Best Story Books teaching moral values : for Preschool and Kindergarten

Best Story Books teaching moral values : for Preschool and Kindergarten

Best Story Books teaching Moral values and Life lessons for 2-6 year kids!

Few days back one of my friends asked me to share some story books which teach Moral values and life lesson’s to kids. There are plenty of books on the book shelves, but we need some selective books, which helps us relate to the common situations that kids face. There is so much a story book can do for a child. It builds skills, improves vocabulary, Linguistics, helps in creative imaginations, develops recognition.

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The best element that a colourful story book brings in is when it helps kids to develop the human values, that we as parents try to inculcate. It really becomes an information overload for kids of 2-4 years, when they are taught the values without any practical experience or without story books. The steps to teach moral values should start with story books having life lessons built in them with characters which kids can relate to. The next step should be to allow kids face similar real life situations and then imbibe those values. Also, remember, the more kids see values as gratitude and honesty being displayed at home, the more easier is the learning curve. So, do follow yourself:). Morals or Life Lessons or values learnt in practical way goes much beyond a simple discourse by parents!

The best way I thought to present it was basis the qualities we wish to instill in our children.

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1. Story books teaching Honesty :

The concept of speaking truth and refraining from lies is very tricky in childhood. A child usually speaks lies just out of fun or out of not wanting to do something. But at times this fun takes a serious turn. So, let’s inbuilt the righteousness of speaking Truth with some Colourful, relatable characters.

I personally love Bruno series for 2-5 year old kids. They have ample of simple, colourful books, quite close to real life scenario’s with the moral. One in their series is :

Bruno tells the Truth :

Buy storybook from Amazon : Bruno tells the Truth 

Bruno, is an adorable little teddy, who is often in a soup due to his troubled acts. These series revolve around how Bruno reacted negatively in a situation and what was the result. Kids learn the values basis Bruno’s experiences. The Bruno series story books are very simple, with few lines but more focus on pictorial representation, which facilitates in picture reading for kids.  Kids can easily learn Life lessons, manner and good habits. No qualms in saying, this is my son’s favourite series and he reads atleast one out of them daily.

Another story book, which I really love is

Honesty is the best policy :

Buy storybook from Amazon : Honesty is the best policy (Wood-cuter story)

We all have read this story book when we were kids. I remember this story in our “Moral science” subject. It is same story of a woodcutter, who drops his axe in the river and an angel arrives to help him. The illustrations of this book are bright and very vibrant for a child. A large book, with stunning representation, it helps kids to explore a lot in just one story.

Another story book in this line is :

The Boy who cried wolf :

Buy storybook from Amazon : The Boy who cried wolf

Best Story books teaching Moral values to kids , story books for toddlers, preschoolers and KG. Best story books teaching life lessons for kids #storybooks #moralvalues #lifelessons #forkids #kidsbooks #bestbooks

This Fantastic Usborne book of 1st reading series for Kindergarten kids, has vibrant original illustrations by Mike Gordon. This book is so impressive, that each time I open, I love to read it for myself. And it has become our favourite nap time story book for now. The story is the same, which we all know. It is simple yet creates a mark in the mindset of the children. Get it and you’ll love the way your child develops a friendship with it.

2. Kids Story books teaching Compassion :

As the world is heading more and more towards robots, gadgets, technology, I can so easy say that we all have been missing out compassion in our lives. I would love all parents and kids to see this beautiful animated story: A Joy Story

Isn’t it beautiful? So, let’s give our very best to help kids in developing the art of “compassion” in their heart and souls.

Story books inculcating the values of Compassion in Kids:

Bear feels sick :

Buy storybook from Amazon : Bear feels sick

Best Story books teaching Moral values to kids , story books for toddlers, preschoolers and KG. Best story books teaching life lessons for kids #storybooks #moralvalues #lifelessons #forkids #kidsbooks #bestbooks

This beautiful book revolves around a bear who is sick and unable to play with his friends. His friends including hare, mouse and others help him a lot to recover, but what next? Read this sweet little story book, which has millions of kids fan all around the world. It makes children thoughtful and considerate, a quality we all wish for.

The Teddy Bear :

Buy storybook from Amazon : The Teddy Bear

Its one of the most beautiful and compassionate tale of two friends, a little boy and his teddy bear who were always together. But one sad day they got lost. It revolves around how homeless man found and they reunited. It reflects how the little boy slowly learnt compassion as the story runs through. It has deep emotions and empathy built in it, and every child would love reading this book.

