own masterpieces. [Attention! Grab your wall fast, else your kids will not let you take any;)]. 
  3. Expression : The moment your kid holds that colorful clay, he is ready to mould & give it a shape. This allows kids to express their emotions or thoughts in a naive manner. Your kid could simply make a tree and paint it Red instead of Green. That’s his imagination, he could be thinking of spring time, when tree gets laden with beautiful red flowers. Further, if the design doesn’t works out, they can easily re-mould it for a better shape. This allows kids to reach near perfection.
  4.   Social & Emotional Skills: This art comes out more beautiful when done in group. When kids work in group, it develops social skills in them. When your kid creates his design, it gives a sense of self esteem & builds confidence, which is must for emotional development. 
  5. Cognitive Skills: Pottery helps kids understand shapes, dimensions. They have to decide how much clay to put on to balance up the castle, to ensure that the tree remains steady & doesn’t falls over. It makes them understand the basic concepts in a practical way.
  6. Sensory : And not to deny, hand -eye coordination, muscle development, fine motor development happens along the fun way!

Why not get that Pottery set right here?

4. Clay Modelling – 

Clay modelling for kids
Aren’t they cute?

From fruits to veggies to ducks to beautiful keychains, almost anything in this world can be made with clay. Let’s make some colorful ice-creams for summer fun. Clay has a therapeutic impact on a child & can be a great stress buster. Many colorful doughs are available in the market to let your bunny bee make a colourful castle to live in:). Do try it out moms & dads, you’ll enjoy yourself & have a relaxing fun family time.

Look out right here!

Watch it for some start!

5. Sand Art activity :

Sand art
Sand art –Melissaanddoug

Remember, we used to play in sand when we were kids. I guess those days are nearly absent in today’s kids wherein they are more gadget friendly than nature friendly. So why not opt for some Sand arts today? Make out a scenery or have a beach theme with your kid. All you need are colorful sands, glue, paint brushes, scissors . Make a sand book sketching & filling sand on different themes. Believe on me, you would have never ever thought that sand art can be that beautiful with minimal requirements.

And yes not to forget, sand art has all the above mentioned developmental triggers while doing it. Let kids get muddy this time with their creative pangs:)

Watch it for some start!

Look out right here!

Guess it was a Fun post & you got immense kids craft ideas!

Happy Crafting Arts! More kids craft ideas coming soon for summer fun.

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