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Celebrating Woman hood

Life of a multi-tasking Woman!

We are so much engrossed in our daily lives being a woman, be it as a professional or as a Mother or even when we play the dual roles. We have always been dedicating ourselves towards our families and the official tasks. All of this makes this life so tiring, atleast I feel so sometimes.

Very less do we plan to please ourselves, to make “our” souls happy. Usually we don’t have much time to think, plan and do to charm the “Woman” in us amidst taking care and loving all. So I wanted to explicitly write this post, for you, for the “Woman” in us, to get a “WOW” from your souls. It will be a 2 post series, the list of 1st five imperative tasks is mentioned in this post.

Ladies, here are some tasks, I feel which are vital for our existence :

1. Exercise/Yoga :

Well, I need to rate it no.1, looking at the lifestyle we lead. Sometimes, I hear mama’s saying, “We are all the time running to complete the tasks, so where comes the need to exercise”? But a dedicated 20-30minute exercise or yoga is something you are doing for your body. It may not be necessarily aimed to get you back to your previous figure, but it is for sure to keep your essential organs healthy. We need to have an oxygenated blood circulating around for the hectic day ahead. It freshens you up and makes you more happy. It not just increases your energy levels, but also helps you have a quality sleep.

Try to make a routine to take a jog and exercise in the nature for atleast 4-5 days a week to gain that happiness and inner satisfaction.

2. Meditation :

Meditation is powerful, a compelling but peaceful force for your mind and soul. I see very less of us practising Meditation. I got certified in this course when I was very young and from past 15 years I have been practising it. Though after having baby, the routine has disturbed somewhat, I’m working out again to make it a regular practise. 15minutes a day, that’s it what it demands. If you have time and can stretch it to 30minutes, no comparison to it.

Meditation not just helps in Physiological benefits as in stronger Immune system, nerve relaxations, it also helps in reducing the ageing effect.[Well, I guess, we all want that, right?]. When disturbed, meditation can help you immensely. It helps in boosting self-confidence, and strengthens the will power. It also helps in making us emotionally stable and brings a calming effect towards our life.

The positive impact of Meditation is immense and I plan to write one dedicated post for my readers soon:)

3. Cook one meal of “Your best choice” :

I remember my mama always used to cook meals which I craved for or which my dad fancied upon. Then, I never cared to ask or even think, whether she also enjoyed all those meals or she wanted to have something really different. I saw her always cooking with love for us and family.

But then tastes do vary and I realized this after I got married and now when I have my kid. Most of the times, I cook what my husband and kid loves. But sometimes, I just “Eat” rather than “Relish” due to a different taste I have. And so I realized, that it is absolutely okay to make a meal to satiate “your own palate” once a week. If your kids and husband relish that, then its great but if not, no worries. We can have a day to prepare and relish a “meal of own choice”.

4. Play out music and dance crazily :

Our lives are so much set into daily routines that we forget the craziness we had. We’re all time doing work and looking after the family and kids. We don’t even have those 10minutes to get insane. Ya, I mean getting Insane. Ha ha, those kooky moves with my family on silly songs just heightens up my spirits and I’m all over with smiles and laughs. We plan a family dance party once a week and it is just fun. No worries, just dance as you wish to and rock the floors. Try out once and share me, how did that go for you?

5. Hangout with Friends :

Socializing is so important. After becoming mama, handling bountiful responsibilities leave us with rather no time to socialize. The little time we get are spent on FB, Whats app and other digital media. Meeting and greeting creates a lot impact on the relationship. It creates a good bonding and a great understanding. Having friends is a blessing in life and we all need some to be a part in the ups and downs we face in lives.

A beautiful friend circle can help us love a big win crazily and even become our support system during the somber days of life. Hang out with your friends atleast once a week and leave the stress – at home.

I am a firm believer that practising these 5 rituals can help us so much as a Woman.

Till Then,

Happy finding “Woman” In you! 


Quest to live the life surrounded with the charming little bundle's of joy. When they speak, I sing, When they smile, I rejoice , When they hug, I hold them never to lose, Such is my passion for these Gifts of God.This love urged me to navigate separately from my Travel Blog & establish an "All-In-One" Blog for budding mothers. Mum's have multi-tasked this world ,with all her professional commitments , she still makes an extra effort to be a loving, caring and be an intellectual mommy! Cheers, for me too come from the same fraternity, post having a superb academics & close to 8 years of professional experience and blessed with a little one "who has indeed changed my life from Autumn to Spring";)

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  1. Amber

    I do love to dance wildly. I don’t do it very well, but it’s fun to jump around. I can’t do yoga or meditate though–I tend to just get the giggles. But I do love to read and sometimes I’ll hang out with friends if I’m in the mood. I am an introvert.

