Car safety while Travelling with a Baby : Infographic

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Why You Shouldn’t Stop Traveling When You Have a Baby : Car Safety Tips

Traveling is tons of fun but many couples tend to put a stop on their plans once a baby comes along. Of course, traveling while pregnant can be a bit of a stretch, but once the baby comes, you shouldn’t wait for them to get older.
Yes, the first trip with a small, cutesy junior can be scary, which is why it’s best to have it close to home, but as you get used to it, the world should be your oyster! The fact that you get out of the house and explore new places with the persons you love most is extremely beneficial for the parents and for Junior. So explore the world and read some Car safety tips below!

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Benefits of Family travel :

Of course, the little one can’t describe how cool it is to be traveling, but here are some benefits, for the entire family, to consider before dismissing the idea:

  • It creates a stronger bond between all the family members and helps develop the kid’s attachment towards the parents.
  • Babies are easy to transport (unlike when they get older and more difficult to keep in one place) and a trip in nature will put them down for a nap like a light.
  • Traveling with a baby is a challenge that will teach you a lot about parenting and how to face the difficulties of having a stubborn child. After all, when you have to nurse during a hiking break, you will know how to handle your toddler throwing a tantrum in the middle of the toys aisle.

As you can see, nothing wrong can come out of a car or Road trip or even a plane trip! Still, in the idea of putting safety first, here is a detailed infographic, from a  ParentingPod where you can learn anything about children and car safety!

Children and Car Safety Infographic : 

car seat info

What do you feel ? Isn’t that an amazing Infographic to help you opt for Car trips safely with kids? What all precautions you take as a parent when travelling with children?

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Keep Exploring …Safely!

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  1. Me and my husband were actually discussing about looking for better options to travel safe with our little one. This came just in time to save us.

  2. We used rear facing car seat until my son was 1 year old and thereafter we moved him to front facing one. He is now 4 years old and has moved to child booster seat. The car seats are essential for child safety. Great post!


  3. I love how you have used infographics for this post. There is a lot to take from this post as child’s safety should be foremost important thing when it comes to travelling on roads. I think car seats should be made compulsory by Government and those who do not use it should be fined. I have used car seat from the day my son came to our home for the first time after birth. We did all preparations beforehand and chose the pushchair with detachable car seat which gave us flexibility to carry child even when he is asleep. Great post!

  4. Car safety always comes first when you have a small kid around. This post contains everything about Maintaining cars safety in detail

  5. Yes, car safety is so much imp while you are traveling with a baby. I loved the infographic, it is so well researched and have all the infos. I didnt know so much, such a detailed post!

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