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Read on some amazing stories that will make you cry. Some being real life work and some fictional, stories shake us from right within. Read on as I pour my heart out into the posts.

From Bucket list to the Blind list : The amusing list!

“I dreamt of the golden sky, glistening the waters below

Of Lotus ponds and water – lilies,

Of Golden apples and Lavender fields!

With the siren of cuckoos and the knocks of woodpecker

With the fields full of playful marmots and reindeer!

Where the winds ring in my thoughts,

And butterflies flutter my soul ,

Where the breeze wakes me up

and the morning dew covers my eyes!

When the crimson rays play peek-a-boo

and the pink hues rise above me too,

When the eyes rest under the blanket of stars,

And the night remains illuminated with the lunar,

I Continue Reading

True meaning of Raksha Bandhan for me!

Its the same festive time of the year, RakshaBandhan, and why not let us celebrate it asking the must required respect for women? #Rakhi #RakshaBandhan #festivity #festival #Indianfestival #siblinglove #love

It was a pleasant morning but something furious was up in the sky. Dark clouds were engulfing very quickly and soon loud thunders clasped the skies. This #Rakshabandhan seemed little different from every year. Tina was gazing out of the window at the dark clouds. She was quivering with complex riddles spanning her mind in this darkness. A sudden knock at the door didn’t break her thoughts, but Raghu’s voice did.

“Tina, come down, its mahurat time, I’m waiting to have a beautiful rakhi on my wrist. What are you doing inside?” Raghu’s loud voice shook her from her thoughts … Continue Reading

15th August : As India celebrates its Independence

India’s 72nd Independence Day : 15th August

Patriotism is in the air, once again! Proudly we, as Indians are celebrating 72nd Independence day, the day when we attained “Freedom” from the colonial rule. It is said that the day, August 15, 1947 was declared as an end of the British rule by the Britishers after ample bloodshed and sacrifice of human lives.

India is celebrating its 72nd Independence day in 15th August 2018. Here are an Indian Women's thoughts over Independence and true freedom. How have we taken our freedom. The need of hour is to take small initiatives which will glorify India in the world #india #independence #independenceday #celebrations #freedom #indianwomen

Then, we wanted freedom, freedom from the Britishers. Why?

  • We craved for the freedom of speech
  • Freedom in the form of liberalisation, which came much after
  • We wanted more safety and security for every life that India was
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Women Safety : India the most dangerous country? Not really

India Most Dangerous Country For Women?

Few days back, the report published by Thomson Reuters Foundation survey declaring India as the most unsafe country for the women came as a disturbing news to me. After spending 3 decades in India, that doesn’t sounds a truth backed by the actual facts. Even war torn & Islamic “terrorist-laden” countries like Iran , Afghanistan, Pakistan , Syria were ranked better than India. Women Safety is prime, but we need to focus on root level now.

Certainly there are some issues with the authenticity of report, could be the sample size was small or

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Greenery day and knowing Prerna Singh Bindra

This Greener Day on 4th May, let's know some unsung women of India, who have been actively saving our environment and wildlife. More with Prerna Singh Bindra #greeneryday #nature #conserve #wildlife #prernasinghbindra

Greenery day

Greenery day is here, on 4th May and I feel it is the right day to instil the love of nature and initiate the work to conserve the environment, farms and the greens around us. Atleast to me, this day reminds me of lot of work, we need to do as humans for this beautiful Mother Earth and Nature who has embellished us with the gems throughout. Being a “Nature Photographer” myself (follow my work), I feel nothing has motivated me more than the “Nature” itself!

Albert Einstein rightly said “Look deep into the nature and

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When Travelling the world gave a new direction to life! #SayYesToTheWorld

#SayYesToTheWorld Travel this world with Travellers and Lufthansa

Remember those posters we see outside the Gym? Get in at 95 and get out at 65, lol? No they are not talking of age but of your weight. And as many of us happily sign up for it but although this program may require 950 hrs of commitment, we quit after 9.5 hours of training. So, welcome to the real life , the reel life is what we desire and real life is what we living day after day .

Rishikesh is one of the favourite weekend destination from Delhi. While few visit for spiritual calmness on the Ghats Continue Reading

Meet 5 Inspiring PadmaShri women awardees 2018 this Women’s day

It is a time to celebrate this #womensday cheering such amazing women and getting inspired to give back to the society. This story is a part of Blogtrain hosted by me, in association with 9 other strong women bloggers to celebrate the spirit of womanhood.Time to get inspired by women Padmashri Award winners this Womens day! Red to know more about amazing Indian women at work despite their ages! #womenatwork #socialservice #padma #awards #padmashri #winners #womensday

Womanhood is on the rise, I have such a strong feel about this beautiful creature that God has created! A creature with immense feelings, who can sometimes cry and sometimes fight. One who can give birth and even take the life of a demon, someone who worships and someone who is worshipped. Women has so Continue Reading

Unnamed Pure Love ! Story for Valentines Day

“Sometimes the heart sees, what is invisible to the eyes” – Jackson Brown

A love story, of an abandoned girl this Valentines day #valentinesday #love #purelove #lovestory

It was again a dull day, similar to the old days when she heard her parents yelling & screaming. She saw her friends making mockery out of her, neighbours pointing and laughing all around. She just couldn’t hold on to the ugly forces running within. Did “Love” had no space in the hearts of these people? Highly confused & tortured, she ran out of her home.

She ran & ran until stumbling upon a rock, a huge rock besides a lovely stream passing by. So calm and Continue Reading

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