An era of Functional Medicine and Intelligent Ageing!

Wellness is not an absence of Illness, as Dr. Suresh Shottam shares his insights on the systemic Imbalances and the role of “Functional Medicine” to attain that feel of “Nourishing Health & Flourishing Beauty”, it triggered my neurons to get a great dose of new learning curve at Intelligent Ageing.

The insight we’re gonna get today is all about “Proactive health rather than Reactive health” and why Functional Medicine holds a significance in Preventive Healthcare. Intelligent Ageing & Sens have brought forth a breakthrough Technique in the Healthcare for Indians.

Did you know that you can reverse Type 2 Diabetes and even control Blood Pressure without any medication?

Where lies the problem?

With an increase in tech driven yet comfortable life, somewhere we have not able to maintain that balance between Lifestyle and health. Sedentary life, stress, anxiety, lack of nutrition, poor diet, exposure to toxins, all have led to an “Internal imbalance”. Acne, pigmentation, fast ageing is not just an “External” outage, but it is an outcome of something really serious at the “Hormonal and cellular level inside our body”. What we need is a thorough look at the internal systemic imbalances and rectify them, in the layman terms.

What is Functional Medicine, an approach opted by Intelligent Ageing

What matters here is understanding & consulting with the patient and working towards the root cause of the problem rather than focussing on just external symptoms. And this is the essence of “Functional medicine” approach, opted by Intelligent Ageing. It studies the lifestyle, environmental, genetic, dietary factors to understand a patient. It means a holistic approach for understanding and no factor is studied in any isolation. Each treatment program is customized basis the patient’s detailing here.

“Shorter consultation times have been linked to poorer health outcomes for patients and a heightened risk of burnout for doctors,” researchers wrote in the British Medical Journal. At Intelligent Ageing, the consultation time can be more than 30 min, since it undertakes an holistic approach to understand the patient.

We will age, yes, we need to accept the fact, so why not Age Intelligently? Why not opt for a Preventive health approach and heal from within?

As they say,

Intelligent Ageing” (IA) along with its aesthetic partner, “Sens” focus on both internal and external healthcare, and work on functional as well as aesthetic treatments with the concept of nourishing health & flourishing beauty

The concept of Functional Medicine and how Intelligent Ageing has blended that for a “preventive healthcare”:

This infographic is self explanatory about the holistic approach required for a complete healing.

But Why do we need Functional medicine and how is it different?

As discussed above, due to lifestyle changes, there has been an increasing no. of chronic diseases. We are born in this world healthy, with perfect wellness factors in our baskets. As we grew, we moved from wellness to Illness gradually. We contract diseases,and opt for Conventional medicine approach. And after the treatment, we go back into a state of discomfort, but never enter that zone of Wellness again. Conventional medicine takes into account only the External factors and symptoms, while genetic makeup, lifestyle, diet are not considered in this. We rely only on the term called “Medicines”, which heal yet not heal us from within.

And this is why, Functional medicine is the need of an hour. It is a patient-centric customized approach, treating one holistically and it believes in Preventive Care.

Who should opt for Functional Medicine?

Did you know that :

  • Close to 50% of wthe orkforce in India suffers stress related issues
  • Approx. 70Mn people in India suffer from Diabetes
  • According to a study conducted by a consumer products giant, approx 93% ofIndians are sleep-deprived. Isn’t that really huge? Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder among Indians.
  • According to Gut-Health Survey, 14% of India’s urban population suffers from “chronic constipation”, reiterating, “CHRONIC Constipation”.
  • 79% of Indians have bad lipid levels

All these diseases are interlinked. A patient with hypertension if diagnosed closely can reveal the reason as Sleep Apnea and the reason for Sleep apnea can come out to be Food habits, stress, lack of exercise. And all these comes out in the personality in the form of fast ageing, acne, mood swings, irritability, lack of energy.