  2. Karyn Locke

    I totally agree with your yoga point. I used to wake up early every morning to spend an hour on it. Definitely need to get back to that!

  3. Jenny Finney

    I LOVE to dance and used to do ZUMBA, which I need to get back into! I’ve heard all the great benefits of mediation and I really need to try this, especially to relieve the stress and feel better for myself.

  4. Uh YES!! All 5 of these things are such fun activities. I need to do more yoga and meditation, though!

    xo, Taylor || The Millennial Sprinkle (thesprinkle.tayloramead.com)

  5. Mich

    I may need to start my excercise schedules. I kept on procastinating it lol ❤

  6. cupcake1007

    I totally agree. Meditation and time with friends both always make me feel better!!

  7. Ceci

    I love all these tips!

  8. nidhsarora

    Agreed! These 5 things are extremely vital!

  9. Dilraz Kunnummal


    So true! we really need to find time for ourselves – sometimes it could just be 20mins of exercise or gorging down on some comfort food.
    But it is so important!

  10. Akamatra

    I am not into yoga or meditation myself so that would no apply to me. However hanging out with friends drinking and eating a good meal is a must!

  11. Ola Broom

    What a wonderful and thoughtfully written post. I’m sure I could take more time out for myself to exercise. But what I really love this point number three about making a meal that you like for yourself. I never thought about that.

  12. sj

    wonderful and thoughtfully written post, Meditation and time with friends both always make me feel better! Lovely reading!

  13. Judy

    I try and do first, third and fourth from this list. Music reinvigorates my spirits like anything thanks for this post.

  14. Kiwi

    Meditation is amazing. I am all for it and I am trying to do a better with doing it on a regular basis.

  15. Mel Butler

    I totally agree we definitely need time for ourselves for sure. And I also love to play music and dance crazily on my own and with my friends it puts a smile on my face thinking about it. Well written my friend.

  16. Steph

    Yes, these are great tips for some “me-time” sometimes we get so busy taking care of everyone else that we forget to make some time for our own selves.

    Steph C. | her ink heart | http://www.herinkheart.com

  17. TheMrsTee

    Okay I have never considered the meal of choice! How cool is that? I will definitely be adding this to my list of ways to have a bit of self-care throughout the week!

  18. Andi

    My wife does some of the things too. She likes to hang out with her friends and cook. I support her on that because it makes her happy. Thank you for sharing.

  19. A World to Travel

    So much YES!
    To the yoga, cooking for myself and hanging out with friends. Traveling eats most of my time but I definitely need to get back to those soon 🙂


  20. kalliamanika

    Friend time is very important! I think everyone needs a good laughing session and maybe chocolate cake paired with a good movie! All your tips are great!

  21. Familyearthtrek

    3,4 and five are something I am already doing. And my husband do the 1 and 2 part!?He keep telling (nagging) at me to start yoga and meditate. Everybody keeps telling how is feels good both inside and outside. I will start one day by 5 min and then increase.

  22. milesandellie

    We are a huge fan of the crazy kitchen dance parties. I totally agree with yoga/exercise being a vital part of your daily routine. Even if exercising isn’t really your thing, it gives you something that you are doing 100% for yourself and no one else. Even just take a moment to relish in the fact that you get to spend 30 minutes without needing to cater to someone else! I love my yoga practice and definitely couldn’t live without it!

  23. natalie

    Something I struggle with ia doing things for me rather than others. I think this next 2 weeks I am going to go through this list and give it ago. always wanted to meditate. Great 5 things

  24. Ana De-Jesus

    I used to dance as a kid – not that I was amazing mind- but I was trained in musical theatre and always have loved to dance along to music! Hanging out with friends is important as well x

  25. Rose

    I do enjoy the fitness suggestion. That benefits everyone because I feel better and refreshed when I come back ready to jump back into the family mix.

  26. Anjali Chawla

    I so agree with you.Womanhood should be celebrated not only on Women’s Day but every single day. I have been following most of your suggestions minus that “cook for yourself” thing. I prefer to cook for my hubby and daughter and never think about my choices. I need to work on that I guess. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  27. alisonrost

    Once a month I treat myself to a facial and a pedicure. They not only make me feel beautiful, but relaxes all at the same time. Sometimes my best friend will come along with me. Everything is that much better with a friend! x

  28. ratisha goyal

    If i was already having fun reading your article, the ‘Happy finding “Woman” In you!’ made me so proud. Just in this phrase you have summed up the struggles and dreams of every woman on this planet. Kudos to you, dear!

  29. Kaushal

    Very well said. We as mums or multitasking women need some me time too. This post has come at a lovely time for me. I am now venturing into many things than before. So exercise, meeting with friends really relaxes me

  30. London Mumma

    You are certainly not wrong lady, sometimes we can forget to take care of ourselves.

