When Vitamin E passed the healthy “E-Xamination”!

Hey mums, do you feel tiresome most of the time? Are you losing your hair? Is the skin glow getting messed up? So mama's, here is what you need, Vitamin E to get that boost of energy , get that glowing skin and thick hair. Read more..#vitaminE #evion #motherhood #healthylife #nutritiousfood #hairgrowth #skin

Motherhood! Seems one of the best word in the Oxford Dictionary. But, let’s admit it, if it brings a bouquet full of beautiful memories, it also accompanies a basket of worries. If it brings smile, it also pauses them with cries. If it makes you patient, it also brings craziness of a mum, if it makes you open minded, it also brings in possessiveness for your child. The perks it brings along are really which a mind cannot understand but only a heart full of emotions can!

And, as this journey continued, I worked harder to pass on the Examination of Motherhood! As all the mums do, I too tried my best in all fields to give the my child more than what I could. But in that course, somehow I started losing myself. My looks in the mirror changed, My passions in the course of life turned their back to me. I had no time to ponder upon, I really had not a single minute for myself and even plan my future. I was really a happy mama of a bubbling and twinkling child. Many times few questions came in my mind, but again, I really never thought much as I was enjoying the blissful moments.

One morning I had an exquisite time to myself, when I stood in my window sipping coffee. I thought it was a perfect morning to answer my inner queries. The blotted ink that day gave me a realization that I need to revive my old self and passions. I just cannot let them go. They were nurtured with lots of love , emotions and ardor. How can they be forgotten? I need to maintain a healthy and energetic life and at the last, I really need to work upon myself now. To raise a child and passion simultaneously, I need to be a dynamic mama.

[A beautiful mama of 2 young chirpy kids, who was running for her fitness smiled as I was looking out of the window. The course had been defined in my mind, the examination got a little tougher, but I was ready to take on the challenges for a long life ahead].

Motherhood Chapters of how “E” turned a mama into a Healthy “Me” :

Chapter A : Fitness :

It was a routine to practise Yoga and meditation before having my baby. Time was scarce now, but then I ensured to restart this fitness regime, atleast 4 days a week. The blood circulation started increasing, fresh air filled my lungs again. The mornings became more active and energetic. The look of flowers and trees, chirping birds in the mornings gave a positive assurance towards life. Change for the goodness started again!

Chapter B : Nutrition :

Instead of winding up things quickly, I started focussing on my nutrition along with my baby. Somehow, I had forgotten my nutrition, trying to work out wholesome meals for my Toddler. I regained the focus on more of fibres, raw vegetables, nuts & enhanced the intake of iron and protein rich foods. I started having more of Vitamin A,C,E to have an energetic day throughout. This mama looked fatigued all the time after having a baby, could be due to loss of stamina. But Vitamin E, came to the rescue and helped me regain that nourishment to stay lively and energized.

Chapter C : Regaining hair loss after motherhood :

Honestly, I started losing my hair from the 3rd month birthday of my infant. And that spree continued for more than a year. The initial phases of being a first timer mama, really couldn’t help me with any time for myself. I really lost a track of my glowing hair.

I soon stopped all Paraben and Sulfate Shampoo’s and switched to organic, chemical free shampoo’s. The next step was involving Vitamin E to get back those healthy hair. And that was via the natural foods supplemented with the most effective #Evion Vitamin E capsules. I started using Vitamin E drops in my hair oil regularly to help me contain the loss and get the glow back.

Chapter D : Glowing Skin :

The skin was getting darker, sometimes dull due to lack of sleep, sometimes patchy, due to no care. I formulated a complete skincare regime and in this there was an important role of Vitamin E, to help me get that glow back.

Chapter “E” :

Well, this has to be a conclusive chapter, wherein I started Blogging again, this time with dedicated focus. I wanted to convey so much to the world, I had so many emotions to be penned down. There was a beautiful “mEmoir” in the making. There were amazing “friEnds” in the waiting.

Here is when I realized my love for “E” – Vitamin E. My every chapter has a link towards Vitamin E, which got me back into a confident and a super energetic mama.

[This time I was not looking out of the window, rather, I was in the garden amidst the colorful flowers, running for a slice of life. This time, I was feeling that I was passing the most “Examinations, acting upon rather than just thinking! ]

Why Vitamin E : Benefits of Vitamin E :

  • It neutralizes the inferior after effects of oxidation of fats.
  • It has anti-oxidant property and it really has a great role in keeping ageing at a bay (improves elasticity).
  • It maintains a strong immune system, saying bye to chronic illness by balancing the cholesterol levels.
  • It also repairs the damaged skin, can be used for treating sunburns.
  • When Vitamin E is combined with Vitamin C, it helps fight inflammation as well.
  • It helps thickening of the hair and keeps the scalp moisturized, I witnessed it.
  • It is one of the must vitamin during pregnancy for proper development of the baby. It is said that it impacts the early stages of brain development and hence it is a must vitamin for to be mums.

