A healthier you : Tips for a good night sleep

How to improve sleep quality?

It is 9pm, your mind is free of any unwanted worries. You’ve picked up a light read to help you relax. There are lot of early morning responsibilities waiting and you dearly love your 8 hour sleep. But a small ping disturbs that calming rhythm. Not just disturbs, it calls for a plethora of changes in the body’s normal functioning.

8 hours of unhindered, quality sleep is a must for great health and a beautiful life. It’s not just important to help us feel fresh but it is an important biological process playing an important role in various body functions.

Did you know what is impacting your sleep quality or what is hampering you from a good night's sleep? Then continue reading to know some realistic tips to improve your sleep. Mattresses have a very important role, have you tried SleepX mattress and pillows? #sleep #goodnight #sleepquality #mattress #bluelight #healthy #lifestyle

Are you aware of the impacts of poor quality or less sleep?

Doesn’t lack of sleep for even a day make you feel somewhat dumb, more forgetful, and less attentive with those puffy eyes and visible ageing lines? I had reluctantly welcomed many such mornings few years back, when motherhood took a toll on my sleep patterns.

There are ample lifestyle and environmental factors contributing to sleep issues. Consequences of poor quality/less sleep are:

  • Brain Functions: Improper sleep impairs a person’s reasoning, memory, concentration, responsiveness. It pushes you more into emotional distress.
  • Hormonal imbalance: All these impacts tweak the normal hormones and result in unwelcome imbalances in the body.
  • Reduces immunity: Making you more prone to bacterial and viral attacks.
  • Heart functions: Serious sleep issues and insomnia can put you at the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Blood pressure and diabetes are also in this trap.
  • Ageing: Poor and less sleep results in faster ageing, which you really don’t want, right mamas?

Alas you’re unknowingly handshaking with a whole gamut of lifestyle diseases.

Becoming a screen addict and co-sleeping with these devices have actually put our health at a risk. Let’s discuss about some easy tips for better sleep.

A healthier you – Tips for a good night’s sleep:


Did you know what is impacting your sleep quality or what is hampering you from a good night's sleep? Then continue reading to know some realistic tips to improve your sleep. Mattresses have a very important role, have you tried SleepX mattress and pillows? #sleep #goodnight #sleepquality #mattress #bluelight #healthy #lifestyle

1. Exercise in the morning :

Start your day with a lot of exposure to bright sunlight and exercise, for keeping the circadian rhythm healthy. Ditch your closed AC rooms for few hours during the day. Avoid exercising before bed time.

2. Opt for Digital Detox, go for blue light filters:

Blue light at night? Our body thinks, it is yet a daytime. This hinders the secretion of “Melatonin”, the sleep hormone, which is responsible for inducing and regulating sleep. Less of melatonin secretion, means less of quality sleep. Blue light is emanated from the Sun during the day (which is good) and by devices like your smartphones, monitors, and laptops. Use of these screens during bed time is most disruptive, as it throws off our circadian rhythms and derails sleep. Many studies have proved it, so say bye-bye to screens at least one hour before sleep time and don’t see them for 8 good hours of your sleep.

You can also install apps that block/filter blue light on your smartphones.

3. A perfect mattress and pillow:

Did you know what is impacting your sleep quality or what is hampering you from a good night's sleep? Then continue reading to know some realistic tips to improve your sleep. Mattresses have a very important role, have you tried SleepX mattress and pillows? #sleep #goodnight #sleepquality #mattress #bluelight #healthy #lifestyle

You’re following all bed time rituals, yet facing sleep issues along with back and neck pain? Possibly your mattress and pillows are the culprits here. Having a good quality mattress is a must so why not upgrade to SleepX Fusion Mattress?

This sturdy Ace Mattress (5.5inch) comes with a Smart Topper (1.5inch). You have the choice of picking up the firmness that suits you (3 different variants). The Smart Topper is replaceable, so you can experiment with different firmness variants to find the one that’s best for you. Further, the Fusion Mattress is covered in a nano-tech treated fabric, which keeps the allergens, bacteria at a bay and is easy to clean after unexpected spills. 

