An ode for Swirling Life

LifeLet me live today, Allow me the love today;

Why your love has so much bias-ness,

When I have selfless love;

Why your heart sulks & smile frowns,

While I try to make some shimmer around;

Why do the logics demean,

While the hollow words are keen to win;

Why does my act of cordiality,

Rattles you uprightly;

Why do my questions brings tiff,

While their answers can be a bliss;

Why can’t you see a rainbow in me,

Instead of a dark night;

Why is my only passion,

Waiting to be curtailed soon;

You make me feel as an egg, made to be broken,

But I am atomic, not made to be shaken; 

So, Let me live today, Allow me the love today;

What will that prejudiced bond give you,

When you wish to obliterate similar affinities;

Don’t just mock of other bonds,

They’ll be back with a bang some day;

If you can’t nurture them merrily,

Leave them in their cushion gladly;

Why can’t we have an aura of smiles,

Witnessing small moment of joys;

Why are laughter & happiness far apart,

And dismay & glum hug our every part;

Why the close kinship seems spurned,

And the far off society obligates the run;

Do, Let me live today, Allow me the love today;

Why can’t we practise humanity,

Against the backdrop of religion;

Why can’t your experience fail,

And a young maturity win;

Why can’t the words of wisdom,

Have a home in the soul;

Why should your regimen,

Smother down another mind;

Why can’t I live my own life,

Let me live today, Allow me the love today!

Give me a chance to be an angel !!

I really dunno what all things are triggering me to write up short poems. But I’ve felt that the heart has to speak out someway or the other. When the heart pains & eyes drop tears, lot of words wait to be written. There has to be a route, and what better can be than penning them down?

Life’s teachings gathers up “maturity” in us and takes away that innocent “childhood” far away never to be remembered. The ties get muddled up day on day & the impulse to fix them fades away.

Life is indeed not a bed of Roses, but a path full of thorns. We have to fill up the space with roses to have a fragrant, happy & enjoyable life. Every day the teachings are different & promises to self are contrasting. One day the thorns will have to relish the fragrant roses and feel happy with their presence. That should keep us motivated enough to go on in life & keep on spreading love and fragrance!

Till then, have a great day ahead!

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