An advanced Kegel Exerciser to strengthen Pelvic floor : Perifit

An advanced Kegel Exerciser to strengthen Pelvic floor : Perifit

Kegel Exerciser:

As a woman, I’m certain that you must have heard the word Kegel, Kegel Exerciser though you might have not practiced it yet. Most of us have known that one must do “Kegels” because they’re good for our pelvic health.

Have you ever experienced Urine Incontinence? Did sneezing, coughing, sudden laughter, running, exercising, lead to pelvic floor dysfunction, urine leakage? The reason is that during these activities the pressure on the abdomen increases, which in turn increases pressure on Bladder. When your pelvic floor is weakened, these muscles are not able to maintain the urethral closure, which results in urine leakages.

Pelvic organ prolapse is quite common, with around 50% of women facing some degree of prolapse[1], and it is due to the weakening of the pelvic support muscles. These muscles support the bladder, womb and even our bowel movements. Their weakening can lead to issues like discomfort, followed by urine leakage, bladder, and even bowel-related issues.

Kegel exercises have been proven to help women strengthen Pelvic floor muscles, Urine incontinence and leakage. Read more on how Kegels help you after postpartum #kegels #kegelexerciser #pelvicfloor #perifit #biofeedback #kegel

What are the reasons for Urine Incontinence?

Many factors weaken the pelvic floor, commonly in women, such as pregnancy, childbirth (more so in vaginal birth), excessive weight gain, aging, genetics. This is where Kegels play a very important role. The best way to keep your pelvic muscles healthy and prevent these incontinence issues is to start doing Kegel exercises, right from your pregnancy.

This “prevention is the key” strategy prompted me to start with Kegel Exercises and switch to Kegel Exerciser Perifit. Being a mom of one, I opted for this technique, to build a strong pelvic floor, along with maintaining a healthy weight and diet.

What are Kegel exercises?

Well, nothing should stop you from doing Kegel exercises to control your Pelvic Floor muscles. They can be done in a very short period while sitting at your desk or relaxing at your couch(in whichever way you find comfortable). The only challenge when you start Kegels is to find the right set of muscles. The most common method to locate the right muscles is by trying to stop the urine mid-flow. This is how I opted to identify my pelvic muscles. The muscles used to stop urine are pelvic floor muscles.

But remember, this process is just to identify your muscles, and should not be done regularly, as it can lead to urinary tract Infections.

Though I could trace my muscles for once, I often had doubts, if I was using the right muscles for Kegels. I was often confused if I was also tightening my abdomen, and thighs muscles along with pelvic ones. Hence, I opted for a Biofeedback device, like Perifit (FDA approved), to not just help me locate the right muscles, but also to see the way I was progressing. You can also check out with your Gynecologist for assistance while using Kegel exerciser.

Perifit: A Biofeedback Device to easy your Kegels:

Perifit is a Biofeedback Device to ease your stance of doing Kegels and involve both deep and superficial pelvic muscles in a fun way playing video games. #kegels #kegelexerciser #pelvicfloor #perifit #biofeedback #kegel #videogames
Image Courtesy: Perifit

When I received the device, I was uncertain about the compatibility. But now, after using it for around a month, I can vouch on its ease of use. Perifit is a Kegel exerciser, in which the Perifit device and the Perifit app, work together in a fun way to help you do Kegels effectively. The device helps you control inbuilt video games with your pelvic floor. Sounds exciting?

Yes, it was the same to me, as the contractions and relaxations are very similar to the natural pelvic movements and thus you can see the effect within a few weeks.

All you need to do is, download the FREE Perifit app and start playing the first video game. The goal is to score as many points as possible. To make pelvic floor strengthening more engaging, you can play different games by controlling the contractions of your perineum.

How to use Perifit: Kegel exerciser to strengthen your Pelvic floor:

Perifit is a Biofeedback Device to ease your stance of doing Kegels and involve both deep and superficial pelvic muscles in a fun way playing video games. #kegels #kegelexerciser #pelvicfloor #perifit #biofeedback #kegel #videogames


1. You need to download the Perifit app and start with a simple test to identify the right program for you. It has six training programs as PostPartum, Stress Incontinence, Urge Incontinence, Prevent Disorder, Mixed Incontinence, Intimate Well-being. After the survey, I opted for the postpartum program for myself. All the programs have different levels of the games, which one can complete gradually over a period of time.

