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Debatable : Cesarean or Normal Delivery

This post might be an arguable one, even from the ones who willingly chose cesarean or C-Section over Normal birth for “self -comfort”.

Yes, Cesarean is often termed as a modern way of birthing entailing full comfort to mother. Many health practitioners have made their pastures turn greener than ever by convincing “to-be moms” for C-section. If not in an easier way, it goes the other way by introducing some or the other unknown complications to the precious pregnancies where none from mother to father to grannies want to take risk.

Well, since I’ve entered into motherhood, these topics have gained prime importance in my life. With so many friends entering in the same phase & discussing all about it, I was really prompted by my conscious to write an open post here. For me,I myself wanted to enter a normal labour but again as a hard luck, I had a complicated case (me being fully aware of the reasons scientifically). So I was left with the choice of C-Section only. I consulted close to 5-6 best of the doctors to get a silver lining for opting Normal delivery, but I failed at all doors.

But then why am I not supporting it here ?

Why reservations against Cesarean?

Moms, I’m actually not against C-Sec as such, but I’m against the reasons. I’am against those practitioners who opt for it just to earn money & save their time. I’am against the thoughts of our doctors who want to got for “as many deliveries possible a day”. I’am against doctors who do not wish to spend their energy preparing mother for labor.  I’ve seen and met doctors doing 10-12 C-Sec’s a day. Can you believe it, there might be even more than this a day.. Most of the practitioners don’t wish to give time & wait for normal labour. It’s not the fault of just doctors ,but even “to-be moms” & their families.

Lack of Knowledge

Due to the lack of knowledge they are usually unable to reason and question their doctors. Most of the time to-be-moms are not strong enough & do not openly confront the doctor for a normal labour. Upon hearing the word “Complications”, we usually give up and do as the doctors prompt us.

Moms, we have the right to question and ask them. We have the right to tell them that our complications have to be resolved, lets just do it. Our elders need to be strong enough to convince us that they also faced all the same and still had perfect normal labor.


Sometimes we, moms, who have the super power to give birth to a human are afraid of the pain. Why to be afraid of pain when you have already handled that for 9 long months? How can we moms lose the chance to see the baby coming out of our body? How can we miss to hold the baby as soon as he is out ? Do you think Cesarean will not bring pain? Then mom’s get out of this notion, Cesarean will give you more long lasting pain than what normal delivery will..You will not be able to see your baby in OT (you’ll have your eyes closed and soon enter unconsciousness).  

Expectations and Astrology

Even Astrology has made its roots deeper here. I’ve started seeing so many couples deciding to go for an auspicious day & time for baby birth. If not auspicious, we want the date to coincide with some event of our life. Well, not hurting anybody’s sentiments here, but I wish to pose few questions-

If your baby takes birth any other time, won’t that be auspicious for you? Won’t you be as ecstatic then? Will only date & time make the baby a a desired one you wished to? Will none of your upbringing & Sanskara’s matter? Do you wish that the baby gets loaded with your desires from the day he takes birth (even you want to decide the day to deliver a baby)?

My request

Moms, I urge you all to do answer these questions to your inner self. Don’t let anyone in this world take this decision for you. It is only you, a to-be-mom, who has taken that pain of 9 months. It’s just you who deserve to believe how you wish to bring the newborn in this world. Think on, there is none to take the pregnant animals to hospital for baby birth. It is so very natural for all the living mammals on this planet. God has given this grace, let’s make it more gracious.

Cesarean or Normal delivery?
Cesarean or Normal delivery?

Sharing some Stats :

As per WHO, cesarean should account to just 10-15% of overall deliveries. Norway, Sweden and few other countries have managed to kept the rates below 15%, Uk, France have it close to 20%. US has had 32% C-Sec rate. In India, the Cesarean rates are highly varied, with TN, Haryana crossing 50% mark, few hospitals even have this rate as high as 80-90% C-section. (Do ask for that from your hospital to know where do they fall into).

Many private hospitals have all fallen into the clutches of opting Cesarean in India and their deviations have been sky rocketing.

To me, Obstetricians are more scalpel friendly now rather than being mother friendly.

But you must be thinking what is the harm in it ?

Let me share you some of the points (which are true in 95% cases)

Benefits of Normal Delivery:

  • Speedy recovery & lesser stay @Hospitals (usually just a day).
  • Lesser Bleeding & less chances of Infections, less duration of being in pain.
  • A mother can immediately hold her baby & feed as soon as she delivers.
  • For Baby, passing through birth canal boosts up their Immune system and protect their intestinal tracts.
  • Even naturally born babies have less allergies & less of respiratory problems (as muscles involved in the process of vaginal delivery are more likely to squeeze out fluid found in a newborn’s lungs)
  • It costs much lesser than Cesarean

Cesarean or C-section is disturbing the natural god-made phenomenon of giving birth naturally:

  • Well, a longer pain cycle & lots of blood loss, delayed breast feed for baby
  • Your chance for normal delivery during next baby minimizes
  • Some even complain of prolong back pain issues
  • More than 2-3 times the cost of Normal delivery

Cesarean is indeed a boon for complicated cases, quoting few causes when one must go for  it –

  • Chronic Heart diseases or very high BP (normally high most of the mom’s have) /pre eclampsia (pregnancy induced high BP) or diabetes
  • Low lying Placenta (Placenta Previa)
  • HIV+ Mother so that viruses are not transmitted during birth
  • Extremely heavy baby /baby in breech position
  • Twins or triplets & if any of them is in breech position
  • Or It can go unconditional if during labour foetus has gone under distress or if the umbilical cord slips in birth canal ahead of baby

Can laws help?

In India many obstetricians have raised these issues time & again, but there has been no stringent law or audits towards them/hospitals, hence this practice is sky rocketing here. I generously believe that to limit this malpractice, government will have to modulate the laws –

  • There should be laws to monitor Cesarean & every report should be submitted with reasons (along with proving reports) 
  • There must be specific targets for every obstetrician wrt Normal labour
  • Charges of Cesarean & Normal delivery should be equalised
  • Increasing awareness among the youths & promoting Vaginal deliveries
  • Penalising practitioners for conducting Cesarean even when it could have been avoidable.
  • Mystery audits of clinics and hospitals

Ladies, God has created the female body to give birth naturally in an easy manner, let’s not allow people to transform it just or the sake of “Monetising” -Making money from a Mother!

A positive example of my friend will make you aware of the strength of a female body-

“She attained Placenta Previa in 5th month …On bed rest for 2 months..Suggested C-sec

Then she suffered from very high B.P …high on medicines…80% C-sec

Baby was in breech condition even in 8th month..90% C-sec

Then her baby had 2 rounds of umbilical cord against neck …100% C-sec,

That’s how her graph moved ,but then she remained silent & had decided on the course of action, she fought her family, her doctor. She travelled to her village during the last days of her pregnancy and stayed with her great grand mom for 2 days. 3rd day she delivered a healthy beautiful baby, naturally, so very naturally, letting her Motherhood win over others!”

It called for a salute to her & to all healthy “to-be moms” to preserve & test their body & feel the closeness; after all it’s your baby!

Opt for Natural birth!!

Baby Birth
Baby Birth

Happy Birthing !!


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