Best Ideas for Kids Room Decor

Planning for a kids room? Unaware what all elements should a kids room have for fun, education, play, relax? Read more to know more about Kids Room decor. #decor #kidsroom #kidsplay #playarea #homedecor #roomdecor #mozart #digitalcove #bookshelf #toyzone

Be honest ladies and gents, when you think of decorating your kid’s room, do you think about introducing all of the features you wish it had when you were a kid? If the answer is yes, great, you’re on the right track.

Designing your kid’s bedroom is one of the most fun and rewarding projects you can take up, especially considering the fact how much your little munchkin is going to enjoy spending time in their little cove discovering the world, dreaming up new worlds, and simply being happy.

Here is how you can make your kids room fun, cozy, and educational :

A toy and comic book nook

Planning for a kids room? Unaware what all elements should a kids room have for fun, education, play, relax? Read more to know more about Kids Room decor. #decor #kidsroom #kidsplay #playarea #homedecor #roomdecor #mozart #digitalcove #bookshelf #toyzone

In a world overburdened with digital technology, where every child over the age of five has their own smartphone or tablet, there is a need to take a step back, and instil some positive values into their hearts and minds. You want to inspire them to dream, play, read, and envision new worlds and possibilities.

In order to support their imagination, you want to introduce some custom shelving above and around their beds. You can put their favorite toys and comic books there, but don’t forget to teach them to put everything back in its place when they’re done.

Fun colors and patterns

Planning for a kids room? Unaware what all elements should a kids room have for fun, education, play, relax? Read more to know more about Kids Room decor. #decor #kidsroom #kidsplay #playarea #homedecor #roomdecor #mozart #digitalcove #bookshelf #toyzone

With a little time, effort, and imagination, the walls of your kids’ bedroom can depict a true fairytale setting worthy of their favorite Disney movie. Think about what they love to watch, what their obsessions are. Is it dinosaurs, Frozen, The Little Mermaid? Be sure to take the time to carefully paint their favorite scenes on the walls, or hire a professional wall decorator for the job.

A digital cove

There is no escaping the intoxicating allure of modern technology, and you shouldn’t ban your kids from enjoying the pleasures of video games and computers in general. While you should enforce some ground rules concerning social media, you should encourage them to play video games for a couple of hours every day. This will improve their cognitive functions and their motor skills. Plus, it’s super fun.

Fun leisure area

Planning for a kids room? Unaware what all elements should a kids room have for fun, education, play, relax? Read more to know more about Kids Room decor. #decor #kidsroom #kidsplay #playarea #homedecor #roomdecor #mozart #digitalcove #bookshelf #toyzone

After the little devils have had their share of fun, and just want to take a nap or be lazy for a few hours, you want to discourage them from sleeping in their beds, as you don’t want them to get in the habit of sleeping too much during the day. Instead, think about getting them some comfy kids bean bags for those perfect lazy leisure moments and afternoon naps. Additionally, you can research couches and see if you have enough space for one in your kid’s room. It can be a perfect spot for reading books, playing video games or taking a short nap while watching their favorite cartoons.

Home movie maker for kids

If your kids love watching cartoons all they long, then one of the best things you can do is to give them the opportunity to make their own little movie masterpieces. A little home movie DIY area is the perfect addition to any kids’ room. A flexible camera, some playdough and plenty of watercolors, and you’re all set!

A tiny home laboratory

Planning for a kids room? Unaware what all elements should a kids room have for fun, education, play, relax? Read more to know more about Kids Room decor. #decor #kidsroom #kidsplay #playarea #homedecor #roomdecor #mozart #digitalcove #bookshelf #toyzone

When it comes to teaching your kids to love learning, making it fun and exciting is imperative. Remember, kids get bored pretty easily, so you want to give them an objective, give them a goal they can work towards. A tiny bedroom laboratory boasting some kids’ science books, a microscope, some vials, a magnifying glass, and a display case where they can put their favorite projects is a great combination.

The little Mozart corner

Planning for a kids room? Unaware what all elements should a kids room have for fun, education, play, relax? Read more to know more about Kids Room decor. #decor #kidsroom #kidsplay #playarea #homedecor #roomdecor #mozart #digitalcove #bookshelf #toyzone

Finally, you can inspire your kids to love music and even take up an instrument by creating a small music cove where they can keep their instrument, discover new tunes, and try out new and exciting genres. Don’t just limit them to classical music, but let them experiment with all kinds of genres. Who knows, maybe a little Mozart or a new Freddie Mercury is just waiting to break free.

Decorating a kids’ bedroom is a fun and rewarding project that takes a little time, effort, and creativity to come to life. Be sure to use these ideas to make all of your children’s dreams come true.