Foods which I focussed on for Vitamin E :

Hey mums, do you feel tiresome most of the time? Are you losing your hair? Is the skin glow getting messed up? So mama's, here is what you need, Vitamin E to get that boost of energy , get that glowing skin and thick hair. Read more..#vitaminE #evion #motherhood #healthylife #nutritiousfood #hairgrowth #skin

  • Almonds : Daily morning take 6-8 soaked almonds or go for Almond milk.
  • Sesame and Sunflower seeds : These are the best foods to get daily Vitamin E requirement. Sesame seeds can be easily added in paratha’s or with jaggery.
  • Spinach : One of the best leafy vegetable which should have a daily consumption in your diet patterns.
  • Avocado : Love this creamy fruit, it is a delicious with essential fats. Add it to the salad to have a Vitamin E, fibre rich diet.
  • Broccoli : This is one of the best detox food, have it in the form of salad or take it in the form of soup. It has hight amounts of Vitamin E.

Other foods which you can add in your diet are Parsley, olives, Mustard green which are great source of not just Vitamin E, but even other micro & macro nutrients to keep your body healthy.

Supplements for suggestion :

Vitamin E is a must element for our health. Using the right amount of Vitamin E in diet along with Vitamin E supplements, one can have a well balanced, energetic, and multi-tasking life. The best supplement, which I can say after having used are the #Evion Supplements, from Evion, India’s No.1 Vitamin E Brand.

So mama’s, how has been your journey on this creative yet surprising path of motherhood? Like me, did you also lost a track of your soul initially? How did you get back to your passions? What do you feel about the importance of Vitamin E in our lives? Let’s have a beautiful discussion in the comment section here.


Quest to live the life surrounded with the charming little bundle's of joy. When they speak, I sing, When they smile, I rejoice , When they hug, I hold them never to lose, Such is my passion for these Gifts of God.This love urged me to navigate separately from my Travel Blog & establish an "All-In-One" Blog for budding mothers. Mum's have multi-tasked this world ,with all her professional commitments , she still makes an extra effort to be a loving, caring and be an intellectual mommy! Cheers, for me too come from the same fraternity, post having a superb academics & close to 8 years of professional experience and blessed with a little one "who has indeed changed my life from Autumn to Spring";)

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  1. Mohan Manohar

    Vitamin E and C in combination good for inflammation, this is new to me thanks for this information.

  2. Ana De-Jesus

    I use chemical free and cruelty free sulfate free shampoos as well, because it is much better for your hair. However I know that I definitely need to have more vitamin E in my diet so I like the sound of adding more broccoli into my diet. Especially since I do love broccoli,especially in soups and rice dishes.

  3. beautybymissl

    Thanks for this post! I should probably add more Vitamin E to my diet and eat a bit more healthy. I used to be quite good at eating healthy but lately things have gone somewhat downhill.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Can’t go wrong with brocolli, spinach, nuts and seeds. I always add them as a side to my dish like a roast chicken or salmon, just delicious!

  5. Brittney

    I probably need to addd more vitamin E into my lifestyle.. There are so many benefits… this was an excellent read! thanks for sharing!

  6. Sreekar Harinatha

    These days we are seeing Vitamin E being added to so many skin products now that its benefits have been established. Your post is another pointer in that direction.

  7. Great post, it has so many useful data that I can’t keep only one. In my case, I found my passion thanks to my son ♥ but yes, I initially lost my track too. Motherhood isn’t easy…but as none of the great and inspiring things in life 🙂 Thank you for sharing

  8. Rose

    I know I could add more vitamin E into my diet. I should pick up a bottle as I will not eat it daily even though I like all those foods. Give me a reason to eat almond or sunflower seeds.

  9. Great post for sharing the Vitamins E benefit. That scares me on the Hair Loss you experienced after 3months of your infant or in case motherhood. Well good thing Vitamin E works for your hair growth.

  10. AnnMarie John

    I didn’t think that vitamin E would have this much benefits. I always new that it was great for our skin but not up to this extent. I really enjoyed learning more about it and I’ll consider taking it more often.

  11. Violinkit

    Good informative post on Vitamin E. I’m lucky in that I eat most of the foods you mention above that are rich in this vitamin. However, not all my shampoo’s are paraben free as I too suffer from hair loss and so indulged in volumnising shampoo’s. Can you recommend a shampoo paraben free for fine hair? Thanks Kathryn x.

