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When the lost friend was found again with new friends !

[This is a story of a much younger friend of mine, whom I have known for close to 10 years now. She has been amazing in her life when it came to friends, relations and carried them beautifully. Penning down, her thoughts by my words!]

Life was beautiful, there were friends all around, be it school or at home. It was an amazing bunch, in her complete teenage years. The pressure of performing in opted subjects and at the same time certain outbursts of emotions, they were all a part of teenage life. Sometimes feelings were too personal and at other times it was a mere show off. And during all those clamorous circumstances, what mattered most to her, were her crazy “Friends”.

On one hand there were numerous discussions on how chemistry practical could be bunked and there were more serious ones on how to score the best a night before the exams. The culprits were all together during all the mess they created and still amongst all this, she passed out with golden colours, after topping her school.

Upcoming days were way too passionate and sentimental. Friends were like the first family and everyone was getting their best colleges. The happiness quotient was dancing. But, she was the first one to break the news. But hey, what about our bunch, our gang of 10 amazing souls? We’ll all be apart, after all its a matter of fulfilling our dreams now. The left side of the brain was rejoicing, as one by one they all were getting through their dreams but the right side of the brain was in a deep pain! They all would be scattered soon and those laughs, cries, fights would all be in the memory lanes as “past”.

It had to happen, as they all moved to new places, new colleges to make their careers. None of them were in same college. Their lives suddenly got a different tangent as a college life. They were busy with the new environment, new subjects, and understanding of the new lives in new places. Slowly the bunch of 10 close knit friends became a lost group with no active discussions. After all, it had been close to 4 years now and everybody found solace in new friends.

But, that day was quite different, she was sitting along the beach, looking at the sunset. How enigmatic the sunset looked, something was hazy there and something seemed missing in her heart. As her mind was marching in the old lanes, a drop of water from the tide touched her thumb and she was brought back into this world. So much did she miss her old friends and wanted to laugh with that bunch again. She wanted to find people who shared her interests, who wanted to have some conversations around art and photography. She wanted a bunch with whom she could re-live the colourful festivals of India and so much more. She really needed something..

She wanted Cuddll app, which helps to discover people who are willing to engage in group activities around them and the most important part, of the same interests “Securely “. She was never brandish about the thronging dating apps, as her life was beautiful with amazing friends. Cuddll is the most effective way of making friends

With the youth turning to the social media these days, dating apps are quite common for teenagers to have initial experience. More and more of these dating apps are doing rounds in the app markets. Though Organic dating is yet prevalent, online dating as got a great young audience. But there remains a sense of insecurity when it comes to dating app, mainly due to trashy people who are a part of it. Many people get bunch of stalkers all around their social media most of the times. Even bullying becomes a serious factor here.

With the new developments and thoughts coming up, the idea of having friends with common interests suits much better. More so, better security measures are taken care of, to ensure privacy, and this is what is special about Cuddll. 

Are you planning to attend some Photography meet?  Wouldn’t it be great to have some like minded friends there to exchange some informative dialogues and get more depth? Along with this you can make friends in this journey, with something similar that interests you? How does that sounds? To me, a fantastic idea. And what the whole purpose of this app is, discover and engage in group activities. Join those cuddlls (the so called social gatherings or activities), discuss with the other users who’re a part of those activities/events/gatherings. You can plan events, share your experience over, let your voice be heard.

In their own terms “#Cuddll is the Airbnb of social gatherings. It enables individuals to initiate and engage in social hangouts around them without the involvement of a formal organisation or compulsory entry fees”.


The best part is all this is secure, and I really mean that. There is no need to input your phone no, nor any of your social media profiles. Its just one medium to connect, chat, greet and meet. It starts there and ends there. Completely secure, no worries of stalkers. In this way , you securely meet your potential pals, which is the hardest thing to find in life.

And so, that sunset, got her introduced to Cuddll. She loved Art to an extreme level and got to know of an Art exhibition a week later in her city. Excited she joined that cuddll of the art event. She was not certain, why and how that happened. But the other day, she saw one of her old bestie, from the same old school gang, joining away the same event via cuddll app. Confused, seeing her name and image, she jumped out of her bed with double excitement. They got to meet once again, and this time with the help of an app for people with same interest.

They met on the day of the art exhibition, they hugged, smiled, laughed, danced and they were so happy to be together! That’s the beauty of friendship and friends. To her, cuddll app came as a “cherub” with the magical wand of happiness, she had wished a week back!

How did you find this app lovelies? Share your feedbacks here!

  1. mrscaudle1011

    This sounds like a great app! Meeting new people with like minded interest is so hard. This is perfect for those willing to branch out and try meeting people in a different way.

  2. Sarah

    I’m such an “oldie” when it comes to relationships but this app sounds cool in that it’s so secure and just about meeting with others with the same passion/interest. What a great article to review this app.

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