Best Remote control toys to gift your kids

 Best RC toys for kidsThe imaginative world of Remote control toys is here!

Here’s a catch to some of the best Remote control toys to help kids get engaged in a fun way. Let’s enter the wide world of “remote control toys” :

1.RC cars /RC trucks :

The most favorite childhood passion for nearly all kids I can say. Getting to know various car models and heavy vehicles to their parts and engineering, Remote control cars have the fascination from kids of all age groups starting at 3 years. Teens can have fun racing Foxx Monster trucks (or similar) with speeds as high as 35mph. This needs great reflexes, eye hands coordination, immediate decision skills.

Get some great control Cars right here (Pink & Blue ones are for younger kids <4years)

2. RC helicopters / Aeroplanes :

Starting for beginners to advanced levels, these RC flying machines are just excellent. Some of these even have night flashing lights which makes it wonderful to fly in the dark.The major factors one needs to know while buying them is the Flying and charging time, control distances. Sturdiness is another important factor since they will have to deal with multiple crashes.

Usually these flying machines are for kids more than 8years but their smaller lighter versions can be for kids from 4-7 years as well.

3. Drones :

An interesting option once your child is bored of Remote control car is a Drone. Drones need lot of cognitive skills of a kid while flying basis the outside atmospheric conditions.Some drones come with camera to shoot amazing pictures and videos and some without camera. So, if you see your kid has an interest for photography, get him one drone with HD cameras.

4. RC robots :

Remote control robot are another option to keep kids engaged. It has a great way of learning with the play. Robots is one such machine which leave kids with more hunger to learn and understand the science. Be it birthday or during new year or Christmas and Diwali, Robots are bound to get their Retail share these days. Ranging from Super heroes to their personal Jurassic world creatures, they throw immense opportunities for kids of different ages.

RC robots are again usually for kids more than 7years of age.

5. RC boats and Submarines :

Love the water fun? Or going for a water vacation? Then these RC boats/ ships are apt to keep your kids super engaged. Varying from Speedboats to sail boats, Catamarans,  Submarines, there are ample options to get your lake adventure to the next level. Minimum ages for these RC ships are usually 8years and more.

Further , why just your kid, let the whole family indulge in getting the pangs of these Remote control toys. That can be a perfect gala family bonding time for all.

Which Remote control vehicle did you enjoyed when you were young or your kids are enjoying now? I love the RC cars most as they awed me mostly with their amazing speeds and stunts.

Happy Toy-ing!


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  1. Besties Notepad

    That’s a nice article..can totally use it for gifting to my nephew, thanks for sharing!

  2. Jane

    I love remote control cars. lol. My husband and I actually have a whole collection. It’s such a fun way to get out of the house and play around!

    1. Jhilmil

      wow, great to know of the collection! It is a fun way playing with RC toys.

  3. Remote Control toys can be fun. I think RC toys are not only fun for kids, but adults as well! 🙂

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh yes, I still see my husband pulling RC toys out of my kids hands and trying his luck,lol:)

  4. Cara

    Such great info! I was never into remote controlled toys as a kid so I didn’t know much. Thanks for the easy to follow categories for these toys.

  5. Your blog is introducing me to the world of children and what is popular with them these days. Childhood is getting quite technology driven it seems.

    1. Jhilmil

      Thanks Anuradha, Indeed, RC toys are the best in demand these days for kids.

  6. Kassy Randazzo

    I’m 25, I don’t have any kids, But I want all of these!!!

    1. Jhilmil

      So, you can gift them to yourself and enjoy life:)

  7. Rose Montgomery

    We have some cars and helicopters. I would love to try my hand at a drone.

  8. Suanlian Tangpua

    Great list! My kids really love RC robots and Drones. RC boats and Submarines seems cool.

  9. Catherine

    I buy my little siblings remote control toys all the time! They love them!

  10. jadoreledecor

    Remote controlled toys are the best! A parent would definitely want to monitor the child’s use of drones though, since their use may be restricted in some areas.

  11. Erin Creeks

    Drones are all the rage these days, I think that would be my favorite toy, but the RC robots look like fun too.

  12. zina

    this is great list! and to be honest, I really liked a few of them not just for my kids… I am a big kid, what can I say???

  13. Familyearthtrek

    Forget about the drone for my kids! It is for me! I love to have a camera drone that is so popular now. They take great images from incredible angles ans views.

  14. Darleen Redman

    I am a bit older and grew up poor so never had access to any of this. I had to use my imagination and make things up. It is great that there are toys out there and yet I loved my childhood.

  15. Dilraz Kunnummal

    Thank God my son cant see this list!
    Some great picks you have there!

