Couple Workout : Why couples need to work out together?

Couple Workout : Why couples need to work out together?

Couple Workout: Exercising with Bae!

What if I say, Those who workout together, stay together? Did you know the other side of fun when you opt for a fitness journey together as a couple? Honestly, I felt that miss, until we started our workout together. And it has been quite some time that I and my better half have been taking up our fitness goals rather seriously together. We’ve always believed in having a partner in our workout journey but never believed in doing it together, due to our different interest levels. Yes, that’s very natural. While I’m more of a morning person, my partner is an evening person. While I preferred Yoga, he didn’t. This time, we came at a mutual resolution and started our Fitness journey together as Couple Workout.

It feels great, really great and this is why we need to share it with all our readers. Read further to know why having your life partner as a Fitness Partner is one of the best decision you can make. Be it hitting up the gym or be it running and yoga, working out together is a splendid proposal you can explore.

Are you planning to workout with your bae? Then this might be a great decision to achieve your fitness goals. Read why Couple workout has worked for us #fitness #fitnessfreak #couplegoals #healthy #healthylifestyle

5 reasons why you should opt for Couple Workout :

1. Motivating each other :

One of the biggest flaws of working out alone seems to be, lack of confidence, motivation, and gripping laziness. Having your partner with you gives you the right push to remain committed, not just for yourself but even for each other. Both need to be equally committed here to achieve fitness goals. Having the right influence motivates you, to focus more on achieving the desired results.

“We keep challenging each other, and this motivates us all the more”. Looking at the confidence of your partner raises the bar in you as well”.

Now, we do not know if our dictionary has the word “laziness”, coz we are always looking at each other competing for our goals.

2. Increases Work out efficiency :

I’ve felt that exercising together has enhanced our overall efficiency. Keeping a track of each other’s goals and discussing the ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle has instilled a sense of added responsibility towards each other. And this, in turn, has improved our overall efficiency.

3. Quality and “Happy” Time :

Did I write before about the lack of “Our” Quality time? I’ve felt the heat, as after being parents the responsibilities towards raising a tiny human takes away most of the time. And we all do that happily, don’t we? But slowly, not having enough time to spend with each other, asks you to re-evaluate the relationship goals, Isn’t it? Honestly, I have felt so multiple times. And this is why I love when we work out together. We share some good time, discussing our interests and feelings.

The complaint of one person going for gym or exercise is no longer a reason for an outcry.

It’s an additional time, which we look to spend together. It helps us remain emotionally coordinated with each other, giving a sense of much better “bonding”.

Are you planning to workout with your bae? Then this might be a great decision to achieve your fitness goals. Read why Couple workout has worked for us #fitness #fitnessfreak #couplegoals #healthy #healthylifestyle

4. Focus on Healthy eating :

From the time we kick-started our couple workout, our focus on healthy eating has gained tremendous attention. We both seem to be more aware of what we are munching and at what hour. Not only it is helping us in achieving our fitness goals but it is also ensuring us to instill a healthy lifestyle. We do have “Junk days“, but what is imperative is our diet patterns, with more proteins, moderate carbs, and good fat. It feels good when your partner motivates you to ready a plate full of varied nutrition, rather than a typical Indian plate.

5. Relieves Stress :

Exercising and working out together also helps you de-stress. Exercising releases Endorphins, which gives you a positive feeling and a sense of happiness. This, in turn, helps in releasing the day to day life stress. You’ll observe the way your conversations turn out to be, happier and positive, leading to fewer couple conflicts. Milder conversations have overtaken the aggressive ones, believe me!

It also triggers a feeling of love towards each other, improving couple relations holistically.

In the nutshell, working out together has proven to be a boon to us in having a healthy Lifestyle and in building up our relationship as well. It’s an opportunity which we all should amass! You need not hit the gym if you aren’t a gymming person, but you can simply start with running and doing Yoga together.

Have you practiced Couple workout yet? Share with us your thoughts.


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  1. Sajid Akhter

    Good post, working out together gives you more time to spend with each other. It encourages team building and trust among couples. It is a great way to stay fit and enjoy some quality time together.

  2. Lisa Allen

    nice article! Couples need to work out together to build trust, inspire each other and organize competitions to know their strengths and weaknesses. Working together increases happiness, relieves stress and allows us to spend more time with our partner.

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