5 tips to chose right bottle for baby

Initiating Bottle feed to a baby is in itself a big deal and an onerous phase for Moms and babies both for most of the time. During this phase, a factor which plays prime importance are the tactics or tips applied for introducing Bottle feed. Here choosing the right bottle for baby plays a very important role.

Do you wish to know the tips to initiate bottle feed for a baby ?

Since the market is over flooded with variety of catchy bottles, moms and dads you have to be very specific understanding your requirements and then buying the bottle for your baby.

Bottle for Baby
Choosing Right bottle

How to choose bottle for baby?

  1. Correct Bottle Size : A newborn and 6month old baby have different feed requirements. Start with small bottles (150ml for new born) and then slowly move for bottles with 350ml and more higher capacity every 2-3month basis your baby’s intake and growing requirements.
  2. Nipple Size : Various types of Nipples are available in the market to support varied choices of babies! Start with Size “0” or XS nipples (slow flow nipples) for 0-3month babies. This will to allow slow drift of milk from bottle along with less air ingestion. As babies grow older , to continue proper milk flow, nipples with big pores will be required.
  3. Material : Both Plastic as well Glass bottles are manufactured these days. Incase you prefer Plastic bottles for easy handling, ensure they are of Food grade material and free of any BPA. Glass bottles have started gaining the market share in the recent years, due to the harm plastic bottles were causing initially. But you would find very few options in Glass bottles and they might even be costlier than your plastic ones. Apart from that washing and handling needs extra care for glass bottles.
  4. Nipple Material :Even the Nipples can be of Silicone or latex. Prefer Silicone over it, as it is more sturdy. If your baby is using pacifier, then prefer the nipple of same material as is used in pacifier. It will be certainly easy for baby to adapt.
  5. Bottle shapes : Well they are important to consider from baby’s (easy to grip) as well as mom’s perspective ( easy to clean). Check on the shape before buying out the bottle.

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Happy Bottling!!


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