3.  Story books teaching Sharing :

Well that’s a concept really ambitious for most of us as parents. Though we may have tried to inculcate the values of sharing, kids in this age would still be possessive of their favourite things. One of the best way to help them learn the consequences of not sharing are story books.

In Bruno series, One of the book is titled “Bruno learns to share” can be the initial start for preschoolers. You can get your copy from amazon here .

It’s Mine :

Buy storybook from Amazon : It’s Mine

Best Story books teaching Moral values to kids , story books for toddlers, preschoolers and KG. Best story books teaching life lessons for kids #storybooks #moralvalues #lifelessons #forkids #kidsbooks #bestbooks

It’s a beautiful tale about three young frogs learning to work together. The simplicity and the discreet realization is the essence of this book. How the bad storm turned the selfish frogs learn the concept of sharing is the focus in this book. With cute characters and binding story, this is one of the favourite read for kids.

4. Story books teaching Good Manners :

That’s the most focussed upon topic right from the day an infant turns into a toddler. With ample plunging and embarrassing situations, books can be real friends here. Take it easy, a small etiquette at a time. Kids are kids, we cannot expect them to be disciplined like adults. So have fun, with these story books :

The Way I act :

Buy storybook from Amazon : The Way I act

This book is apt for kids nearing age 4- till 9 years. Though somewhat pricey, but it shows 13 ways of behaving. Kids need to understand how to respond to the various people and situations in which they can be. It helps kids explore how it would be like, behaving in certain ways. It is specially a commendable book to help kids with autism to help them understand their feelings and emotions with its companion book – The Way I feel.

Bear Says Thank You :

Buy storybook from Amazon : Bear Says Thank You

Best Story books teaching Moral values to kids , story books for toddlers, preschoolers and KG. Best story books teaching life lessons for kids #storybooks #moralvalues #lifelessons #forkids #kidsbooks #bestbooks

One beautiful story, with adorable illustrations, this book revolves around how a little bear asks his mom for craft supplies and learns to say and use “Thank you”. It’s a very simple story book, easy to read. Though I believe that when the bear asks for something, he should say “Please” also, which is missing, but you can inbuilt it when you narrate the story to you toddler/Preschooler.

In Pepper series, “Pepper learns good habits” is another good read, but it clubs lots of manners in a single story, which could be confusing for these young brains.

5. Story books teaching Family Love :

It’s difficult when you have 2 or more kids. Sometimes, mama is mine, at times, mama loves me more and such discussions are quite common. One of the book emphasizing a beautiful child to parent love is –

You’re all my favourites :

Buy storybook from Amazon : You’re all my favourites

This book revolves around three little bears who live with their mama bear and daddy bear. Their parents always used to tell them that you all are the best bears in the world. And one day, they thought that how can they all be the best? Read out this really adorable, meaningful story book which speaks about the beautiful relations and love.

So, I think, I have done justice with the list. I’m sure many more can be added to the list and I shall append more as and when I explore more for my son. But to begin inculcating the moral values and ethos in 2-5 year old kids, these books certainly do 100% justice.

What all story books did you resort to for these values? I would like to know about them.

Happy Reading,


Best Story books teaching Moral values to kids , story books for toddlers, preschoolers and KG. Best story books teaching life lessons for kids #storybooks #moralvalues #lifelessons #forkids #kidsbooks #bestbooks


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    To be honest, books play an important role in the development of kids… These moral books would make them learn a lot, in an interesting way! ❤ Love the list!

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    We loved reading and loved reading yourself series a lot.

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    I was actually looking for recommendations for story books for my daughter who is going to turn 3 soon. This list is so helpful.

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    Bruno and Pepper are favorites in my home too. And then there is this entire series of books with moral lessons called ‘Aesop’s Fables’ . These too are very engaging.

  5. I cant relate with many, but with the ones, I can relate I just love those. Not at school, but a teacher would bring us a few mythological storybooks as we were kids, and now that I think of it, they were so very beautiful. Happy A2Zing JhilMil 🙂

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    very good recommendations Jhilmil! We can also look for books in our mother tongue .. stories that we heard when we were kids..

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    Lovely recommendations. We have a few others but I am definitely looking at these for my 4 year old. Have you read, You, me and empathy? Stories are the best way to teach them moral values

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