Best Remote control toys to gift your kids

 Best RC toys for kidsThe imaginative world of Remote control toys is here!

Here’s a catch to some of the best Remote control toys to help kids get engaged in a fun way. Let’s enter the wide world of “remote control toys” :

1.RC cars /RC trucks :

The most favorite childhood passion for nearly all kids I can say. Getting to know various car models and heavy vehicles to their parts and engineering, Remote control cars have the fascination from kids of all age groups starting at 3 years. Teens can have fun racing Foxx Monster trucks (or similar) with speeds as high as 35mph. This needs great reflexes, eye hands coordination, immediate decision skills.

Get some great control Cars right here (Pink & Blue ones are for younger kids <4years)

2. RC helicopters / Aeroplanes :

Starting for beginners to advanced levels, these RC flying machines are just excellent. Some of these even have night flashing lights which makes it wonderful to fly in the dark.The major factors one needs to know while buying them is the Flying and charging time, control distances. Sturdiness is another important factor since they will have to deal with multiple crashes.

Usually these flying machines are for kids more than 8years but their smaller lighter versions can be for kids from 4-7 years as well.

3. Drones :

An interesting option once your child is bored of Remote control car is a Drone. Drones need lot of cognitive skills of a kid while flying basis the outside atmospheric conditions.Some drones come with camera to shoot amazing pictures and videos and some without camera. So, if you see your kid has an interest for photography, get him one drone with HD cameras.

4. RC robots :

Remote control robot are another option to keep kids engaged. It has a great way of learning with the play. Robots is one such machine which leave kids with more hunger to learn and understand the science. Be it birthday or during new year or Christmas and Diwali, Robots are bound to get their Retail share these days. Ranging from Super heroes to their personal Jurassic world creatures, they throw immense opportunities for kids of different ages.

RC robots are again usually for kids more than 7years of age.

5. RC boats and Submarines :

Love the water fun? Or going for a water vacation? Then these RC boats/ ships are apt to keep your kids super engaged. Varying from Speedboats to sail boats, Catamarans,  Submarines, there are ample options to get your lake adventure to the next level. Minimum ages for these RC ships are usually 8years and more.

Further , why just your kid, let the whole family indulge in getting the pangs of these Remote control toys. That can be a perfect gala family bonding time for all.

Which Remote control vehicle did you enjoyed when you were young or your kids are enjoying now? I love the RC cars most as they awed me mostly with their amazing speeds and stunts.

Happy Toy-ing!

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