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Keeping my super active child safe with Personal Mosquito Repellent

Need of Mosquito repellents for kids and family

With a blink of an eye, our kids have grown from being infant to toddlers and preschoolers. And while all this, mama’s worries have been consistently changing and increasing day by day. Their activities have been taking drastic changes, their social circles are being developed, desires are changing. They’re becoming more receptive and those superhero stories are always their on their tongues and in their actions. And while all this we, as parents need to take extra care of them with respect to their health and hygiene.

With the changing weathers, environment, occurrences of new diseases, we need to keep our kids well protected. With so many dreadful diseases that mosquitoes spread, it is of utmost importance to know of ways to keep them away. Every year, we hear a new disease, courtesy, new, mutated or resistant strains of mosquitoes. Whether we go out for a party or take kids for a great weekend, I personally feel that carrying mosquito repellent is a must. While we travel quite frequently and to various places, child safe mosquito repellent is always there in my bag. I even apply them during the night, so that my son can have a comfy cozy good sleep rather than waking up to those bloody mosquito bites.

Good knight provides a range of products including child-safe mosquito repellent and mosquito lotion to ensure that your family is protected from the danger of a small bite. They have the most innovative and affordable products in the home insecticide category. Hence, I try to put their kids friendly mosquito repellent patch before we step out.

Did you know why is Good Knight Patch my favourite?

Are you afraid that your child might get bitten by those mosquitoes? Read why natural mosquito repellent are safe and why being a mama, I prefer Good Knight patches and Good Knight fabric roll on for my family. #GoodKnight #mosquito #mosquitorepellent #patches

  1. Natural : It is 100% natural. The presence of natural oils – Citronella Oil and Eucalytpus Oil as the main ingredients, makes me really happy. Opting for any chemical free product is all what I do for my son and Good Knight patches were perfect fro my kid.
  2. Effectiveness : It has pretty good effectiveness of 8 hours from mosquitoes including the ones which spread dengue, malaria & chikungunya.
  3. Baby Safe : Yes, it is certified by Paediatrician as dermatologically safe for babies. For 0 to 2 month old babies, one can apply on prams /stroller or cots. While for babies older than 2 months, you can easily apply on clothes.
  4. Designs : It has attractive kids loving designs, so putting the patches means fun + protection and is a win-win situation.
  5. No Stains : Applying these patches on the clothes will not leave any stains, since they are made of superior quality fabric and 3M adhesive.
  6. Simple to use : Just open up the pouch and apply 2 patches, one on the upper body and one lower body clothing. Always try that kids wear full outfits during the mosquito seasons.
  7. Cost Friendly : They have 2 patch products, pack of 14 at Rs75 and Pack of 30 at Rs160, aren’t they cheap for the protection and quality they provide?
  8. Availability : I usually buy them online from Amazon, they are also available on First cry and almost all the nearby stores.

Other personal Mosquito repellent from Good Knight :

Incase the battle between mama and child still continues while going outdoors, you can even opt for child safe mosquito repellent in the form of Good Knight cool gel which is a non sticky gel with Aloe vera and can be rubbed all over the body. Or you can even try their Mosquito lotion i.e, Fabric roll on, which just needs 4 coin-sized dots to be applied on your clothes or on beds while sleeping.

Are you afraid that your child might get bitten by those mosquitoes? Read why natural mosquito repellent are safe and why being a mama, I prefer Good Knight patches and Good Knight fabric roll on for my family. #GoodKnight #mosquito #mosquitorepellent #patches

The best part is that all these options and variants are completely natural, child safe, stain free which can give your family a happy mosquito free time.

Mama’s, with these options, I’m sure there will be no more fuss and battles and kids will enjoy their play outside, with their personal repellents on in action, while they hit their 6’s & 4’s all across.

Have you tried Good Knight personal repellent? Why not try any of them for your complete family?

Till Then,

Have Happy Outdoor Time!

  1. Ana De-Jesus

    Mosquitoes seem to love me every time that I travel haha so I could definitely use these patches and I like that they are cruelty free as well. Do you know if they are cruelty free as well as natural? x

  2. Tiina A

    Tips for mosquite repellents are always welcome and especially those which are good for kids as well. I like to use them myself as my skin is quite sensitive and the scent of them is usually milder.

  3. thefashionwanderer

    Oh my goodness! Those repellent patches for kids are super cute! I would love to buy for my friends son they love outdoor and have been complaining about mosquitos bites and I love that it is using natural oil.

  4. Manoj

    It’s a good product to keep away mosquittos and dengue fever. I am already using Good Knight products at home but not repellents. We are using coils and mats for the last long time.

  5. Alicia Trautwein

    Wow, this is so Awesome! We continually struggle to find safe and effective mosquito protection. I have two children that have severe reactions to mosquito bites, so we always have to have great projection. We will defintally being checking these out soon! Thanks!

  6. MinhNguyen

    Mosquitoes always make me uncomfortable and it has also made my daughter have a fever. I love your repellent patches, very comfortably and efficiently. I will share this with my friends!

  7. toastycritic

    Thankfully we haven’t had the mosquito problems here. But I would really love having some of these including the patch for areas where mosquitos are a problem. Thanks for the great info.

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