Baby starts Sitting – Connecting the First Milestone

When does baby starts sitting ?

Every parent, just like me is super enthusiastic to see their baby achieve the developmental milestones. The first being able to sit. That’s a very curious question I’ve heard and rather asked experienced moms post my baby birth. When does a baby starts sitting ? And the answers vary from 4-6months usually. Although this is a common range, few babies sit up by as long as 8-9months and that’s completely fine. It’s a very common phrase that “ All babies develop differently”. It matters a lot on the surroundings in which they grow. It also depends if their birth was pre-mature or normal. So after questioning, I proposed to write down this post to help rest parenting world answer their queries in a genuine manner.

Baby starts sitting
     Happy Sitting

Usually by 6months, baby starts sitting for few seconds to few minutes without any support. Sitting all by themselves is a very important achievement and it involves a lot of strengthened muscles to work upon. Most important identification mark is when a baby is able to hold and balance his head upright while on his tummy for some time.

Try giving out tummy time to the baby. This position not only helps in digesting the food and liberating gas, but it also helps in strengthening  of the muscles from head to neck to stomach and his back. Daily give baby his tummy time 5-6 times. Babies love to change their position. They too get bored of lying on their backs. So changing the position rather makes them enjoyable and in turn helps develop muscles.

When do I know that my baby is ready to sit ?

You’ll start observing that while on his belly, your baby is pulling up his head to check on the surroundings or trying to figure out those special cues by mommy dear. Post this, your baby will try to figure out a way to propping up on his arms although he might fail in this attempt.

But, This is the very first sign that the baby will soon start to sit up depending on the level of support & cheer he gets.  

Yes moms and dads you have an important role to help baby start sitting. Practice some of the below quoted plays and this will only strengthen the baby’s desire to sit like mommy:).

  1. Encourage tummy time.
  2. Help babies sit up with a small exercise: Place the baby by his back and pull him very gently via hands and get him onto a seated position. Start practising this exercise when a baby is 3m+. But a word of caution, don’t give jerk while pulling up or stretch them with their wrists. Their wrists and muscles are very delicate to handle those extra jerks.
  3. C-Shaped Pillow or Bumbo seats: Try placing baby in the centre of the Boppy or C-shaped pillow. It gives support to his arms and lower body and help baby support his head for few minutes. Even you can try seating baby in Bumbo seats from close to 4months. Don’t expect that they would be able to handle their weight sitting up in the first instance itself. They might topple or tumble many times before they learn to keep straight. Placing them with these utility items helps baby starts sitting up and building balance.

    Baby sitting up pillow
    From Amazon :C-shaped Pillow
  4.  Sitting in your lap: Try making baby sit on your cross legged feet or in your lap. Support him and making him lean little bit over your chest and stomach. Practising this goes a long way in helping baby sit up.
  5. That’s his toy, a little far! Yes, try placing his favorite toy in just a hands approach. Boost his confidence to pick up the toy all by himself. Do try, second time if not for the first. You’ll be amazed to see his efforts to grab his toy and put in his mouth;). Do applaud for his incredible effort! In an overjoy, do not keep the toy so far that it becomes a non-starter offer for him.
  6. Consistent Enjoyment : When the baby is on tummy or trying to sit, create an amazing rock band out of you for him. Do what he enjoys the most. Dance, Sing, play light music, get a joker out of you. Keeping baby engaged in his position will definitely make this journey a happy and smooth one!

Do celebrate this moment, click ample pictures and make this very first milestone memorable in your and baby’s life.

Also, do never panic if the baby does not practise sit up even by 6 months. Try observing his developmental stages (as holding neck , controlling head movements). Some babies who are not given many opportunities of “tummy time” & “ sit up exercise” and are continuously on a sleep position, may start sitting later. Even for babies who are born pre-maturely, their muscles might take more time to help them sit up!

So relax, over their whole life they have the task to sit and then work and work! Let them have their gala sleepy time, which makes world jealous of them! They will have to sit, sooner or later. Don’t force them or pull them.

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Happy Working Momma’s!


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