Delhi Air Quality : Measures to keep Indoor Air clean

Delhi Air Quality : Measures to keep Indoor Air clean

Delhi Air Quality : Curbing Air pollution

We’re all struggling as the news flashes “worst Air Quality recorded” every day. The worst time of the year is back, when the burning paddies, the direction of winds, onset of winters, burning of crackers and some extra vehicular pollution leads to the poor measurements of AQI. Check out your area’s AQI here .

We’re all struggling as the news flashes of worst Delhi Air Quality recorded every day. Here are some easy ways to reduce the Indoor Air Pollution. Air Purifier, Charcoal activated bags, dehumidifiers, indoor plants, No indoor smoking are some great options. Read more. #indoorair #airpollution #DelhiAir #AirqualityIndex #AQI #DelhiPollution #Indoorplants #Airpurifier

Various studies measure concentrations of most harmful PM10 & PM2.5(i.e. particles smaller than 10 or 2.5Microns). These Particulate matters reduce the air visibility, are the real cause of Smog, enter into the lungs & are responsible for many respiratory problems. And to breathe fresh, we need certain interventions, which can be small but cumulatively they can help us not become walking skeletons.

Did you know, The air inside our homes is even more polluted than the air outside, as per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Indoor air has 5X more pollutants trapped in than he outside air.

Indoor Air Quality :

We spend 80% of the time indoors, be it in offices or at homes. And for the ventilation and warmth, our windows are open at certain times of the day. That ventilation is must but it also results in exchange of outdoor air and the red-orange signals of Air purifier cautions of the PM present in the indoor air. Also read, ways to curb Plastic Pollution, with easy alternatives for Homes. 

When you think of air pollution, what triggers up is Outdoor Air pollution and we don’t conjure up images of our home/office interiors. But since we spend so much time indoors (do star a track yourself), ensuring the measures to keep the air quality(home, workplace, cars) as clean as possible is of prime significance.

Basis an NCBI report , “The ill-effects of indoor air pollution results in 2 million premature deaths per year. Out of which 44% are due to pneumonia, 54% from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and 2% from lung cancer.”

Major Indoor Pollutants creating the havoc on our health are :

  • Molds and pollen in the air
  • Tobacco smoke due to Cigarette / Cigars
  • Toxic Household products (Aerosol spray, upholstery cleaners, Detergents, acids)
  • Radon and carbon monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide gases (Gas stoves, smoking)
  • Asbestos, formaldehyde, lead (furniture and wooden productsbuilding materials)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), emitting from paints, solvents, cleaning agents, pesticides.

We’re all struggling as the news flashes of worst Delhi Air Quality recorded every day. Here are some easy ways to reduce the Indoor Air Pollution. Air Purifier, Charcoal activated bags, dehumidifiers, indoor plants, No indoor smoking are some great options. Read more. #indoorair #airpollution #DelhiAir #AirqualityIndex #AQI #DelhiPollution #Indoorplants #Airpurifier

How to prevent Indoor Air Pollution at an individual level :

1. Air Purifier :

After a lot of discussion with our doctor and feedback from some real time users, we finally invested in an Air Purifier with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. A HEPA filter is an air filter which forces the air through a fine mesh. It then traps various particles of different sizes as pollen, dust mites, Smoke, VOC’s , pet dander and more. 

It’s been quite some time that we have been using Air purifiers and we can say that they are really effective in reducing harmful particles in the air. 


2. Air purifying bags :

Many brands have come with with activated charcoal bags which traps up various particles and cleans up the air, the foul smell and also absorbs moisture. They come in different sizes (basis your room size) and all you need to do is hang them or place them in the portion which you feel is stinky or needs air purification. You can look out for some here.


3. Say “No” to smoking, rather a strict “No” to indoor smoking :

Cigarette smoke is very dangerous as it causes many respiratory and other health issues as Lung Cancer. The tar in cigarette smoke causes cancer and other chemicals in combination, are responsible for paralysing our internal body machinery every with every tar inhaled. Even a passive smoker inhales the tar, hence ensure there should be no smoking inside the house.

Burning candles, Dhoop sends soot up into your air. So, opt for beeswax candles which cleans up the indoor air or go for LED candles.