 Thanks you Catherine, for this wonderful Guest Post!

Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable. She also like sharing her advice and knowledge with people and is a contributor of Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.

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  1. I love what you said about taking a step back from the digital technology. I don’t have kids, but when I do I really want them to be playing with actual toys and just being children. You have shared some great ideas, especially having shelves to display toys. I find when things are in children’s face they are much more likely to play with them. Nikki x

  2. I love to have that mini home lab and mozart corner! I wuld definitely ould like to try this in the future. I wish I have them when I was younger haha

  3. Anjali

    Awesome ideas… These days I am looking for ideas for my boy’s room.. Thanks to Catherine ?

  4. Dustin

    These are some great tips. I wish my room when I was a boy looked like that first photo

  5. Dalene

    Awesome guide from Catherine to spice up kids’ lives in their rooms. Kids are very playful and it’s good to incorporate such in their rooms. Wish I had the laboratory back then because I remember my mother complaining everyday of how I’d cook mud and leaves!! Haha…

  6. Rose

    My kids room is underappreciated but I hope to spice it up in the future. I see so many options and know that it could be so much more. I want it to be a fun and inviting space they can play, sleep and relax in.

  7. Sabeeka Lambe

    O love the reading corner as well as the home laboratory.. My girls are going to love these.. i’m going to be doing up their room soon and these have inspired me and I know where I can start

  8. Ana De-Jesus

    I think that encouraging kids to be creative with colourful patterns and music is such a good idea. It is important to foster creativity at a young age so a Mozart corner sounds like a fantastic idea!

  9. Joline

    I love the idea of a music cove. My niece loves to sing and dance and she would absolutely adore a room like that!

  10. annalisanuttall

    This is so cute, I was saying to my husband the other day about using the spare room as a kid room, so when my neice stay over she has her own little space, decorated to how she like it. x

    1. Jhilmil

      Wow, that’s a lovely idea for your niece:)

  11. Nayna Kanabar

    What lovely kids room ideas. I do prefer kids rooms to be bright, airy and colourful with lots of storage.

  12. Mrinal Kiran

    Loved how you have taken extra effort to talk about every possiblity in a kids room! Loved all ideas

  13. thebeautytymscom

    Loved the first one as mom of growing younoman I would prefer to transform all the walls in such small cabins and utilising space at max….

  14. Sachin Kumar

    Kids are the most cherished member of the family. They are attracted by colours, toys and childish paintings. This idea will make one to decorate a great room for kids.

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    wow. These ideas are so amazing. Loved all of them. You are giving some serious home decor ideas

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    I love your ideas about doing up a kid’s room. A tiny bedroom laboratory sounds so innovative!

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    Such amazing ideas, I personally like the fun leisure kinda one! Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow the ideas is so awesome that I want to try at home too

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    Trust me, I loved the ideas and I can really try out a few in my kids rooms, They would definitely love it.

  20. Papri Ganguly

    I am planning to decorate my daughter’s room. This post is helpful for me.

  21. preety85

    Wow… All tips are so cool, will definitely keep in mind before shifting to my new house.

  22. Eloise

    love the functionality and look of your kid friendly room decor ideas! I love the toy and comic nook!

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    Love the reading corner! would love to use these ideas for my kids room!

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    It’s important to design kid’s space thoughtfully to get them more productive, creative and stress free. This article is great help.

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    These are awesome ideas, I totally wish I had these as a kid. And I like that you’re taking a step back from digital technology, it’s important to promote children’s imagination and creativity when they are young. Great suggestions!

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    I loved all you ideas to make thw kids room look fun and beautiful

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    Great decorating ideas. I would love to have a Child’s room as large as those, we’ve had to come up with a lot of creative ways to maximize the space in a small room.

  29. MsDdah

    Cant wait to have my own babies so I can try come of these decor ideas. thanks for sharing!

  30. Renata Green

    There are some good ideas – and I myself would move in the white room in a blink of an eye 😉 It only irritates me to encourage a child playing video games during a couple of hours every day. I know I’ll sound like from the stone age, but I’d encourage my child to run around outside with his or her friends and read a nice book at quiet time.

  31. Inbar Shahak

    you had such amazing option for room decoration, when i was younger i just wanted my own room without my sisters, that was as far as i got with my room dreams:)

  32. I don’t have kids but I can only imagine the fun one can have decorating a kids room. You can play with cute themes and colours and that would be the part I’d love the most! I loved all the decor ideas from your post and particularly the little Mozart corner for music lovers 🙂

  33. I would love some nice, warm colours, to create a cozy environment. Nice tip the one with the bean bags and couch, they should be comfortable when let’s say reading a book instead of sleeping.
    Loved your ideas!!!

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