7 Meaningful Christmas Gifts for the Loved ones

7 Meaningful Christmas Gifts for the Loved ones

It’s time for Christmas Gifts

It is the time of the year again when you’ll be out, shopping for your loved ones. While shopping is fun, it can be daunting as well if you are indecisive or have no clue about what you are going to buy. What do your friends and family like? What gift would they prefer? What is the one thing that will make your loved one happy and would make them feel special?  There are many possible gifts that you can buy, and you just need a little brainstorming.

Its Christmas Time and are you all ready to indulge in some shopping for your loved ones? Confused? Then here are some 7 meaningful Christmas Gifts which your loved ones will enjoy for sure. Read more #Christmas #gifts #gifting #portraitpuzzle #chocolatefountain #travel

Here are 7 Christmas gifts that are meaningful and your loved ones will cherish :

1. A free voucher for a Trip

It can get very hard to buy gifts for some people because they are very choosy or you do not have an idea of what they like and dislike.  It can be difficult to shop for those people because one cannot think of anything tangible they would want. You do not need to waste your time and money on some questionable gift which they may or may not like. So, consider a Trip Voucher,  as everybody loves to travel and explore. You can arrange adventure trips, as kayaking, Trekking, backpacking and make some great memories.

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2. Lightning-Burned Wood

You will more likely not find anything as unique as this, and there is a chance that your friend might not even know about it. What happens is that somebody takes a lot of electricity to shoots it into a piece of wood, such as a coffee table or anything that is made out of wood. The electricity then burns up into a unique pattern, as if it was engraved in the wood. Usually, some interesting art is created. The idea is totally original, and no piece is like the other.

3. A Portrait Puzzle

Its Christmas Time and are you all ready to indulge in some shopping for your loved ones? Confused? Then here are some 7 meaningful Christmas Gifts which your loved ones will enjoy for sure. Read more #Christmas #gifts #gifting #portraitpuzzle #chocolatefountain #travel

We bet you never had an idea like this before. Take any picture you have of the person you want to gift it to, preferably a picture they will love, and then turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. How fun and memorable would it be to piece together the picture to find out what the end result is. This gift is more about the spirit of receiving than giving because the person will have a fun time afterward, and of course, you will feel happy too. Such a gift will be quite sentimental.

4. A Chocolate Fountain

Who doesn’t loves chocolates? Some people love it a little bit more than the others, or more like, are obsessed with it. There is not going to be one person who will not love to have a flowing fountain of chocolate. Whether they love chocolate or like it, it is cool to have a chocolate fountain in your house, where you can just scoop out the chocolate and enjoy it.

Its Christmas Time and are you all ready to indulge in some shopping for your loved ones? Confused? Then here are some 7 meaningful Christmas Gifts which your loved ones will enjoy for sure. Read more #Christmas #gifts #gifting #portraitpuzzle #chocolatefountain #travel

5. A Massage/Day At A Spa

Christmas can be a splendid time, but it can also be exhausting with all the guests coming and going. Plus, the holidays are a time to relax so it would be perfect for you to give your loved ones this gift of a massage or a day at a spa. They will have a lovely time where they can relax and release all their stress, and they will be thankful to you for it as well.

6. Herschel Supply Co. Amenity Kit

This kit is the perfect gift for everyone. Every person will have a use for this kit as the items in it are very useful, especially for the people always on the road. You can get tired with the constant traveling, but this comfortable kit will help you relax. This is a stylish and affordable set that includes soft foam earplugs, a neck pillow, a sleeping mask with a stretch-fit headband, and slippers with foam padding. We are sure that the person you give this kit to will love it.

7. A Journal With Personalized Notes

A lot of people may not admit it to others, but they have the habit of writing in their journal. Those people are in luck because generally, people love to receive heartfelt notes. You have an opportunity to combine both and create something touching. If you want the journal to be more personal, you can hand-make it. In any way, write down a few personalized messages on all the pages, so that the recipient will find a heartwarming message randomly throughout the year. It is truly the kind of gift that keeps on giving.

With these items, get your list in order and go out there to shop for your friends and family. It’s time to be the Secret and most loving Santa!

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  1. Priyanka Patwari

    A free voucher for a trip is definitely a great option .. Last year i got a wonderful spa.. Waiting for this year .. Keep posting..

  2. I think I would love every gift on this list, so giving it makes absolute sense; especially a holiday voucher and a spa day.

  3. Manasi

    I always look for keeping a personal touch when it comes to my gifts. I like the portrait puzzle idea and also giving a journal with personalized notes. Nice article!

  4. Zainab Raazi

    Journal With Personalized Notes is such a nice idea for gifting in this Christmas will surely do this year thanks for this amazing list.

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    right timing. Christmas is about to come. It is the high time for buying gifts for near and dear ones. This post would be helpful for that.

  6. Shubhada Bhide

    When it comes on buying Christmas gift ideas. I always think twice on listing stuffs and I really love all your ideas. Especially that massage day spa for my parents.

  7. Shubhada Bhide

    My kids and my niece would love that chocolate fountain with delicious snacks for Christmas. I will definitely try this one.

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    Wow all the items you mentioned are so unique that we can gift them without thinking twice. I think, even I would love to have a chocolate fountain for myself as well.

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    i just love the options, jhilmil!! That lightining burned wood – i have seen a lot of IG videos but i did not know what it is called. Love the idea.

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    That chocolate fountain is something we have been thinking for long!! Love the ideas!

  11. Snigdha Prusti

    Trip voucher ,portrait puzzle and spa day ,these are some of the gifts i am looking for.. great ideas ..

  12. Amrit kaur

    Personalised notes and portrait puzzles are the most favorite xmas gift options for me.

  13. Akanksha

    With so many gifts around, one can get really confused. Good to see you shared some of the thoughtful gift ideas here. I really like Journal option. As a blogger, we want to stay organised and maintaining a journal would be a fab start to next year too. Personalized notes option makes it really good.

  14. Priyal

    Christmas is the time of sending & receiving gifts. And you have come up with such an amazing gifts ideas

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    I prefer to go for a chocolate fountain. As Christmas is all about cakes, cookies & chocolates. Amazing ideas.

  16. Shaily Tandon

    Each and every option mention here is fantastic but I really wish someone gifts me a day at spa….I really wish…:D

  17. Viditi Patrawala

    I just love the vibe of this time of the year. It’s so cheerful season with lots of gift receiving and sending. I hope someone gives me spa day and a trip voucher this Christmas.

  18. Atul Host

    It is Christmas time and for me it is Gift wrapping time for my loved ones. Thanks for some of the best gifting ideas they are really helpful, especially the Portrait Puzzle.

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