5 ways on How to keep yourself entertained indoors?

5 ways on How to keep yourself entertained indoors?

The last few months have forced each one of us to stay indoors for our safety. While this period has been trying, technology has come to my rescue a zillion times. There have been days when I’ve felt trapped inside, with no social interaction. But isn’t it amazing to see the cheap ways coming up to keep yourself entertained indoors? Entertainment may not always involve lots of dollars, there are ample fun ways to keep oneself entertained on a “budget”.

Here are 5 ways on How to keep yourself entertained indoors:

1.Learn a new art:

Keep learning something new, as it breaks the monotony of life. You can learn a new art, maybe canvas painting, crochet, Resin art, Mandala’s, doodling, D.I.Ys, and much more. Internet is filled with “ How to’s” and while you’re indoors, thinking about how to kill your time, why not learn something that interests you? I learned Mandala’s and did a lot of canvas paintings, which posed a great stress buster to me.

2. Online Games:

The world has changed drastically, with the way you can keep yourself entertained indoors with digital games. Get your hands on some fun games, which pose as perfect stress busters. You can get even age-appropriate games for kids, which are educational and fun, just have a fixed time for kids to play and ensure that they follow cyber safety norms.

   Why do we love Online games?

  • Cheap mode of entertainment
  • Available in multiple genres, as Educational, Sports, Simulation-based, one player, multi-player
  • Ease of playing from anywhere, with an iPad/ Desktop or even a laptop at home
  • Ad-free, no downloads required.

While I was looking for Simulation-based games for my son, I came across plays.org , which is a browser-based online gaming platform. The gaming industry is booming, but what I disliked was their approach towards ads and accidental clicks, paid upgrades, and making it highly addictive for kids. While kids need this exposure too, but in a much safer way and this is the major reason why we enjoy the games on plays.org.

Why are we hooked to this online gaming platform?

a. Huge variety of games across all genres:

Right from Arcade classics, Cartoon games, Comics games, Solitare, Educational games, Sports games, Pinball, to Simulation games, they have it all. 

My boy loves playing “Guardians Defenders of Mathematica”, which is a fun “Math Learning” based game for kids. You can choose 16 different Math categories (basis your learning level), like subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, etc. The player can select any character (from 24 available ones), as warriors, knights and to win a “Math battle”, you need to answer at least 7 questions correctly (out of 10) in this battleground. With more right answers, you hit your enemy and move towards victory. Sounds fun?

And when it comes to me, I love the “Space Adventure Pinball game”, a truly enjoyable game.

Playing Online games, even online educational games for kids with No ads, and no paid versions is such a relief with Plays.org #onlinegames #educationalgames #onlineeducationalgames #adfreegames #gaming Playing Online games, even online educational games for kids with No ads, and no paid versions is such a relief with Plays.org #onlinegames #educationalgames #onlineeducationalgames #adfreegames #gaming

Playing Online games, even online educational games for kids with No ads, and no paid versions is such a relief with Plays.org #onlinegames #educationalgames #onlineeducationalgames #adfreegames #gaming

b. This browser-based gaming site is ad-free and has no paid upgrades:

This is one of the many reasons, why I find it safe for my son, perfectly enjoyable, and with zero ads.

c. There is no need to register/set up your account:

Simply open up plays.org and start playing the game you find interesting. Isn’t that super simple?

d. No download required:

Don’t burden your phone’s memory with any download, coz here you need not download any game or any app. Isn’t that awesome? This site offers hundreds of free games that can be played directly from the browser.

e. New games:

They keep on adding new games very frequently, so you have something new to play every day.

Why not try this gaming platform and tell me your favorite game? It’s indeed one of the best way to keep yourself entertained indoors.

3. Read:

Reading and re-reading an old book is something that I have enjoyed doing while indoors. I re-read a lot of Sidney Sheldon classics and Harry Potter and it was fun doing that again. You can check some of my new book reviews on my Instagram page as well.

4. Podcast:

I developed an interest in listening to Podcasts in the last year.

With so many genres, right from Science, History, Technology, News, Comedy, Food, Crime podcasts are the perfect mode of cheap entertainment indoors.

Not just for adults, there are very educational and fun podcasts for kids, like Chimes Radio, Jataka tales with Rob, and more. You can look for podcasts that interest you on Google Play Music, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pocket Casts. 

Podcasts are another means of entertaining yourself indoors #podcast #indoorentertainment

5. Exercise and Meditation:

Well, this is the most important part of my lifestyle, that keeps me sane and energized throughout the day. A 30 minutes Yoga and 30 minutes meditation with breathing exercises is something that pumps me up for the whole day ahead. Don’t miss out on your healthy start of the day!

Why not share how do you keep yourself entertained indoors?

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  1. Alpana Deo

    Perfect list to make any day productive. I try to learn something new whenever I am stuck indoors. Playing games with family and doing some DIY projects are my ways of keeping myself entertained.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna

    I loved all these options Jhilmil and we had tried most of these during lockdown period. art, crafts and DIYs are my personal favorite. and this year, I had taught basic embroidery to my girls and they had an amazing learning experience with this activity .

  3. MeenalSonal

    Keeping oneself active all time is great way to lead a stress-free life, listening to music and podcast are my fav too. With online games where there are no ads then it is must for us to have a look into it.

  4. Cindy D'Silva

    Good tips. I have resorted to all the above except online games. I mean before I sleep I have to play my turn of Scrabble but other than that I don’t enjoy playing online games.

  5. Rakhi Jayashankar

    Reading podcasts, exercise and meditation I used to do. But online games is what grabbed my attention

  6. The Champa Tree

    Online games have changed our lives drastically. Earlier they were considered unwanted but now it gives us entertainment and education too

  7. Snigdha

    Online games are now the best friends of us during this hard time . I too play sometimes on play.org .

  8. Tina Basu

    I have not played online games in a long long time. Last i think i played candy crush!! I will check this out. I liked your other ideas too to keep ourselves occupied indoors.

  9. Preeti Chauhan

    Play.org is a wonderful online gaming website that offers not only a great variety of fun and educational games but I also like the fact that they are free and do not charge for upgrades.

  10. Cooking_lover_nishtha

    I love online game ..good tips u share

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