Best Fitness bands under 5000 Rs for Fitness Beginners

Best Fitness bands under 5000 Rs for Fitness Beginners

Best Fitness bands under 5000Rs

In the last post, we discussed the need for Fitness Trackers or Fitness bands, in our fitness Journey. These Smart bands certainly help us in tracking and analyzing our fitness goals to a certain level. Metrics and features you need to track completely depends on your goals. The market is flooded with trackers right from INR 1500 to more than INR30,000 for the Advanced Fitness bands and Trackers. Thus, you need to understand your real need and opt for the Fitness band that suits your goals. Hence this post shares you some of the Best fitness bands under 5000 Rs, post good research and use.

When we talk about Fitness Bands, Brands like FitBit, Garmin VivoFit comes to our mind as natural choices. But many of the renowned Fitness trackers are extremely costly and do not pose as Value for money for beginners.

Fitness bands are essential to help us track our activity levels. And what better than to invest in best fitness bands under 5000 Rs as a beginner? Read more about Best Fitness watches and bands for women with Heart rate monitoring. #Fitnessbands #fitnesstracker #fitnessgoals #Mibands #MIband4 #Honorband4 #Fitbit #GarminVivoFit #Garminband #LenovoCardio2

Best Fitness bands under 5000 Rs for Women and Men:

1. GOQii Vital 2.0 Activity Tracker: 

GOQii has been in focus from quite some now, more so due to their holistic healthcare plan. Their Ecosystem comes with a SMart Fitness band, an app and a team of a doctor/personal coach for a complete Lifestyle Management.

GOQii Vital 2.0 Activity Tracker has quite good features at this price point :

  1. Tracks Blood Pressure, Heart rate, calories
  2. Has a broad OLED color display screen
  3. Has an inbuilt system to track steps, exercise duration, using your phone’s GPS
  4. Band with inbuilt Smart notifications for Call, EMail, SMS, What’s app.
  5. Sleep Monitoring available
  6. You can get a personal coach for 3 months subscription period to help you with your one on one activity related to health and fitness
  7. No separate charger, like most of the upcoming fitness trackers, as USB charger is integrated in the band itself. You can connect it to the charger or Laptop port to charge it.
  8. Can be connected with both iOS/ Android

You can buy GOQii Vital 2.0 Activity Tracker, here at Amazon, with current pricing being Rs2499/-

2. Honor Band4 :

Personally, I have used Honor Fitness bands and have absolutely loved them for the benefits at the price they provide. Their measurements have also been near to accurate for me, unless few bands, which even count steps if you are driving or even sitting in a bus. When asked as a personal choice to opt for Fitness bands under 5000, I would blindly go for Honor Band4 tracker.

Features of Honor Band4 are :

  1. Large AMOLED Colour display, you can adjust the brightness here
  2. Has TruSleep for Sleep activity monitoring, in a much scientific way
  3. Heart rate monitoring and warning
  4. Water Resistant up to 50mts
  5. It also has various sports modes as Cycling, Running, Swimming
  6. Enabled with Pedometer, calories burned and lot more
  7. Quite a long battery life
  8. Smart notifications synced with the phone

The only thing which it doesn’t have is GPS for a starter and I believe phones do a pretty good job in that. You can buy Honor Band4 from Amazon, currently priced at Rs2599/-

3. Amazfit Cor Fitness Band :

Another good option of a Fitness Tracker under Rs5000 is Amazfit Cor Fitness Band. It has quite a big color LCD screen with Gorilla Glass3 protection and anti-fingerprint coating, which gives it an edge over a few other bands in this price range.

Here are some of the features of Amazfit Cor Fitness Band :

  1. Good display with Gorilla Glass protection
  2. Tracks your steps, calories burned, heartbeat
  3. Monitors sleep quality
  4. It also tracks different workouts as Walking, Cycling, Running, Treadmill and insights around your activities
  5. Waterproof, up to 50mts
  6. You can receive all notifications, not just calls/SMS/EMail, but also related to FB, Twitter and all different phone apps.
  7. Quite a decent battery life, of up to 12 days.

Amazfit Cor Fitness Band is quite a solid band at this price range. You can get it from Amazon here, currently priced at Rs3999/-

4. Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro:

Huawei has always been one of the technology leaders and Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro is certainly one of the best and close to the accurate Fitness band. It has an edge over Honor Band 4, in the sense of an inbuilt GPS. The look itself is classy.

Here are some of the features you need to know for Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro :

  1. Independent GPS ( no dependency on Phone)
  2. Set up alarms, even the event alarms
  3. Tracks all daily activities as step count, calories burned, distances covered
  4. It has support for Running, swimming and breathing exercises too
  5. Advanced Sleep monitoring, you can even measure your REM cycles of sleep
  6. Waterproof up to 50mts
  7. Supports all smart notifications of nearly all social media apps, Emails, Calls, SMS.

You’ll certainly like technologically sound and quite accurate Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro. Get yours at Amazon here, currently priced at Rs5999/-


Best Smart Fitness Bands under 2000:

5. Lenovo Cardio2 :

One of the cheapest Fitness Tracker, to motivate you to start off with your fitness regime. Priced very competitively at Rs1499/-, it does a decent job as a Fitness band. Having used it for around 3-4 months, it is value for money Fitness band.

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Here are some of the features of Lenovo Cardio2:

  1. Decent screen size with OLED display. I need to say that it has issues with the brightness (more so under sunlight)
  2. Has good battery life and works for around 15-20 days
  3. Measured Steps count (quite precisely), Heartbeat, calories burned
  4. Has Sleep monitoring system as well
  5. Water-resistance level of up to 50mts
  6. One can also set different activity goals for different sports like cycling, climbing, walking.
  7. Smart notifications enabled
  8. Easy charging, remove the strap and charge it with USB port

You can get Lenovo Cardio2 from Amazon here, currently priced at Rs1499/-

6. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 :

One of the most common names emerging in Mobile and Fitness Trackers is Xiaomi Mi, and Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a good choice in this price range. Though, having personally used it, I found its pedometer to be not that accurate as other bands. One of the features I love here the most is “Find my Phone Feature”, by which you can ring your phone when it gets misplaced.

Here are some of the features of Mi Band 3:

  1. Nice look with 3D curved glass and a capacitative touch button
  2. One can change the watch faces
  3. Track steps, heart rate, sleep analysis
  4. Water-resistant, up to 50mts
  5. Find my phone feature and Phone unlock feature
  6. You can accept/ reject calls, read SMS on the band’s display itself
  7. It has a decent Battery life of around 20 days.   

Currently priced at Rs1999, you can buy it from Amazon here

This post has been drafted after carefully researching over tons of Fitness bands under 5000 Rs and most of these have been used by me/my better half. I’m sure that you’ll be able to tap your right Fitness Tracker from the options given in this post.

Keep up Fitness journey,

Much Love,




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