  16. Flo

    My son had so many remote control cars while growing up. He played with them all of the time so they were definitely worth the money. I think that I would like the drone, lol!

  17. sj

    Remote Control toys can be fun. My nephew would love to have them. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Andi

    My son owns one of the remote control cars from go! go! Smart wheels and I think he kind of likes it. He is only 3, so maybe when he is older, enough I can get him drone or helicopter. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Yukti

    Children always love these remote control toys. As most of them are easily available but remote driven drones are not available everywhere. Thanks for sharing this as they all are nice gifting options.

  20. Kimberly C.

    Wow, well this blog is very true, because my son has all of these. He’s really into the drones right now and any RC racecar. Typical boy. Christmas is going to be difficult, but I guess you can always get a bigger drone ha ha….

  21. Laura Dove

    My children love remote control toys! We have quite a few now, my son has just got a new drone this week!

  22. Ana De-Jesus

    I think that drones would be a perfect choice for my remote control obsessed cousin. Plus they are educational toys too so what is not to love right?

  23. Airra P

    ooohhh these look awesome!! I’d like to buy for my bf or myself. lol

  24. eclectickristal

    I do not have kids but these are all great gifts.They are great for learning different technologies.

  25. Aditi

    These are all some really great RC toys options; my favourite would be drones. I’m actually thinking to invest in one. Thanks for all the information! 🙂

  26. Mayuri

    This is an awesome list! I love remote control cars and more than my girl, I am the one who plays with it. Drone is definitely on my buy list 🙂

  27. Chei Pangan

    Remote control toys are so wonderful. My had bought my son before and he really enjoys and loves it.

  28. Middle Eats

    I always had remote control cars, my brother once had a remote control hovercraft which was pretty cool. I always remember taking them out into the desert and wadis and seeing how far we could get them.

  29. Jen S

    I still have fun playing with remote controlled toys and I’m not a kid haha. I actually just bought my brother an RC model car for Christmas last year — they make so many collectible ones nowadays. Got my dad a drone a few years back too. There are so many options!

  30. helerinablogs

    These all sound great fun for adults as well as the kids. I would love to have a go at flying a drone, I’m not sure what I would want to photograph but the idea of it really fascinates me.

  31. KuminKueche

    These toys gifts are amazing! I’m sure kids will love it so much!! The idea itself of having a remote control toy is so tempting for the kids! very inspiring post, thanks for sharing!

  32. Toya

    Great options. My nephew would love these as my son has sadly outgrown this phase of toys. Thanks for sharing!

  33. toastycritic

    I think I will have to look into getting the RC Submarines and boats. I know that I have done a few of the other’s but those just look and sound so cool. Thanks for the great ideas here.

  34. Via Bella

    These are totally something my kids would be into 100%. I may look into it for Xmas for them. Thanks.

    1. Jhilmil

      Great Shreya, Kids will be so happy with you then:). Thanks!

  35. Roshni Parate

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂 will surely gift my small sister.

  36. Deevyanka Pawar

    Seems like these are good toys,as we don’t have any battery operated toys.

  37. Kids are fan of remote control toys and I think drones are their first choice

  38. Priyanka Patwari

    As my daughter birthday knocking on door this is the best gift I will give her.. Thanks for sharing

  39. Anisha Agrawal

    Thanks for telling, our time is close of ordering such stuff for our toddler

  40. theselfieskin

    This might sound funny but I can kindoff gift it to my partner as he is more crazy about remote control toys!

  41. Ruchie

    This is so nice that you share this list ..half job done of mine selecting for my kids

  42. makeupadda1

    This list is very informative.. I love remote control cars ..

  43. Minakshi bajpai

    Wow all these remote control toys looks wonderful. If my son see these all toys he want to have all right now. He is a huge lover of remote cars. Will gift him on his birthday.

  44. Prerna Sinha

    What an informative post, will surely get some of these for my younger one, thanks for sharing ⚡️

  45. Papri Ganguly

    All the toys are super awesome to play with.

  46. myteenytot

    Wow !! Awesome list of toys !! Thanks for sharing !!

  47. worldofmakeupmagique

    Such toys are great to work on child’s mind and hand coordination… Great ideas!

  48. Trystwithvanillagirl

    Kids love to use remote control devices my elder daughter has got the Helicopter and a Drone which she absolutely adore. thanks for this handy post

  49. ghazala786

    Nice post and loving collection of toys , boys love such stuffs n mine is crazy for it ?

  50. Nidhi KM

    I am going to try these remote control toys as they love it.

  51. Snehal

    So many amazing and fun toys for kids!

  52. anamika

    These days my son also like the control cars. This is a very good list for buying a control car. Will bookmark this page.

  53. Nishi

    Heya , my son has all dis ….n he luvs His battery toys..

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