Best Agatha Christie Mystery Books you cannot miss!

Best Agatha Christie Mystery Books you cannot miss!

The best of Agatha Christie: The Mystery books

Agatha Christie is irresistibly the Queen of Crime! The Thrill, the last minute showdowns drives the adrenaline rush on a peak. And you end up exclaiming, Whoa! I so very well agree that Nobody wrote mysteries as she did. That’s how my story goes:

“The only time when my feed is not scrolled,

The only time when my kid playing Lego is not listened [at all],

Is when I’m immersed in one of the “Hercule Poirot” series of Agatha Christie!”

And that’s a truth, such is the urge to flip through last pages of the plot, that I end up reading her work at a go. I’ve always had a fascination towards detective and thrill books, at one time of my life, I also wanted to be a Detective. Well, that didn’t happen but Hercule Poirot is one, that always keeps me imagining how the best detectives are. I’ve loved reading her books when I was 16 and even now when I’m in my 30’s.

She alone wrote 66 Novels, and by far, my counting of her books goes to 32, of what I have read. Agatha Christie is best known for her Mystery thrillers.

Not just that, she is the best selling Novelist, even though she took to heavenly abode in 1976. Even today, her novels intrigue you to the core. As soon as you start your first read, you get the urge to go explore deeper and deeper with more of her books on your shelf.

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Though I’ve had quite a lot of favorites from Agatha Christie, but let me pen down those 5 Mystery Thrillers, which you cannot miss, for sure!

1. Endless Night:

A really dark thriller, that every Mystery lover would like to read. The Love story looks going seamless, but that’s the catch. It’s a build-up of greed, remorse and lot’s of human emotions, right inside a Mystery novel. As Michael Rogers, who came from a working-class family, marries a rich American heiress. It is somewhat different from what Agatha Christie usually writes, as there is no sign of any murder until a large part of the book. But has a very horrid climax, nerve chilling, that you would have least expected.

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2. The ABC Murders

What happens when Hercule Poirot received a letter of a possible murder, which goes on to a series of methodical killings, all pre-warned. Could the brilliant Poirot catch the Clever Murderer who goes on for serial killings ABC?

As you near the end, you feel the murderer has been captured and give a sigh, until, the story gives you a chill of the all-new mastermind behind the murders.

This is one of the most intriguing stories by Christie, and even for a minute, you’ll not feel it like putting down.

Go for it now!

3. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

One of the greatest detective fiction of Christie books. I had a special fascination towards imaginary Private Detective in Christie books, Hercule Poirot. Though it might not be the best Novel, it certainly is one of my favorites, simply due to the startling ending, which I bet, none would have ever imagined. Read this typical Village mystery about a rich Roger Ackroyd’s murder.

To me, If you love Agatha Christie, you ought to read this. Expect the Unexpected, that’s the only Spoiler alert!

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4. Peril at End House

A classic detective story, which seems very logical as the pages turn to the end. How vacationing can turn into a serious investigation for Poirot, when Nick Buckly, who is the owner of the End House, a structure on the cliff. She has experienced a series of life-threatening accidents, and while she parties with her friends, a murder strikes. The mystery revealed by Poirot could not have been believed. It simply leaves the readers in a state of shock but in the end, all of it seemed very logical.

5. A Murder is Announced

With an interesting post-war setting, this is a fine work where Miss Marple is in action. Oh well, Let me tell you, just like Poirot, an Intelligent private Detective, Miss Marple, is an old lady, also an amateur detective.

Here, a murder is announced in the local paper, at Little Paddocks. Despite the announcement, was the murderer successful in committing the crime? This book was acclaimed as Agatha Christie’s 50th Book.

Well, selecting 5 out of 30+ novels that I’ve read would be truly challenging. I’ve also enjoyed “Sleeping Murder, The classic – Murder on the Orient Express, Five Little Pigs”!

Go for these Iconic Christie Novels and get your summers sorted, well, if you’re a Thrill and Mystery lover like me!

Did you read Endurer? if not, here is why you need to read it!


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