Honestly, are you able to do that to your existing mattresses? No, right?

That’s why SleepX sleep solutions are reinvigorating and aimed at gaining our precious sleep back. Fusion Mattresses have evolved basis our sleep needs. Not only are they adding up to the beauty of your room, but also giving you healthy handcrafted sleep solutions. You have the option to choose the length and breadth of your mattress basis your bed frame with a warranty of 12 long years! Whoa. 

So, sleep like a child and get up refreshed with a smile.

4. Before Bed time Rituals:

Did you often notice that a lukewarm shower after a hectic day helps you have great sleep? After that shower, pull out a soothing read (don’t opt for thrillers), maintain an optimum bedroom temperature, switch off all the lights, be free of any worries and let your eyes relax. Meditate for the peace of mind. Don’t let that stress take over your sleep for long.

5. Food Indulgences:

Light protein rich dinner, at least 2-3 hours before bedtime is the key. Quit caffeine, nicotine, alcohol intake at least 3-4 hours before going to bed. Caffeine worsens the sleep quality if taken in large amount in the evenings as it has stimulating effects on the body.

Take lukewarm milk before sleep, as milk has an amino acid – tryptophan, which promotes sleep.

Also, maintain your sleep schedules. I try to keep my bed time from 10pm to 5am. And my body clock is tuned to this schedule, even on the weekends. It changes, but honestly, very less. Being consistent in going to sleep and waking time, give you quality sleep.

How about you dear readers? Are you facing any sleep issues? How are you maintaining a good quality sleep for yourself? Share in the comments below.




29 thoughts on “A healthier you : Tips for a good night sleep”

  • Hi Jhilmil,

    Great article. Much needed in today’s lifestyle. These suggestions are worth gold and should be followed to have a healthy and happy life. Sleep is an important aspect of our daily routine. With so much things around, we tend to neglect it nowadays. However, proper sleep rejuvenates you and gets you ready for the next day’s challenges.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this. I’m an insomniac and nothing can get me to sleep. I’ll also go ahead and purchase the sleepx fusion mattress.

  • This is such a wonderful article, Jhilmil. I suffer a lot of sleep problems as I have no fixed sleep schedule. I often wake up with pain in my back and neck. Sometimes I don’t even use a pillow, change my sleep positions but nothing seemed to work. I think I need to change my mattress.

  • Giving up my urge to check the phone and eat snacks, helps me to sleep! I usually have a tough time sleeping due to weird sleeping habits that keep changing everyday… Somedays I wake up at 5 somedays at 10! Now I know I need to workout a bit and eat light and go one a phone detox!

  • I am an insominiac so you get it how important this blog post is for me! I loved all your tips. In fact even my shrink told me a digital detox for a sound sleep is a must. Will try the other ideas shared here.

  • This is such a brilliant article. Totally needed in today’s busy life. Many don’t realize the importance of good sleep. A good mattress is must for a relaxed and peaceful sleep. .

  • Not just one, but all the tips you mentioned above are essential for a sound sleep. It’s also important to have a nice routine so that body gets accustomrd to sleeping hours.

  • I am really looking for some article like this as I have so less sleep and your all points are so relevant and important to be healthy and get good sleep

  • Great advice! It really helps to fall asleep. If you have a noisy city outside the window, you can add a soothing noise. I have this light noise of the surf, very relaxing.

  • Sleep is something I land up depriving my body of as I am a always on the move kind of person. Never stopped to think it could be because of my mattress and it’s comfort. Shall check this out.

  • Mattresses do impact our sleep and choosing a correct one is so important to have a sound sleep as well as for our bones. After all, We spend so many hours laying on bed every single night..Fabulous post x

  • This is such an informative article Jhilmil. I have been suffering from really bad backache for quite a while now. NO balms or exercises seem to help. I think I should think about replacing my mattress now.

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