5 Tips for buying Baby dresses during festive season

Tips for buying Baby dresses online

I love this part of the year when the environment is full of colourful and festive vibes. So much glitter, positivity, it just unfurls me and my rosy emotions. All the more this is the best time in the year when I feel to shop all around. So many discounts and deals that I just can’t help curtailing my shopping sentiments. And for a working mama like me, what best can be to get the trendy designs and latest fashions sitting at home or at office. Yes, That’s why I love  Online Shopping

All the more, after having baby, the world revolves around them. For every festival, specially Diwali, it comes as an order from the far staying off grannies to get the dresses and toys for my little munchkin. As I was gearing up to my favourite baby dresses, I recalled that I had to shop for my bestie. Reason, she has been blessed with a darling doll, a fairy had arrive few months before.

I adore the beautiful, fashionable dresses and accessories for the fairies in our lives. They are meant to beautify their innocence, to bring a sparkle to their smiles and to glitter all around like their eyes. The choice was difficult, really with so many options, and that laid the basis of this post.

How to chose baby dresses online, that goes perfect in one buy itself for our precious babies.

So here are 5 points to be considered before buying baby dresses :

1. Comfortable Fabric :

Since here, I was getting a gift for 7 month doll, I had to look at the dresses which could be super comfy to her. She has been into this world and is yet a delicate darling, so I needed to be extra cautious to get her the comfort of a soft cloth. Babies are sensitive, so for that, one need to have soft cotton blends, or Organic clothing. For that trendy, soft and gentle feel, I prefer Cotton, Bamboo and Cotton+Polyester Blend. Remember, a comfortable baby is more happier than just a trendy baby. What they seek for is comfort and coziness rather than fashion.

2. Size :

That’s really very important whether you are buying for your baby or gifting a friend. Always try to opt for one size ahead of baby’s actual age. They could be little larger when they try at first, but babies grow quickly and they can easily wear one large size. So, you can go for a 9-12 month selection for 7month old baby. If not, they can wear it up a month later.

Also consider the season wear, incase you are sending a large size and winters would be approaching by then, opt for warm clothes and same goes vice versa.

3. Simplicity :

I personally prefer zips over buttons for the comfort of a baby. A trendy outfit should not be complicated else you will find a cranky baby rather than a smiling one with your beautiful dress. Remember they will also have diapers, so select the baby dress in a manner that one can have an easy access to changing the nappies/diapers. They will have many sessions of feeding, burping, nappy changing, so ensure that the dress you chose is not getting itchy/painful for babies.

4. Shop during Sales time :

Get clothes of the coming months, when the sales starts. You’ll get such pretty and comfy dresses at 40%-60% off or similar, more so during festive season. Pile up clothes for upcoming festival/function or even the next season. Like, if my baby is 6 months as of now, in the upcoming winter sale a month from now, I would opt for 12-18months summer clothes and 18-24m warm clothes for winters. It actually is a huge saving specially while Online Shopping.

5. Value-For-Money Clothing :

There is no point paying those soaring prices for designer clothes. Agree, we all get tempted to have the best dresses for our babies. But there is no point going over pricey, as they will wear it too less to get the complete value of the dress. Have a look at the comfy, cute, adorable baby dresses, compare the pricing and yes buy in small lots. Don’t get over excited by getting bulk dresses, as babies will outgrow them very soon. I have faced such situations when my baby wore favourite dresses just twice or thrice, and I was..Ahh, he looked so cute in them, Bye bye!

So after deciding on all these parameters, I opted for these two cute dresses, one for festival time and another as a casual comfy dress.


Tips to buy baby dresses

How do you decide buying baby dresses? Any point you look for apart from these 5? Share your views here.

Happy Baby dresses Shopping!


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  1. amandamallory42

    I agree completely with the value for cost point! Why pay top dollar for a dress they’re going to grow out of in just a couple months? Great post!

  2. Mira

    These are great tips! For me, comfort has always been number one for my little princess.

