Animated Movies Kids will love this Christmas!

Animated Movies Kids will love this Christmas!

Christmas is here!

Christmas is always the feel-good time of the year. Kids love the blissful joys filled in the air around Santa and carols. Families come together to sit, dine, play and bid farewell to the year and make some exciting resolutions for the upcoming year. What better way than to catch up on some Family Christmas movies to welcome the joys of this festive season? So, we came up with the list of all-time favourite animated Christmas movies that will make kids laugh aloud while adults will celebrate the festive glory.

Christmas is a perfect time to have some fun with family. And what better than watching some amazing Animated movies together? Then here is a list of Best Animated Movies you must watch this Christmas with kids. #MerryChristmas #movies #animatedmovies #mustwatch #Arthurchristmas #ZEE5

Fun animated movies kids will love watching :

1. Arthur Christmas – 2011 :  

A movie, which made the kids believe that Santa is real and he really delivers gifts and wishes to good children, no matter what. The storyline of the movie goes as Santa along with his family runs a sophisticated futuristic delivery system for Christmas gifts. In these deliveries, one gift is left behind, and Santa’s Younger son Arthur & his grandpa goes length and breadth to make it reach to the right doorstep.

Their efforts and process to get it delivered to the kid is the heart of the story that makes us laugh, exclaim and jump on the seat, all at the same time. The message of the movie is to kindle hope, optimism and motivate us to do small good deeds to make others happy. Frankly, Arthur Christmas carries the true heart of the holiday.

Christmas is a perfect time to have some fun with family. And what better than watching some amazing Animated movies together? Then here is a list of Best Animated Movies you must watch this Christmas with kids. #MerryChristmas #movies #animatedmovies #mustwatch #Arthurchristmas #ZEE5

2. Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 :

Flint is a young scientist who believes in himself as a super genius and keeps coming up with crazy inventions. Finally, he is able to make a machine, which converts water into Food. With praise and appreciation comes the fear of something that may go wrong. This movie is all about how the food machine takes over the city and how Flint gets it back.

Full marks go for the imagination of the scriptwriter for playing up with the fantasy of Food Lovers. The animations are very colourful and beautifully crafted. Each character outshines other, and their comic timings hit bull’s eye. This movie would kindle the food lover in you and would also make you wish that Tesla comes up one such machine. Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 is a must watch for all kids.

3. 9 :

Released in 2009, If you’re crazy about animated, sci-fi and apocalyptic thrillers, then 9 will tick all the rights. With a run time of 80 minutes only, it captures how a hand-stitched Doll numbered 9 in the post-apocalyptic world comes up with an idea to save humanity.

Sounding like Superhero stuff, this movie confers on spirituality, sacrifice and human bonding among other emotions. Going as an extended part of “Wall – E “, this one surely has an army of movie critics praising the vision of the production team to be able to capture the theme perfectly.

4. The Pirates :

The band of misfits – Coming from the House of Sony Animation, this roller coaster ride has legendary Hollywood names like Hugh Grant, Salma Hayek providing the voice over. Sail with a Pirate captain in his race to beat his rival to grab the Pirate of the year award.

This animated version, coming right out of a storybook will make us fall in love with the cute little miniature version of Johnny Depp.

Christmas is a perfect time to have some fun with family. And what better than watching some amazing Animated movies together? Then here is a list of Best Animated Movies you must watch this Christmas with kids. #MerryChristmas #movies #animatedmovies #mustwatch #Arthurchristmas #ZEE5

Catch this and many more similar animated movies right on ZEE5 app to kick-start the festive season smiling and cheering up on the good moments.  

Have Fun,

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Christmas vacations have always been special during our childhood as we use to binge so many movies that time. Will catch them on Zee5 this weekend

  2. Rashmi

    What a wonderful list here.. pinning this post n I shall watch these with my family. Thabks for putting this together.

  3. Sayeri

    I am planning to watch these movies with Mickey. Thanks for sharing the list. So Christmas holidays are going to be a great fun for us.

  4. Saarah

    Ahh! This is amazing list if fun movie for kids.. they are going to love them all.
    Also , i would myself live to watch the pirates.

  5. Gurjeet Chhabra

    great movie listed . many movies my kids haven’t seen and we will watch together now. Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 taken my all attention

  6. Sadaf

    Amazing and beautiful post. Superb collections of animated movies. These movies are best for kids. These movies are full of zeal and enthusiasm. Great thoughts.

  7. Noor Anand Chawla

    Christmas is indeed a time for family bonding over fun films and lots of good food. Thank you for these film suggestions, I will check them out.

  8. Siddhi

    Zee5 app is amazing. You here have done a wonderful job curating these films. I love watching movies during Holidays ♥️

  9. Princy

    we are having holidays these days and this list looks like a great compilation of movies to watch with kids.

  10. Neha Jella

    This is the best way to spend your time with kids. Watching animated Christmas movies with them. The list which is mention is amazing. Thank you for sharing such sweet blogs.

  11. Sandy N Vyjay

    These are a nice selection of movies that kids, as well as adults, are going to love. The Pirates seems to be the one we would love to watch over the weekend.

  12. Ishieta

    Such adorable selections! I am going to go into kid mode myself and watch these over the weekend 🙂 I love animated films – the lessons and the positivity which are all rolled into such good entertainment!

  13. Snigdha Prusti

    This is a great list of animated movies for kids to enjoy this Christmas and new year . I will take my son to watch and enjoy these funny animated movies.

  14. Papri Ganguly

    These movies seem so fun and interesting. I think my daughter would love to watch the pirates. Will definitely watch it on Zee5

  15. Deepa

    Great list of movies for Christmas. I love all of them and Arthur one is my favorite. I am sure kids will enjoy them too.

  16. Snehalata Jain

    This list of kids movies is really amazing i wud like to see all the movies together with my kiddo

  17. Khushboo

    wow these are some amazing list of animated movies for kids as well as for while family to watch this holidays.

  18. Bushra

    Kids would love to watch these interesting movies. Pirates sounds like a good watch with kids this Holiday season.

  19. Sajid Akhter

    Christmas vacation are surely a great time to enjoy with your near and dear ones. Kids have their school off and this is their time to have some fun. You have shared a great list. However my favorite movie in this genre has always been Home Alone series. I simply love them.

    Thanks for sharing this post, have a good day.

  20. Kate werth

    Oh!! I worked on the promo for Pirates! a band of misfits back in 12!! I was sad it didnt do better because I thought it was fun too!

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