  31. Dunja

    It’s so important to remember these things! Sometimes we’re all so focused on our loved ones that we forget to do something for our body & soul

  32. helerinablogs

    The point about cooking meals for yourself is so true. I’m always cooking my daughters favourite meals and never cook the things that I love.

    1. Jhilmil

      then its the time, you cook for yourself! Say cheers!

  33. Cassandra Rose

    Now #3 and #4 are my version of “treat yo self”! Why is it that our minds are always on overdrive, we spend so much time looking out for our friends and not ourselves?

  34. Anastasia Golovko

    Nice points. I believe there could be many more. I would be curious to see if you can create a similar list with 30 things a women need to do just for for HER.

  35. Kavita Singh

    its a fantastic list to do. My big yes for everything. But i am so lazy for myself. I want to give some time for yoga and physical exercises but being a mommy i am unable to give enough time for myself.

    1. Jhilmil

      Yes, I can so very relate to being a mum, but snatch your time out, is what I will say:)

  36. beccajtalbot

    I love cooking my favourite meals just for me 🙂 I have never donme yoga or meditation though, so maybe I should try! x

  37. nbosken

    I love this! I have been thinking more recently about what I can do for me and to love myself. This list is great. I really need to try meditation more.

  38. toastycritic

    Women are so much better at multitasking than me. Im so pathetic at it to be perfectly honest. But these are all things that center a person and are awesome. Great post.

  39. Via Bella

    I need to be better about scheduling these things in rather than just thinking they are great or giving them a second fiddle to the things I have to do already. Thanks for the post and the reminder!

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, sometimes its good to be selfish:)

  40. Elizabeth O

    The best point for me are yoga and meditation. I’ve been doing yoga in 7 years, It’s freshen me up and feel better.

  41. Rashi Mital

    agree with four points. and one point which doesn’t go for me is- cook your favorite meal. m not that much into cooking. so, i’ll be glad if i someone cooks for me. 🙂 but, the crux is – we should pamper ourselves.

  42. Jiya B

    Such a lovely post and lovely title. Lets celebrate womenhood and begin with self respect and self love.

  43. Charu Chhitwal

    Cooking for ourselves and our favourites is essential. We always tend to forget ourselves otherwise

  44. Charu Chhitwal

    Cooking our favourite dishes for ourselves is very important. We often loose ourselves

  45. Namrata Kumari

    That’s an amazing post. I do all 5 for myself and love myself.

  46. Silky Priya

    These small little things really help us a lot. I used to love my exercise time .

  47. Tengkubutang

    Meditation and time with friends is my choice to be happy.. thanx.. it was a wonderful and thoughtfully written post,

  48. Shubhada Bhide

    These are such amazing tips. Hanging out with friends is my favorite.

  49. prernasinha2000

    Yes. Love yourself and take care of yourself. Do everything that brings happiness and then the ones around you will also be happy.

  50. Ruchie

    I really love me time and this is exactly one should do

  51. thebeautytymscom

    I love to dance but to be frank dis mommy stage of mine doesn’t allow me to do any of dese….

  52. nehajainu

    Such a lovely read..yes I Support yoga too and try doing regular

  53. Preeti tiwari

    Well said… Agree with all 5 points as its very important to cherish our womanhood staying fit and healthy..

  54. Minakshi bajpai

    Totally agree with you on all these must do things for women. I almost following all these specially hangout with friends and play out my favourite music.

  55. Khushboo

    I totally agree with it. I love to exercise and dance..

  56. Bushra Khan

    I Do dance!! Lol – sometimes when I need to vent out or be myself I play really loud music and let my hair lose!

  57. Reetu

    Can’t agree more with you..even I’m guilty of not exercising regularly,but that is a must

  58. Nisha Malik

    Women should take out time for Themselves every day they really Deserve some time off their duties. Great post.

  59. viharin

    Very good and inspiring points. I will bring in meditation in my daily routine

  60. Rakhi Parsai

    You have listed out all the things that a women should do for herself so beautifully. I love following Yoga and meditation as a routine.

  61. Roshni Parate

    All 5 things are important and yes hanging out with friends is what i love the most :p

  62. Mummasaurus

    This is a very sane read – moms need to do more for themselves too. I do other things but i guess i should make one meal of my choice and have it with my family sometimes 🙂

  63. richa

    Play music and dance crazy is something which i believe in too!!!

  64. Judy

    This is good to read article but difficult to implement. I try and dance and sometimes do yoga though.

  65. Priyanka Patwari


  66. Anchal

    Looks like you wrote the post for me. I am so bad at taking care of myself. I hope I start exercising soon

  67. Snigdha

    play out music and dance crazily is my kind happiness… Except that I too like hang out with friends and shopping too makes me happy ..

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