Best Cafe’s of Delhi with that X-factor

Best Cafe’s of Delhi with that X-factor

Best Cafe’s in Delhi for Food Lovers:

Delhi is synonymous with food, be it lanes of Old Delhi leading to some lip-smacking parantha’s and chaat’s or be the best in class Cafes. If you’re in Delhi and have yet not ventured out to explore the real foodie in you, then, believe me, you’re missing out something big!

And to help you with it, its time that I share some Cafe’s with that “Xtra X-Factor” I love. Though Delhi, more so South Delhi, is full of lively Cafe’s, here I’m listing the ones, I’m in love with (forever).

Plum By bent Chair:

Some must visit Cafe's of Delhi every foodie must explore. Burma Burma, The Junkyard Cafe, Plum by Bent Chair and The Cafe Delhi heights, these are amongst my favourites. #delhi #delhicafe #bestcafesindelhi #foodlovers #foodie #cafe

If you’re a foodie along with some vibrant art lover, then nothing can beat you from having this #plumazing experience. So this is what is presented when restaurateur shakes hand with a home decor brand.

Did you know that Plum by Bent chair is India’s first Retail Restaurant? Yes, you can buy what you see there, be it those long-lasting plates with vibrant art or those bohemian couches.

Get fascinated with lively portraits, origami lanterns, and pick your own unique look table with a warm feel.

When it comes to food, the perfect balance of sauces with spices makes every dish carved in the menu drool worthy.

Right from the simplest Broccoli Bird Eye to the most sensuous Edamame and Truffle Dim Sum, Asian cuisine is beyond excellence here. Get some hands-on Thai Mojito, or brew the simplest Iced Tea, you’ll feel the true gastronomical happiness here. Oh, lemme quote, how did we forget Instagram. It’ll make your gram a lot merrier, I bet!

Bid the bye with the slice if Citrus Cheesecake, which is my personal favorite.

Ambience: 5/5



value for Money: 4.8/5

The Junkyard Cafe:

This IPL season, what we need is a live screening with the dash of taste and a hangover of drink? Then let your routes lead here. With full Live Sports screening, Unplugged Live Music and singing, this cafe, rocks over your heart. And if that’s not enough, then weekends will treat you with the DJ’s for you to rock the floor as you sip the Old Monk!

You’ll treat your tastebuds here with an eclectic mix of North Indian, Mediterranean, and Asian choices.

We especially love their Quattro Formaggio Pizza, and the captivating Chakna Platter. Show your love for some Dilli 6 special list, covering Gol Gappe shots and Samosa chaat too. Kids will love their Hazelnut and strawberry shakes equally.

Ambience: 4.5/5



value for Money: 4.5/5

PS: The Junkyard cafe allows families to be a part (Yeah, kids are allowed). But it’s up to you, if you wish to expose kids to DJ music (can be loud enough) with hookah’s all around.

Some must visit Cafe's of Delhi every foodie must explore. Burma Burma, The Junkyard Cafe, Plum by Bent Chair and The Cafe Delhi heights, these are amongst my favourites. #delhi #delhicafe #bestcafesindelhi #foodlovers #foodie #cafe

3. Cafe Delhi Heights:

My anytime “To-go” option is Cafe Delhi heights. The Reason solely being Food, Food, and really good food. Italian, Asian and continental food lovers, you can’t miss this Cafe anytime. Go there and thank me later for the delectable taste it ushers you with.

While grabbing a bite of its Juicy Burgers with your Martini, is a must here, in no way is their Piedmont’s Lasagna and Spinach Risotto, any lesser.  Try out their special Khao Suey spiced perfectly with coconut. Their Chocolate Mud-cake Sundae adds a perfect dash to the must needed sweetness.

Be on time to get your spot, it is way too famous with food and drinks lovers.

Ambience: 4.5/5



Value for Money: 4.8/5

Its a Foodies Trail, right at the Pacific Mall , Delhi. With some amazing Food joints, this Pacific Mall is the biggest and best mall for shopping and to grab amazing bites. Read more to discover Food Outlets as Jamies Oliver Kitchen, Chilli's Bar and Grill, Castle Barbeque, Cafe Delhi Heights, Punjab grill, Biryani Blues. The cookout sessions were with the #masterchef Kunal Vijayakar. #Kunalvijayakar #foodlovers #Delhifood #SOdelhi #bestfood

4. Burma Burma:

Well, that’s not a Cafe, but if it doesn’t get onto the list here, of my favorites, that’ll be an injustice to food lovers.

As the name goes by, the story here revolves around Asian and more so Burmese cuisine.

With a beautiful, artistically done decor, Burma Burma is really Kids friendly. Their hospitality along with bringing in the dining from quaint villages of Burma leaves your every slice full of goodness.

Try Spicy Avocado Tea Leaf Salad, crispy lotus stem, alongside Avocado ice cream and Zen Forest Platter (with the yummy Hazelnut balls). Well, try anything and everything on their menu and believe me, you’ll be short of words to appreciate this phenomenal dining.

PS: Their dry Khao Suey with stir-fried vegetables in Burmese style is must try. The courteous staff makes you feel that you’re in your best comfort. A must visit restaurant for foodies.

Ambience: 4/5



Value for Money: 4.8/5

Some must visit Cafe's of Delhi every foodie must explore. Burma Burma, The Junkyard Cafe, Plum by Bent Chair and The Cafe Delhi heights, these are amongst my favourites. #delhi #delhicafe #bestcafesindelhi #foodlovers #foodie #cafe

With each of these Cafe’s with X-factor, not start your brewing day for some Food fun!

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