We’re all struggling as the news flashes of worst Delhi Air Quality recorded every day. Here are some easy ways to reduce the Indoor Air Pollution. Air Purifier, Charcoal activated bags, dehumidifiers, indoor plants, No indoor smoking are some great options. Read more. #indoorair #airpollution #DelhiAir #AirqualityIndex #AQI #DelhiPollution #Indoorplants #Airpurifier

4. Organic Cleaning agents :

With the Mega offers on the board, we tend to buy the best deal that keeps our homes clean. What we focus is “Clean home and floors”. But do we ever keep a check on the toxic chemicals that we send in our indoor air daily through these cleansers? While we become happy with the gleaming countertops and floors, we are deteriorating our own health at that cost. More so the drain cleaners, acidic cleaners, are most dangerous. Even the fragrances that are added here are responsible for lots of allergic reactions.

So, either go for some home made cleaners (with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice/Citrus Juice and borax) or opt for natural and Organic cleaners which do not release any toxins in air.

5. Reduce Molds and Keep the air less Humid :

Humidity is a torment and it creates lots of issues wrt breathing. Dust mites and molds love moisture and the multiply in such humid places. You should have a good plan to de-humidify your rooms, cabinets, bathrooms and places which remain moist for a longer period.

  • You can use natural de-humidifiers as Rock Salt, Silica gels, charcoal briquettes.
  • Place the clotheslines / Drying stand outside rather than inside the rooms.
  • Use Fans, try keeping them on throughout the day
  • Ensure a good ventilation and also use your AC to help in de-humidification.

6. Say “Yes” to Indoor Plants :

Plants are the nature’s gift to mankind, and they not just add up to the decor but some house plants actually help in the cleaning effect (in conjunction with the other measures as specified above).

“Coming up is a post on 6 Best Indoor Plants which clean up the air and spruce up the home decor”.

What actions have you taken up to clean the Indoor Air? Share with us in the comment section.

Be Healthy!


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    Delhi is really in a sad state when it comes to air pollution. You have mentioned some very useful ideas to deal with it.. keeping indoor plants and air purifiers is an option for each home to be considered.

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    Delhi has reached at a horrible stage when it comes to air pollution. Thanks for sharing some useful tips. Air purifier, organic cleaning agents and indoor plants should be considered by everyone.

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    You really nailed it…this is must to be shared and create awareness that air pollution can cause so.many health issues… at least we can purify home air

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    Such an important issue.. i use air purifying bags and they make such a difference to the overall health in the bag

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    The air quality is extremely poor in Bangalore as well. This is such a insightful post. I have planted indoor plants and make use of purifying bags. They do make difference

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    Delhi’s air pollution hit new highs last winter, giving the city, at least briefly, the worst air quality readings of any place on earth. But you share with us really very amazing tips..

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    Pollution levels in Delhi and other metros are indeed reaching alarming levels. Today air pollution has made inroads into our very homes. These are some really practical and much-needed measures to ensure that the air within our homes is clean.

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    Yes, agreed to your words. Delhi is most polluted, even we are struggling to breathe free. Using air purifier and air purifier bags

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    it Is shocking to know that air inside our house is more polluted. I am gonna get my air purifier bags pretty soon. Thanks much.

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    The stats of air pollution is devastating. No doubt preventive measures should be taken to combat it’s affects. The tips like using air purifier and purifying bags can Help a lot

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    This is Sachin informative post nowadays air quality is really very bad everywhere we live in Bangalore and at times we feel pollen problems and health conditions to this,
    We need to take proper steps to take care of environment and stay healthy

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    Delhi NCR is a highly polluted belt with high number of asthma patients..I have kept air purifying bags in all rooms

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    Delhi’s air is getting worse day by day.. You have pointed down some of the most helpful points..

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    To be very frank, the whole issue seems to be scary! But thank goodness, there are atleast brands that has come with such options to help us overcome such situations!

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    Delhi pollution level is increasing daily at such an alarming stage. I have liked the idea of indoor game

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    The air quality in Delhi is scary as well as alarming. Hopefully, Delhi people will consider your measures and will atleast keep indoor air clean.

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    Delhi air definitely needs to be sorted and taken care to live a healthy life. You can covered all amazing measures

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    i am not sure how many of us can afford air purifiers as of now, but I am surely using air purifying bag and indoor plants already. will implement the rest of ideas too.

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    Great tips!I think it’s vital to get indoor plants and a good air purifier given the detoriating quality of air.

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