Car Travel : Safety tips while travelling with Kids in car

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Cars and Road Trips with kids!

We all love road trips, and if you ask me, I had never put a stop to my exploratory trips even after having my baby. Infact the travels became all the more exciting, as their course changed along with a toddler. The beautiful landscapes, the shrieks, the buzz, all made me more eager for the road trips, amongst few challenges hand in hand.

Self – drive road trips are pure fun, but while travelling with kids, you need to be little extra cautious, so that the drive becomes more enjoyable.

Read more, to help car remain filthy free , after all its our prized possession!

Perfect time for a road trip, but are you travelling in a car along with kids? Then read some must know safety tips while travelling in a car. #roadtrip #safetymanual #travellingwithkids #cartravel #travelling

Some Safety tips while travelling with Kids in car :

1. Seat belts :

Well, never forget to wear seat belt, even if the traffic police is missing from the scene. That’s for your and family’s safety and it has proved to be life saviour in numerous incidents across the world. Wear your own seatbelt and let kids know that it is a safety norm. Wait till your child’s restraint straps are done properly, don’t drive even if they are twisted. Kids can remove the straps, better explain them the significance of seat belt straps.

2. Back seat for kids :

It is always advised that small kids (less than 10 years) to ride on the backseat, with the straps buckled in. The reason is really simple, to protect them from the sudden jerks in case of a crash and also the air bags in the front seat can injure a very small child, as they are designed for much bigger bodies. So, occupy the whole of back seat and have fun, dear kids.

Many countries have laws related to kids occupying rear seats in the car. Go as per your law and be safe.

3. Never leave kids alone in and around :

There has been many incidents of kids losing their lives in the closed cars, due to heatstroke in cars. Never leave them all alone with the windows closed in the car. Ensure that the child is with you, when out of the car, in no circumstance, even for few minutes, they should be left all alone.

4. Central Locking / Child proof locks :

Ensure that the car is locked centrally or with child roof locks, so that kids don’t just open up the doors out of sheer play at the back side. As soon as the family is seated, the first thing that should be done is, locking the doors centrally for the safety.

5. Loose Items :

Always keep the loose items in the glove box or in the boot or floor of the car. Refrain from keeping anything heavy on the shelf behind the rear seat (I’ve seen many families doing that). Loose items when kept at such places, can result in hurting the passengers in case of sudden brakes or even a crash.

Perfect time for a road trip, but are you travelling in a car along with kids? Then read some must know safety tips while travelling in a car. #roadtrip #safetymanual #travellingwithkids #cartravel

6. All body parts inside :

Incase you tend to open up the windows to have some pure breeze, ensure that your child keeps his hands, head, legs well inside the car while it is moving or even parked.

7. Have a pet along?

Incase you have a pet also travelling with you, then better opt for pet harness which can be secured with a seat belt. Ensure that kids and pets are calm inside the car. Ask them not to jump or shout in the car, so that it doesn’t distracts the driver.

8. Motion Sickness :

Toddlers and young kids have a high probability of motion sickness while riding in the car. I’m myself a mom of a preschooler, who has motion sickness. So while the car is moving, discourage kids to use laptop, avoid any book readings also. Kids can either close their eyes or you can give them a dose of anti-motion sickness, at least 30minutes before starting the ride.

9. Booster seat :

Incase you are travelling with an empty booster seat in your car, do remember to fasten the seat belts around it also.

10. Keep talking :

Have small happy chats while you are driving. This doesn’t even distracts the driver and also keeps kids engaged and happy in the car. It also helps kids ease up the motion sickness. Discuss with them about the surroundings, the place where you are going, narrate some story , or even sing along their favourite rhymes. That’s what I do when we travel with our kid. It’s better to pass on the time spent in the car happily.

Hope these tips will help you to take up the road trips with kids, all you need to do is ensure safety and keep kids engaged happily!

How about you? Do you take road trips with kids? What do you look for safety norms when travelling with kids? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

Happy Travelling!


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    It always amazes me how many necessary things we have to keep our kids safe in the car. I remember riding in the back of a station wagon while I was growing up without any care in the world. I’m SO glad there were safety rules in place when I had children!! 🙂

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    Some fab tips here. We’ve just bought a pet harness for our dog, it’s so much safer that way and so true about leaving children/pets in cars, I get so frustrated when I see it happening in the summer.

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    Great tips! I like that you included keeping body parts inside the car. Kids love waving their arms out the windows, and it can be so dangerous!

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    Ironically enough I think the best thing from car rides is that opportunity I have to speak with my daughter. When the music is off and she kind of opens up because there isn’t a lot else going on. I really love hearing from her then. Honestly, whenever I get the chance to talk to her I love it.

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    I appreciate it when you said that children are prone to motion sickness, so it is best to not let them do anything that can get them dizzy, like reading a book or using the laptop. Though I think the travel tray is a good tool to use since it is not an electronic device. I don’t think it can make a child feel dizzy. Aside from that, I do not think my little sister will be able to understand anything that is on the laptop anyway. I will suggest this to my mom since she will be traveling with her.

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    Awesome tips and are all important. You might need to have your window sun shade so that your kids can take a nap without disturbing by sun glare . Of course, it is never easy to travel with kids and it is more difficult task if you have more kids, you have to to make sure you got everything for the kids and ready to go. I love the part of your tip , to give the kids a dose of motion sickness at least before 30 minutes before starting the ride because I did not know the time frame and when is the right time to give them.

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