Cherishing Womanhood!

Celebrating womanhood

Celebrating Womanhood!

Did you like the Part I in the series of Celebrating Womanhood by hopping onto things we love the most? Could relate it for inner happiness? I guess, most of us, would have! Incase you missed it, read it right here .

So continuing on my part II, which I’m pretty confident many of us follow and cherish.

Here goes the rest 5 things, I believe a woman has to have in her life:

1. Read out a book :

Reading is something I enshrine upon. Don’t we all get fancied upon by those beautiful Love stories? Be it ending in a positive note or heartbreaking, many of us shed our valuable tears and get our emotions into those novels. We love thrills as well and that makes us exciting and refreshed. Many novels make us so closely associated with our or known’s lives and leave a strong impact. Though that is a fantasy world, real life stories are more motivational and inspiring. Reading Holy books may do wonders during those emotional outbursts!

So basis your emotional moments, pick up the book and indulge in the savors of it. A lovely read will for sure leave our inner self appeased and happy.

2. Shop for yourself :

We all love Shopping, there’s no second thought to it. But, I’ve observed that after having baby, my 90% shopping focus has shifted. I’m lot more interested in his dresses, footwear, toys, books and what not. I’m always looking out things for him. But alas, What about me? I need to tickle my brain to get that done. But once I’ve hopped onto my shopping with my best buddies, that day goes wonderful. One, being with bestie’s and secondly, I get what I needed for last 2 months, lol.

What I need to say is that we need to get ourselves pampered atleast once or twice a month for sure! What do you think, beauties?

We could have a relaxing spa, get our hair done, let them down with that lustre, get our teeth whitened, go for some facials as well.
Yes, they may be all for aesthetic purposes but thinking about ourselves, remembering our importance, not only makes us look better but in turn that also makes us feel better! Self love goes a long way, so don’t feel guilty!

3. Travel :

Ahh, that’s where my heart sinks! If given me a chance, I can explore the world 365 days. But then frankly, I don’t have that budget, lol.

Jobs fill pockets and Travel fills souls, Isn’t this quote true? 

We need to have outings to get a change from the monotonous routines of life. There has to be some moments wherein we can just learn, explore, delve ourselves in the lap of nature. There has to be moments of witnessing the beautiful sunrise and rough sea. We need to hear the birds chirping to get us out of the bed. There ought to be sunny days full of pool and sunbath with books. Isn’t it? Yes, that’s for our souls, to help it heal and rejuvenate.

Though it isn’t possible every time to plan a week off, one weekend a month can be planned, just for a small outing with family, and fun. Spare some time from your busy schedules, you’ll love it!

4. Family Dinner’s  :

Let me tell you, I love it! Though I’m yet to find those peaceful dinners now (my kid doesn’t allows me to have those, lol), but still I love it. For the sake of interesting ambience, food and drinks, some quality time to interact with each other, I cherish these dinners. And the best part, I get free from my Kitchen atleast once a week:).

5. Speaking our hearts out :

We have so many emotions, some positive, some negative and some even detrimental flowing. For negative, the reason is simple, People, circumstances which do not favour our thoughts ignite our heart, mind and soul.

The best way to liberate these emotions is to engage in our passion or speak to a close friend or mum. Sharing out those thoughts in the form of a write up or Paint/sketch or playing music or similar will so much help in relieving that stress. That will leave a room for the happy and positive hormones to float all over and in turn lead to a happy “You”. Speaking to mum or dad or even friend helps us to get out of those emotions sometimes.

Keeping all of it in heart and bursting out someday can never do any good to us. Specially all the so more, since we have kids, family, work and so many happenings in our daily lives. For all this, we ought to be positive and happy  and speaking our hearts out will help us do that.

Hope you enjoyed catching up with this series. Share me what you loved the most (from Part I & II)and how you keep your spirits high?

Till Then,

Enjoy Life!

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