Tips for Baby Hair Care

Tips for Baby Hair Care

Tips for Baby Hair Care:

I remember, when my son was born, he neither had a head full of hair nor was he bald. He had soft, shiny black and thin hair, which I loved. But gradually, he started to lose his hair, more from the back, due to the consistent rubbing against the crib mattress. Being a first-time mom, this disturbed me a lot.

A consultation with my pediatrician assured me that hair fall in Infants is a natural phenomenon. Hair fall in infants is common and not worrisome at all. Even if your newborn has plenty of hair, the basics of hair might change within the first year. And then begins the real hair growth, the texture of which is most likely to stay forever.

If your baby is born with curly hair, he/she might lose them and even get straight hair, the bare spots which you see now will slowly get covered. The locks look and feel may vary all-together by the time your baby reaches his first Birthday. The flaky scalp will also go away.

Whatever the case may be, it is really essential for us, to take good care of baby’s hair. While there are lots of If’s and but’s, I’m trying to address the best way of hair care for babies.

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Let’s discuss Hair care essentials for a baby:

1. Oiling:

Is it good to apply hair oil to the baby’s hair? Is coconut oil good for baby’s hair? Does Castor Oil improve the baby’s hair growth? Which is the best Hair Oil for a baby?

These questions have always had prime importance amongst moms, as to which is the Best baby hair oil? As the old woman tales go by, Oiling has been always beneficial, be it for a newborn or for an adult. Oiling and massaging the scalp well (softly with right finger moves) enhances blood circulation. It not just, in turn, helps in keeping the baby’s scalp well moisturized, but it also helps with a sound sleep, which is important for baby’s growth.

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Now the question arises, which is the best baby Hair Oil or which is the best hair oil for my baby?

Honestly, the market is flooded with so many products, and it has always added to a mom’s dilemma. What to choose, what not to?  But here is the basic, leave aside all the marketing gimmicks.

“All Natural essential oils are great for baby’s hair”.

While I went for Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, you can certainly try others as Calendula oil or maybe Castor Oil. Be it whatever, always try to use lukewarm (dip your finger to test before applying) Oil for gentle hair massage.

  • Use Oil which is light in summers, pure Coconut oil is a great choice for summers. And for winters, you can opt for little thick oils like Olive Oil or Castor oil with a base oil. Coconut Oil has cooling properties, hence try to use it warm during winters, or replace it with Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or Castor Oil. 
  • Daily massage your baby’s scalp, once or twice a day so that the scalp doesn’t dry and remain moisturized.

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2. Shampooing:

Should we shampoo baby’s hair daily? No! Never do that. Your baby’s scalp is not so sweaty or dirty that you need to deeply clean it daily. Washing a newborn’s hair should only be done a couple of times a week, max maybe twice a week. As your baby grows and is involved in various activities and outdoors, the frequency may be increased to thrice a week.

The days when you are not shampooing your baby’s hair, you can simply clean baby’s hair with a wet(water at room temperature) soft cloth very gently. Also, while you are shampooing, be very gentle when you massage, as a brisk shampooing will add up the quick hair loss.

Use baby shampoo, that is mild, natural and has a pH 5.5. You can use Top to toe body wash or exclusively a baby shampoo. Never use adult shampoo’s or Soap on baby’s hair, as they are never meant for the sensitive skin of babies.

3. Combing:

Combing is necessary (twice a day) because it keeps the scalp stimulated and helps in hair growth. Often when babies are born with lots of hair, tangles becomes a problem and an easy combing can solve it.

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It is also very important to use the right brush for your baby’s hair. Use wide and soft bristled tooth, which are soft on baby’s tender scalp. Gentle combing can also help from Cradle Cap.

Which are the best hair care products?How to grow my baby's hair? Which Oil is best for baby hair? If you are a new mum with questions around baby hair growth, then read on to know all the answers. #hairgrowth #babyhair #hairoil #castoroil #coconutoil #oliveoil #cradlecap #curlyhair #sryhair #haircare #haircareproducts

4. Long and Tangled Hair:

Don’t ever use a blow dryer for baby’s hair. If your baby is blessed with long hair and they get tangled, then it is always wise to use a detangler nourishing conditioner. Before shampooing, always comb the hair and make them tangle free. A wet brush and regular trimming also work.

5. Dry Hair and scalp:

If your newborn is bald, the first thing you need to focus is to keep it moisturized. Now the question arises, what can I use for my baby’s dry hair? If your baby’s hair is really dry, when you are using a shampoo, always mix a few drops of essential oil into it. This acts as a wonderful conditioner and keeps baby’s hair soft. I occasionally used to add Coconut Oil into my baby’s shampoo.

Also, for dry hair, you should apply light oil (coconut oil) daily before the bedtime. Never use a blow dryer for baby.

6. Flaky Scalp:

Often referred to as Cradle Cap, this is a common thing in babies and naturally clears off. This is due to overproduction of sebum, which is responsible to keep the hair tips oily and moisturized. You should massage little oil in your baby’s head before bathing and then brush the hair. Regular brushing your baby’s hair and keeping it clean will reduce the chances of developing cradle cap. In case you feel that the flaky scalp is spreading and getting red, do consult your pediatrician.

Now the question is which are the Best Baby Hair care products?

That’s quite a difficult task and one product might not suit another baby. But the thumb rule is:

  1. The product should be gentle and mild for a baby’s sensitive skin
  2. Opt for more Natural products, Always look for the Certificates, if the brand terms it as Organic or Natural.
  3. pH should be 5.5
  4. Products should be free of Harmful chemicals as parabens, Sulphates, dyes.

I have used Lotus Herbals Baby plus Shampoo, Sebamed Children’s Shampoo, Himalaya Baby Shampoo and Mama Earth baby Shampoo, and I’ve found them to be really mild and good for babies. Though choices may vary, but consider the 4 points mentioned as a thumb rule before you choose any baby haircare (be it oils or shampoo) or skincare products.

Hope, I’ve tried to answer lots of queries wrt hair growth in babies, hair fall in infants, best hair oils for babies. Share your questions if you have any or you can even share your experiences of haircare for babies here in the comment section.

Much Love,

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