  12. Ridima

    You are giving me one more reason to add sesame and sunflower seeds to my salads. A little extra Vitamin E would not harm for sure..! ;P

  13. Vitamin E is very crucial and you post talks about the right need fulfillment. Absorbing the vitamins from natural resources is highly recommended, but when this does not get attained Evion is there to help.

  14. myteenytot

    I regularly use Evion as a night routine. I need to include this in my diet as well. I really trust this brand.

  15. istarthub

    I agree with you about the value of vitamin E. I had similar problems with hair loss after my son was born and my trichologist also advised me to add vitamin E. It helped me a lot!

  16. Chelsea Elizabeth

    I’ve been using a vitamin E moisturiser recently and it’s increduble. My skin is so much better for it. We eat lots of broccoli too, never been a fan of spinach though

  17. Sarah Merino

    Very good info! I do need to add vitamin e to my diet, I am not fond of raw broccoli, I suppose I should add to a salad.

  18. annerbananer1

    I never knew vitamin E had so many health benefits! Thanks for including both supplement and food suggestions.

  19. Amalia

    I’m currently pregnant half way and still no signs of the ‘glow’ but will try your food recommendations with Vitamin E to see if I can get it, X

  20. Roby H.

    I use vitamin E in my hair, on my elbows, and even take some internally once in a while. That mixed with coconut oil keeps me looking about 20 years younger than I am, for sure.

  21. Our Family World

    I take vitamin E supplements and it does help keep my hair and skin healthy. Thank you for listing some of the food that are high in Vit. E content. i will have to add them more often to my dishes.

  22. Meagan

    This is valuable information about vitamin E that I didn’t know about before

  23. Vasundhra

    Vitamin E is so good for our skin and hair. I usually add vitamin E capsules to my face masks and would love to include these foods in my diet.

  24. Mrinal

    I have used vitamin E evion capsules in diet and also on skin and it really helped me and my skin a lot!

  25. Nisha Malik

    Evion is my all time favorite and amazingly effective. I use it for skin and hair care. Got to know new uses of the same through your post. Thanks for sharing

  26. Steven Shakeshaft

    I didn’t realise vitamin E was so important. I can see I’m not getting enough of it in my diet so I’ll definitely be looking at rectifying that!

  27. Cătălina Nini

    All my favorites in one place, except broccoli. I can`t stress out how good avocado, spinach, nuts and seeds are for our bodies. I try to have them in my lifestyle every other day and if I miss them out I can see a difference. While I tend to believe I get enough vitamin E, I struggle with vitamin D. Any recommendations or articles on that? Except cod liver oil supplements?

  28. Charu

    Yes we often forget ourselves while running after our kids and vitamins like e and c and d can really help

  29. Papri Ganguly

    Vitamin E is essential for healthly and radiant looking skin.

  30. sabrina barbante

    You know what? I’m so happy to see that I regularly eat and crazily like almost all (no.. I’d say all) of these foods 🙂 healthy me!

  31. preetjyotkaur

    Oh this is a really informative post.. Didn’t know about so many benefits of this.. Really need to try evion

  32. Monika Sehdev

    I was unaware of such numerous health benefits of vitamin E before. Thanks for sharing !

  33. mamacashman

    Oooh! I love this! What an easy guide to adding nutrition to your diet! I’m always looking for ways to stay fit. Thanks!

  34. kylieshaynego

    I have been thinking about taking vitamin E! Now I know that I really need to!

  35. Alison Rost

    Who knew how much benefits Vitamin E has! I definitely learned a lot about what it can do to our health. I wouldn’t mind checking those supplements out.

  36. Via Bella

    I will have to check into Vitamin E because I know I have been doing Vitamin D. Thanks.

  37. ajournalofstories

    It sounds to me like I need more Vitamin E in my life! I’ve always used Vitamin E oil for my skin (gotta keep that youthful glow, haha!) but these other benefits you’ve laid out are so new to me! Thank you for this wonderful insight!




  38. Nathan Reid

    Vitamin E are really great in our body. It helps my skin to glow more. Thanks for sharing!

  39. modernmombiz

    This is so good to know. I’ve used Vitamin E in the past but never knew all of the benefits. I’m switching to more natural things now so I’m glad you shared this info.

  40. Humaira

    Amazing and informative post. Very useful tips for vitamin E. Great thought.

  41. Varsha Gode

    I use Vit E capsules in my DIY masks too. Totally agree to your post 🙂

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