5 Reasons why women should wear comfortable shoes

5 Reasons why women should wear comfortable shoes

Reasons why women should wear comfortable shoes?

Shoes are our best accessories. They indicate our style quotient and brings forth a fashion statement. But despite being a major wardrobe accessory, it is of utmost importance that we choose the right and comfortable shoes/footwear. Women often go for more fancier shoes(mostly for longer times) rather than clubbing comfort with the style. This ignorance impacts our overall health. This post focusses upon the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. In the next post, I’ll soon share the best choices that you need to have in your closet.

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Did you know your poor choice of footwear can affect your health?

Yes, the right fitting basis your activity matters a lot for your Joints and Muscle strength. Poor Footwear choices can result in injuries as well. Always keep a tap of women shoes like Ballerina’s, Chappal’s, Flats, sneakers, which best suit your style and also give them comfort. Walking around in an uncomfortable foot can get you into pains, along with that unnecessary irritation and tiredness. Poor footwear even has long term consequences on your overall health, which is scientifically proved.

Hence you must invest in the right and comfortable footwear.

Reasons why you should wear comfortable shoes :

1. Undue Stress :

If your footwear is too tight or too loose, then rather than supporting your foot, your shoes can put stress on ankles, lower legs, feet and it’s soft tissues. If worn for a longer time, this pain can lead to several injuries. In case you are having problems like lower back pain and arthritis, then such stress on toes and its muscles can exacerbate your existing problem.

2. Soreness :

Uncomfortable foot-wears, more so those which pressurizes last two or three toes, if worn for a long time, can cause soreness. This may also result in thickening of tissues around one of the nerves which lead to the toe, often referred to as, Morton’s Neuroma. There are many women shoes in the market, which are classy yet designed of breathable material for comfort and support to our feet.

3. Chances of Injury :

Are your footwear causing you trouble? Then you need to read this post which stated why is it important to wear comfortable footwear, be it stilettos or Boots. #stilettos #boots #womenfootwear #comfortableshoes #footwear

Every activity has a different set of requirements. One cannot be expected to come with flip flops or slippers for jogging and workout. Similarly, there is a different type of footwear required for the beach. Running for stretches on a hard surface with slippers will increase your chances of injuries as heel pain, stress fractures, as they do not provide any cushion to the foot and are not suited for shock absorption. Hence, opt for the right footwear, which is designed with high standards for that occasion.

4. It affects a person’s gait: 

Yes, your footwear affects your style of walking. Wearing uncomfortable shoes starts putting pressure on other parts of the body like ankles, knees, thighs, back. This can result in a pain, affecting the way you walk. Remember, Our overall health has a great connection with the kind of shoes we wear. 

5. Blisters, Bunions : 

If you have a work which requires standing for long hours, women shoes like comfortable formals, SlipOns, formal sandals (with a good sole and fitting), are a good choice.

Footwear, that’s not comfortable and well suited as per your feet’s shape, will end up giving you blisters, bunions (a bony protrusion at the base of your first toe). Wearing tight and narrow shoes for longer durations can make such situations worse. All these are simple reactions of your body towards the wrong choice of footwear.

Footwear and our overall health are interlinked and it is essential that we opt for those shoes which provide us with an adequate style, but also with comfort. Invest in good pair of women footwear as per your feet! If you have any of the above-mentioned concerns, get yourself checked with the right healthcare professional. 

My favorite choices of Women Footwear will be up soon! Stay Tuned till then

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