Hey, Welcome! I’m Jhilmil, and my sweet little blog is all about Cherishing Parenthood, Raising munchkins, Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle and yes, It will be a strong voice for “Womanhood”. Living in the country of Diversity India.

From a Sincere student to Blogger

After earning two esteemed Gold Medals in Bio-technology and Management, wind just dwindled me away from my love and passion to write. For last 8 years I’ve grown in a Telecom world, one of the most dreary profession in the vying market of India. After taking mammoth of managerial tasks from Marketing to Revenue’s, my better half made me confront my “Lost passion” again. Termed professionally as “Blog” (instead of writing diaries), I took to his words and started penning down my stories.

About me blogger
About Me – Travel Freak & mommy

My Travel Passion…

A bug had bitten me when I was very small and upon diagnosis it came out to be “Travel Bug”. I am an adventure junkie, Fanatic lover with the wish to explore the world (not in 80 days). To intensify these emotions, God bestowed me with great dad who set the “travel sailing” for me. From Kanyakumari to Leh & Kashmir, Rajasthan to Sikkim, I have unearthed an amazing India. China, Mauritius, Italy, were added sooner to the list and the desire to expand the list is growing heavily! It gives me immense pleasure to sit in the lap of nature. I love when adrenaline rushes, when I challenge myself with adventures. To DO’s list is long enough as Rock climbing, Cliff jumping ,safari rides, Rafting, Rappelling, Wind Surfing, Snorkelling, Submarine rides have only been covered. Life’s short, Sky Diving is calling soon:)


Love for Photografy…Turned me into amateur Photographer (Insta : enthralling_ventures)

Nature, showing its sturdy-ness in Rocks to flowing emotions in the form of sea; glimpsing the ferociousness of sun to the harmonious night; Tenacious Camels in rugged terrain to Polar bears of Antarctica have all turned me into amateur photographer. I am to blame the beauty, this earth, beholds in it! I was going frenzied to share my travel stories with the world in the form of my first blog – jhilmilbhansali.wordpress.com



Motherhood -about me

Rollercoaster : Motherhood

“Time” turned me into a mommy, very much like you. I carried the same hopes and aspirations to bring up my child in the best design and be a great parent. Life threw numerous challenges but always a support was ready. But “Motherhood” was indeed a knotty affair. It changed the person in me. It modified my outlook; it shook lot of my belief’s.
I wanted to face my life, and taking onto that expedition made me quit my 9+ years professional job. I wanted to canvas my experiences, to share and discuss raising up a child. I wanted to help, learn and counter learn the concept of “Positive parenting” in a real working manner, which I initiated with my baby. This kooky mom then brought the world to clutch onto www.mommyinme.com

There were stories to be written; empowerment to be shared; I just wanted to write and share! I opted for my heart bypassing other critical organs.


Start needs some Recognitions!Some accolades
My work did give me recognition, It made brands applaud by making me win many write-ups – Winning up many contests, Finding spaces in print media as “Lonely Planet, Economic Times Travel” and in Online space as “Thrillophilia” persuaded me to jazz up my life as a “Full time Blogger” and an Influencer”.

Being obsessed with Badminton, lawn tennis and Chess in my recreational time, I’am a big time Foodie, but with small * – *Being vegan*! Yes, I’am proud to be that:)

I guess you got to know me more than what you expected!! So let me Thank you for shelling out those wonderful moments to catch up this read. It indeed means a world to me.

Enjoy Reading the site!!