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True meaning of Raksha Bandhan for me!

Its the same festive time of the year, RakshaBandhan, and why not let us celebrate it asking the must required respect for women? #Rakhi #RakshaBandhan #festivity #festival #Indianfestival #siblinglove #love

It was a pleasant morning but something furious was up in the sky. Dark clouds were engulfing very quickly and soon loud thunders clasped the skies. This #Rakshabandhan seemed little different from every year. Tina was gazing out of the window at the dark clouds. She was quivering with complex riddles spanning her mind in this darkness. A sudden knock at the door didn’t break her thoughts, but Raghu’s voice did.

“Tina, come down, its mahurat time, I’m waiting to have a beautiful rakhi on my wrist. What are you doing inside?” Raghu’s loud voice shook her from her thoughts and she quickly ran to open the door. “Yes, Raghu, I’m coming down for the celebration”. Her voice was not the usual charming, her smile seemed vanished and she looked somewhat bewildered. Raghu had sensed it, but thought to wait till the celebration was over.

Everyone seemed excited as always. The room was beautifully adorned with the orange yellow flower petals and green leaves. The plate looked beautiful, it had rose petals, kesar-chandan and kumkum with rice for “Rakhi Teeka”. Coconut Barfi, Raghu’s favourite, was in the plate to signify the sweetness of bond that Tina-Raghu shared. The dhol-wala was waiting in the lobby to add on to this customary celebration in a fun way.

It has been 15 long years that they have cherished this beautiful sibling love in their hearts. Raghu’s love for the chirpy Tina was priceless. No matter what he wanted, he had always kept Tina and her wishes first. Raghu was now 19 years, well in his teens and Tina was about to be sweet sixteen. She looked beautiful in her orange red Kurti and to embrace her choices, Raghu was also in his orange kurta for RakshaBandhan.

She smiled, as they sat to celebrate the festival. She tied Rakhi with the same love. Raghu quickly pulled out a beautifully wrapped gift for her, but this time she refused. Sensing something amiss, Tina just spoke one line, “All I want is respect. Respect for one and every women from you this day.”

[Scenario’s have changed, a brother was always reminded on RakshaBandhan to protect his sister from all evils and odds of the society. But today’s women is self-empowering. We can stand for our rights, fight for our causes and earn for a great livelihood. In this era, what we need is “Respect for Womanhood “].

Raghu was shocked! Tina was coming from something very personal. Raghu was playful and being in his teens, he often used to show a flirtatious attitude towards Tina’s best friend. Sometimes, it crossed the limits as well and certainly Tina didn’t like that. She saw that her brother was missing out that respect for the fun and this is what she demanded this Rakhi. What if any other boy passed comments on her? Would Raghu sit back and see all of it silently? We all have known to respect our blood relations and sisters, but why not every women in this society? We run for the safety of our sisters, but pass on the comments to other girls and women.

She wanted a wave of change. A small change which had to be ignited right there and then, from her house, this RakshaBandhan. This wave had to flow with all mighty push in every neighbourhood so that every girl, every women feels safe and respected. It is no longer about protecting your sisters, but it is about saving “Womanhood“. This RakshaBandhan, every brother should vow to respect every woman. If every brother agrees to this promise, imagine, we will not need anyone to protect us. When everyone surrounding will see us with same dignity, there will be no sense of insecurity. A woman could roam freely, wear freely, workout in garden and travel in public transport with sheer confidence and esteem. She will be no longer objectified!

Tina had asked a very special gift, and Raghu’s love for Tina made him realise the real need. Raghu put back his shimmering gift and hugged Tina. He went a step ahead and launched this campaign in his college. There was no looking back, the wave she had initiated has been hitting the rocks rightly, making a small but the right move. Thunders ended with heavy rains. The sky seemed crystal clear, the birds were chirping happily and the thirsty earth looked well soaked.

What are you asking your brothers this RakshaBandhan? Let’s all stand united to demand the respect we need! May the wave of change splash every family this festival.

This post is a part of Blogger’s Carnival Hosted by me and my lovely friend, Sayeri from Sayeridiary. I would love to thank Gurjeet for introducing me, who is a beautiful mom and a wonderful cook, who makes me drool over her preparations every time.

Happy Rakshabandhan,

XoXo, Jhilmil

  1. Sajid Akhter

    Hi Jhilmil,

    What a lovely post! The relationship of a brother-sister is such a sweet one. siblings are your first friend in life. You play with them, fight with them. It is all so much fun. I completely agree with you that in today’s a woman need respect from her brother. Respect which she richly deserves in whatever field she may be. The future of a country depends upon the kind of mothers it has. Brave, self dependent mothers will nurture and brought up dynamic personalities which will take a country forward.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post. have a good day. 🙂

    1. Jhilmil

      Hi Sajid, indeed sibling love is one of the best relationship in our lives. And the future depends on mothers raising kids now. It is must to sow the seeds of respect right from the beginning.

  2. Varsh

    This is one wave that’ll only bring a positive change wherever it crashes! Respect for women shouldn’t be taken lightly. We were and are worthy to be treated well. Great thought and definitely something we need to teach and show the men and boys of today.

  3. Sayeri

    Yes, we are self-dependent now, we can protect ourselves but what we can expect from them is ‘Respect’. Very well written Jhilmil and It conveys a good message towards the society as well.

  4. Dipika Singh

    How very well described! A relation which is as pious as that of siblings, that sweet-salt tugging and pulling each other all the time.
    True! The essence of any festivity or relationship is in respect.

  5. Judy

    A well thought and much needed story. Its moral needs to be taught to every boy of this country by his parents. Until this is done the situation of heinous crimes would remain the same. This rakhi lets ask all brothers to respect fellow women.

  6. Preety tiwari

    Love this story❤️❤️

    Siblings are true friend given by nature, they are the one with whom we can share every thing. The gift which Raghu gave to Tina is priceless, if all brothers will like Raghu than there will be no crime.

  7. Ritika

    It is no longer about protecting your sisters, but it is about saving “Womanhood“.
    This line already has my heart! Thanks for such great post. Happy rakhi 🌈

  8. Mrinal Kiran

    Wow! This was just beautiful… Simply beautiful! I am asking for the same, now on! Loved how you put a strong message into a beautiful story!

  9. Mayuri Nidigallu

    Such a beautiful and powerful thought, Jhilmil! If all sisters thought like this, and asked this of their brothers he world would definitely be a better place.
    Reading this post gave me hope and made me happy. Thanks for writing it.

  10. Deepti Menon

    Jhilmil, what a profound story on Rakshabandhan! If only every brother would make this promise to his sister, the world would be a more harmonious place. Kudos on a lovely story!
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

  11. Preeti

    Wonderful thought!!! This is the actual essence of Rakshabandhan. Every sister should ask her brother for such gifts. Every mother should teach her son about this gift. Respect towards Womanhood. This thought should be spread far and wide. Truly appreciate it!!!
    #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

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