Birthday Note for our baby!

The Clouds thundered

And the skies lightened

The Showers sprinkled

As the trees smiled

The peacocks danced

And the Mother Earth glorified its majesty!

There was a stork awaiting to arrive,

And a woman waiting to explore the life,

As the mummy and daddy tango’d to the shrill cries,

A plethora of questions to know you came by,


Kids birthday

As you grew,

You ladened with smiles,

Overflowed us with Jubilation’s,

Showered us with Celebrations,

Drenched us with your humor,

Wondered us with your acts,

Agonized us with stubbornness!

Kids birthday

But all through you made us love life immensely,

You made us walk the miraculous lanes of “Childhood”

You taught us to be “babyish”,

And showed that the world is still so pure!

Having you in our lives is a Bliss,

No rock or any waterfall can be as intense as our Love Bond,

Our hearts beat for you and they will always do!

Kids birthday

Dear Arham,

Mama and papa shall bring the stars and moons for you!

Don’t ponder, just ask and the sky will be beneath you!

We wish you the best of every world,

May life always gives you ample thumbs up

May you always be showered with good friends

And be a human who believes in Humanity for all!

A very happy 3rd Birthday to our lifeline!!

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