6 Best Baby Oils for Massage

Best Oils for Baby massage

Congratulations! So you’ve decided upon to massage your bunny bee. It indeed is a great decision in making your baby strong and healthy. But now are you confused from the plenty of  Baby massage oils available in the market? Not yet aware of the goodness of Oils and suitability to Baby’s sensitive skin?

Then, read the post to know some of the best Baby Oils for Massage.

6 best baby oils for Baby Massage:

1. Olive Oil :

It has immense goodness of olives which not just moisturises the skin but also helps in reducing the stress and stiffness if any. It hydrates the skin, induces better hair growth & also helps in great sleep which is must for infants. For Dry skin, Olive & Mustard oil should not be used since they contain Oleic acid which enhances the permeability which can make skin more dry.

2. Almond Oil :

The most loved “Badaam Oil” in Indian tradition for infants. Almond Oil has Vitamin E, Proteins, Zinc, many other minerals and vitamins which are great for skin and hair. It can help in recovering the scars and rashes, being a light hypoallergenic oil. It can be used all round the year in its purest form.

3. Mustard Oil :

This is a thick oil and it is perfect for external application during winters. It has natural heat which is great post application in winters and stimulates blood circulation. Further, it acts as a stimulant & can be massaged gently over the naval region (helping in digestion & clearing the stomach) .

4. Coconut Oil :

It is one of the lightest oil and perfect for use in summers and rainy seasons. It has a great skin healing property and even helps in rashes. Having anti-bacterial properties, ample anti-oxidants, it is an ideal choice for Baby Massage.

5. Sesame oil :

Sesame or Til oil, often known as Ayurvedic Oil has lots of medicinal properties. It is used in various Ayurvedic treatments. Its richness in linoleic acid and other properties as anti bacterial, anti oxidant render it perfect for massaging babies and even adults. It can be perfect for dry /normal baby skin, since it nourishes and keeps the skin moisturised for long. 

6. Chamomile Oil :

Loved for the newborns due to their sensitive & delicate skin. It also helps in treating rashes and is usually good for babies facing crankiness & discomfort since it acts as a relaxant (relaxing the muscles) and stimulates circulation , which can ease the baby and help in a good sleep.

One can prefer standalone baby oils or even a combination of oils mixed up into the goodness of “One baby Oil”.

Some Precautions for Baby Oils used in Massage :

1.Ensure the goodness of baby oils. Baby massage oils should be FREE of Paraffins, Artificial Colours, Paraben. For infants, purity should be the final touch!

2. Do not use oils with strong fragrances and prefer natural edible grade oils.

3. Do not try mixing baby oils at home, as the texture of all oils are very different. Prefer a pure packaged oil post reading its ingredients clearly.

So moms hope you would have zeroed in on your “Baby Oil”. Curious how to move ahead with massage ? Check out our Massage Techniques.

Best Oils for Baby massage


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  1. Rose

    I knew that massages were good for babies. I like how you offered several choices of oils for moms to try.

  2. Ophelia T

    I love coconut oil! Thanks for sharing with us that massaging babies is really good for them.

  3. rlsutton01

    While at a baby convention of the sort, I took a short class that taught the basics of how to massage baby! It was great with my first. I can’t wait to try again with my second. Perhaps we will try olive or almond oil instead of coconut oil this time.

  4. Alexandra

    Very informative post thanks for sharing.

  5. Karyn Locke

    This is a great list. I used to purchase a massage-style cream for my infant that had the best natural orange scent. It used to calm her right down.

  6. annaszoke

    Unfortunately I missed the baby massage part (my son is now 16 months old). He was always such a wiggly little one that we were happy if we could manage to dress him up after bath time, without him rolling down from the changing station. Maybe with my second one I’ll be more clever. However I use weleda’s calendula oil just as a “body lotion” for him, just rubbing it in super fast before he runs away, and it’s an awesome natural product.

  7. Aditi

    This is a really informative post. I knew about olive, almond, and mustard but the rest are new to me. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  8. This Mum At Home

    Wow I didnt realise so many different oil options were available. Everyone only ever says coconut oil to me, I wonder how my little one would like me experimenting!

  9. Steph

    I love the relaxing effects of chamomile! Definitely recommend this list to my mommy friends for their babies.

  10. TheFirstExplorer

    Thanks for such great information about oils! I didn’t know about all the benefits of sesame oil!

  11. Saidah Washington

    Thanks for all the great tips that you shared. I have a few of these oils already. I’m going to tell my daughter to use these on her new baby.

  12. Kristina Dapaah

    I love coming across articles for babies as I am expecting my first in December. I am already a fan of almond oil and use it for various things around the house. I will DEF try a massage on my coming little one. Thanks

  13. Amber

    I’ve always heard about oils helping! I’ve never tried this before but I imagine children would love them.

  14. simplysensationalfood

    This is a really useful post, I have read in many baby journals that massage helps babies digestion nad reduces colic too.

  15. Violinkit

    Great list of massage oils here. I no longer have any babies in my house LOL but I still like massage. I use coconut oil for massage and skin moisturising and even cooking……..I can’t reccommend it highly enough.

  16. Laura Dove

    I haven’t tried a few of these. Coconut oil is a big one for us, we love it! We use it on our skin and also cook with it, it’s such a great oil!

  17. Sweet Coralice

    I saw a movie or read about this somewhere and I thought it was so interesting! I always just used regular ol’ Johnson’s baby oil after bathing my littles years ago. These oils might make me want to take a bite out of them, they sound so good, lol 😉 – Cori

  18. Céline CLudik

    I didn’t know that so many different oil options are available. I do not have any babies in my house but I will keep your list in mind and share it with some friends. I didn’t know that sesame oil has so many medicinal properties; interesting to learn 🙂

  19. Only teh best for the babies! I think it’s good to start with a small amount and check and make sure the baby is not allergic to that specific oil.Oils are useally from seeds and nuts which can be quite allergenics.

  20. Mel Butler

    I don’t have children but I would definitely use these oils for myself. I am a huge fan of Coconut oil I use it for my hair and cooking too. I only use olive oil for cooking but on my skin I might try it.

  21. sj

    Olive oils for babies are good but these choices are even better . 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  22. chelf

    I have personally never met an oil I didn’t like but olive oil is my absolute favorite! It works wonders on skin and hair and as I now found out after reading this safe for babies too! Brilliant!

  23. Ellie Chan

    Coconut oil is without a doubt one of my favorite oils to use for moisturizing the skin and also keeping hair soft and healthy!

  24. Nicole Anderson

    Very informative post and great to include 6 different options for baby oils that are suitable. Coconut oil would probably be the favorite one for me to use.

  25. Yukti

    Very useful guide on baby massage oils. I used to know about mustard, coconut and olive oil but never tried other oils. Useful post!

  26. hal

    wow thats quite a lot…never even heard of mustard oil – so il be sure to pass this info on

    1. Jhilmil

      Mustard oil has amazing properties, especially during winters.

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s true, it is a great healer

  27. toastycritic

    That’s cool that they have some great oils for baby massage. I didn’t realize that you could find good ones that were from essential oils.

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh yea, hope it helped you, you can share with other community friends:)

  28. Margarette Puno

    Wow these baby oils looks great! Coconut oils are really great oils and i will definitely try this for my baby.

  29. dee

    Love the different oils you recommended. Can these all be introduced at the same time or do you have to worry about allergies?

    1. Jhilmil

      Logically none of these are allergic oils but if your kid has dry skin, Olive and mustard oil should be avoided. And then, should use one oil at a time:)

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