  3. Anupriya Gupta

    For me comfrt over fashion and value for money are of utmost importance. Loved your priority list. It makes a lot of sense.

  4. Angel

    Awesome points! I usually try to get clothes a size bigger as well. Comfy is much better than trendy! I never understood why people spend so much money on outfits that they will grow out of very quickly.

  5. snehalboricha

    Helpful post for mommies! Sharing this with my Aunt for her lil one.

  6. Jiya B

    Thank you for amazing tips for shopping baby dresses for the upcoming festive season. Well I am planning to buy dresses as this is the right time to get the major discounts.

  7. momsmethods

    Simple and useful tips for baby shopping…. I learnt some of them by trial and error and wish I had this as a reference then 🙂

  8. Ana Ojha

    I don’t have kids but I totally agree with you that one should not buy pricey dresses for babies! One should only be concerned about comfortable fabrics!

  9. claire

    I’m not sure I’ve ever put this much thought into buying anything. I’m more of the, “Ooh! This is cute!” or “Ooh! This is cheap!” approach. Bonus when they happen at the same time.

  10. Alexx Bloom

    Helpful tips, two day ago I bought something for my little cousin sis, As per your post now I think that I choose the right dress for little one

  11. thepeacheepear

    All great points! Comfortability and size are big for me. I want to make sure that it fits and that my baby is comfortable in it.

  12. Varsh

    I love to dress up my kids but I’m not obsessed with brands or price tags. Comfort and value for money is essential.

  13. Dr Bushra

    Indeed these 5 points are very useful while buying clothes for kids

  14. kalliamanika

    I love sales and I try to buy at times of sales! Thank you for all the tips, my cousin’s daughter will be happy to know I am looking for a new dress for her haha!

  15. Dani

    A good way to choose baby dresses, those that can be easily washed. Babies and their clothing are equally cute!

  16. worldofmakeupmagique

    Those are simple great tips which we often miss… thanks for sharing

  17. Minakshi Bajpai

    Very useful and imformative article about kids clothes. I always buy clothes that are more comfortable and reasonable for kids. Your tips are really useful. Thanks for sharing

    1. Jhilmil

      Thanks Minakshi, indeed we need to look at kids comfort more.

  18. Crisp and informative post. We as avid shoppers and parents are on the lookout of festive sales. We need better perspectives I guess!

  19. henajose

    Great tips. I love shopping for my little ones. This time we see lot of festival offers too

  20. BeautyMommies

    when I buy clothes for my lil bub, I prefer comfort and simplicity over evrything else! because then I know my baby would be comfortable. thanks for this post

  21. myteenytot

    Wow…. really helpful post and right on time. I usually see the comfort level of my child.

  22. Khushboo

    Nice tips And ideas. Will surely share this information with my mommy friends

  23. Papri Ganguly

    Absolutely smart tips. Will keep in mind.

  24. Mrinal Kiran

    I agree on all points.. especially on buying during sales.. and not buying extravagant dresses.. good post for mommies

  25. Trystwithvanillagirl

    I keep all these factors in mind while shopping for my girls. Comfort of fabric tops my list too. Very useful post

  26. Such useful tips here in the article to make shopping simpler and easier for moms like us.

  27. mogulmomartisan

    Great tips! I love finding good deals on baby clothes because they tend to get so messy so fast when they are little

  28. Glow Origin

    Nice tips helpful for mommies and agree comfort comes first

  29. EasterBabe

    These are some great tips. I prefer shopping online too. You can usually get the best deal by using coupons and most of the time there’s no tax too.

  30. Angela Milnes

    Wow, what a good post and so informative perfect for the first time moms, Glad that you share this

  31. Blair Villanueva

    I agree with great value and comfy fabrics for kids. It should not be made of harsh fabrics, and lots of blings.. No blings if possible.

  32. Ana De-Jesus

    I definitely agree that it is so important to shop in the sales when looking for baby dresses in the festive season. You should check out Next they have gorgeous clothes x

  33. Akamatra

    These are all great advice but the one about the size is my personal nightmare. I never get it right!

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