2. The next step is to insert the device in your vagina, switching it on and start playing the video game under the specific program.

3. Now, we need to contract the pelvic muscles and then relax it three times in a row. When we squeeze, prepare to relax and finally relax our pelvic floor muscles, the action of the elements on the screen gets triggered. Like in the bird video game, when I contracted the pelvic floor, the bird goes up and when I relaxed the bird goes down.

Kegel exercises have been proven to help women strengthen Pelvic floor muscles, Urine incontinence and leakage. Read more on how Kegels help you after postpartum #kegels #kegelexerciser #pelvicfloor #perifit #biofeedback #kegel
Image Courtesy: Perifit

4. Basis this, at the end of every session, you can see your strength levels (in the form of scores). As you see the progress, you get the motivation to do much better. And this results in better control and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles and bladder. You experience the results in real and it was a true motivation for me.

5. As you progress, you can unlock other video games and this retains a fun element in your Kegel training. You also have access to advanced insights like your stamina, accuracy (of Pelvic muscles), release, force for your superficial and deep muscles. I do these Kegels for at least 5minutes a day. It is recommended to use Perifit device for at least 2 months, to see permanent results.

6. After using it, simply wash the Perifit device with soap and water.

Perifit is a Biofeedback Device to ease your stance of doing Kegels and involve both deep and superficial pelvic muscles in a fun way playing video games. #kegels #kegelexerciser #pelvicfloor #perifit #biofeedback #kegel #videogames
Image Courtesy: Perifit

Watch out this video on how Perifit works:

Benefits of using Perifit :

Now that I have been using it for quite some time, here are some benefits I’ve experienced:

  • Kegels strengthen Pelvic muscles and Perifit is a Kegel exerciser that strengthens not just superficial but also deep pelvic floor muscles. It is due to the presence of two pressure sensors in this Kegel device. This ensures that your right muscles ( superficial and deep pelvic floor) are working. As you exercise, you will feel it yourself.
  • This device is just 26mm wide and made up of medical-grade silicones. This ensured that I was very comfortable using it. It fits all body types comfortably with intact flexibility. It is hypoallergenic, BPA- and phthalate-free as well.
  • These games have been designed by experienced doctors and world-class specialists(in pelvic floor disorders). It has been recommended by many doctors internationally. Personally, I’m enjoying playing these games and always excited to see my scores after the session. 
  • The Perifit app is very simple to use with explicit explanations and suggestions for an effective workout.
  • The best part is you get a five-dimensional analysis of your workout, which helps you access and evaluate your progress. I always aim for a better score than my previous session and this boots my workout.
  • The app has a virtual coach feature, to train and encourage our workout.

Kegels are no longer repetitive, but truly fun with these addictive video games. 

Benefits of doing Kegels with Perifit Kegel Exerciser:

  • Reduce stress Urinary Incontinence (involuntary urine leakages), during exercising, sudden sneezing, or any physical activity
  • Improves Pelvic strength during Pregnancy and postpartum
  • Reduce the sudden strong urge to urinate and enhances your comfort levels.
  • Prevents Pelvic disorders and dysfunctions and Improves sexual wellness 

Along with using this Kegel exerciser, you should also keep a watch on your weight. As weight gain often leads to enhanced pelvic troubles. Integrate Kegels in your daily routine, right when you’re young. If you’ve just started Kegels and are having difficulty doing them, talk to your health care professional.

Lead an active lifestyle, with regular workout and a healthy diet.

Stay healthy, stay happy!


Disclaimer: This post has been written basis my experience of using the Kegel Exerciser Perifit. It is always recommended to take advice from gynecologist if you face any concerns around Pelvic disorders, Urinary Incontinence. This post cannot be considered as an alternative to medical advice.  

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