Functional medicine is of prime importance for people suffering from :

A) Lifestyle Issues as :

  • Thyroid
  • Gut/Digestion/Stomach Issues
  • Mental Stress
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Acne / Pigmentation
  • Ageing
  • Hormonal Imbalances in Women

B) Chronic Diseases as :

  • Diabetes (Mainly Type2)
  • Heart ailments
  • Mental Illness
  • Cancer
  • AutoImmune Disorders (as RA) 

The presence of one of the well known researcher, Dr. Suresh Shottam is an answer to all your problems. He is a practicing clinician, researcher, certified de-addiction therapist, wellness coach, author, speaker and lecturer, who has worked in the United States for 30 years. He has been involved in the fields of wellness and complementary medicine for over 20 years.​

My session with Dr. Suresh completely bowled my thoughts when it came to the Preventive care and an approach towards Wellness.

Practises focussed at Intelligent Ageing :

  • Inflammation Control (For Vascular/ Chronic diseases as well)
  • Toxin reduction (Detoxification therapies as Juice, Chelation Therapies, Detox Diets, Nutraceuticals)
  • Nutrition (Paleo/Ketogenic Diets for hormonal balance, weight loss)
  • Sleep management
  • Hormone Restoration
  • Gut Microbiome for gut related issues
  • Aesthetics (Skin and hair treatments)
  • Fitness (Stress management, workouts, Rehabilitation and more)
  • Mindfulness with Life Coach

Diet Therapy :

One of the important aspect of Functional Medicine is the importance of “Foods”. There are so many foods which affect our overall body, as in Refined Sugars, High amount of carbs, Dairy products for Dairy Intolerant people, Alcohol, Bad Cholesterol.

We, Indians, need to focus more on the right diet consisting of right portions of Fibre, Healthy fats, protein, magnesium & Chromium rich foods, Low Glycemic Index foods. And along with this, to fulfil the nutrition our cells need, dietary supplements as Cinnamon, Omega acids and few others. Let’s ask to ourselves, are we even aware of our supplemental needs? 

Remember, When the nutrition (Macro & Micro elements) is clubbed with exercising, and improvement in Lifestyle, almost any disease can be cured. And we need to adopt this approach, right NOW! Small combinations of natural foods can help us to get these essentials along with major supplements. That’s where, we need the help of Dt. Manjari, who has accomplished new heights in the field of health and nutrition.  

Aesthetic Services :

Apart from these, one can also opt for Intelligent Ageing , when it comes Aesthetic Services. Dr. Aarushi, A Cosmetic Dermatologist and Wellness Specialist, has immense expertise. She is focussed in Non-Surgical Face & Body Lifting, Facial Feature Enhancements and Contouring, Skin Brightening, Pigmentation / Scar Correction , Acne management, Hair Restoration, Micro-Blading for Eye-brow enhancement, Permanent cosmetic make-up, Body Sculpting and Body Firming Treatments.

Be it Skincare, Hair Care (Thinning, Baldness), Body care (Reshaping, Firming, Anti-Ageing, Stretch marks and many more), Makeover (Hair extensions, makeup), Fat reduction, they have all for you, as mentioned above.

Intelligent Ageing in association with Sens, can help in the elimination of Fat cells with the technique of CoolSculpting. Fat cells either inflate of shrink, they do not multiply. This technology (designed by Harvard Scientists) cools the fat cells and triggers their natural death. This is one of the safest, non invasive, non surgical and the latest technology helping in Weight loss and Fat reduction.

Anti – Ageing :

Those wrinkles, lose skin, pigmentations, ah! Gives a sense that we’re welcoming ageing faster. Did you know the real culprit? Its the DNA of our cells which gets progressively damaged and causes cells to get dysfunctional and irreversibly aged. Telomeres (part of DNA), which basically protect the chromosomes also shorten up and all this process along with lifestyle changes lead to many cardio-metabolic disease. All of this triggers fast ageing.

And the best part of the research conducted on telomeres was that they can be increased with lifestyle changes. This means Ageing can be slowed down. Telomeres can continue to protect our chromosomes and help us lead a youthful life.

So, Why not meet Age Management Doctor’s and Lifestyle Coaches at Intelligent Ageing and start the journey of Anti-Ageing and healthy living! Sounds Exciting? 

Read more at Intelligent Ageing page, book your consultation and start a journey towards wellness!

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit!


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