DIY PineCone Spider: Art and craft for kids

DIY PineCone Spider: Art and craft for kids

Every Child is an artist, Picasso said it best! Now, when we have ample time to be with kids (under this #quarantine phase), why not milk it for all it’s worth? Creativity inside a child can never end, as the more creativity you use, the more you have, don’t you agree? Varied art and craft forms help children immensely in their developmental factors. While indoors, for us, art and crafts are something that keeps us our excitement levels high. Keep reading to watch our PineCone Spider video.

Benefits of Art and Crafts for Kids:

Right from using waste items as a main crafty prop, to showcasing an abstract art(from Kids perceptions), the world of art and crafts is truly magical. Art and craft help kids in many ways:

  • 1. Developing Fine motor skills and Hand-Eye coordinations
  • 2. Boosts their self-confidence
  • 3. Acts as a way to express their emotions, thoughts
  • 4. Promotes their creativity and imagination skills
  • 5. Imparts practical Know-how and opens up immense learning opportunities

To create a craft, you don’t need to have all the structured items. Origami can be done even with newspaper pieces if you don’t have an Origami sheet. It’s the world of flexibility. Look around your house, kids’ toy-rooms, you’ll find baggage full of scrap. Laces, Jars, shells, Pinecones, straws, popsicles, pom poms, concrete toy objects, recyclable bottles, CDs and much more. And well this scrap can be turned into beautiful decor or a simple yet engaging craft for children. Begin the search right away, brainstorm with your kid, take the help of Youtube and you’ll be flourished with ideas that kids would like to create.

Pinecone Spider and Spiderweb: Best out of waste

We were reading Gruffalo as a part of our bedtime story routine. As the mouse got his nut and finally took a peaceful breath, my little one, suddenly recalled that we had collected some pine cones from our last trip. All of a sudden, he wanted to make some craft out of it. That sounded interesting to me as well, while I thought of beautiful flowers that could be showcased as a decor, he insisted on crafting something from the world of Animalia. As we looked at the shape, we fixed on something like a fish or a spider. With the concept in hand, we browsed and thus our Pinecone spider? with the web was born.

Things required:

  • Pinecone (One)
  • Acrylic colors
  • Glue 
  • Pipe cleaner / Earbuds
  • Thread
  • Googly eyes
  • Sticks (3) 
  • Some dry leaves

All items available at home, watch out below how we crafted our Incy Wincy Spider or check it out on my IGTV video.


Even if you have one thing missing, you can look for an alternate, as I said, crafting is very flexible. We didn’t have the pipe cleaners, so we opted for earbuds as an alternate. This creepy craft was fun last Sunday, and till today I’m seeing this spider popping out from behind the walls, sides of the beds and from the plants and yes, we are supposed to get scared every single time (thanks to the world of kids)

Do drop a comment on what kinds of crafts are you doing at home. Did you like our Pinecone Spider? You can check out more DIY’s crafts for kids on my Instagram . You can also check out some Fun Science experiments for kids here.

Stay glued, as I’ll be sharing some Quarantine activities for kids in my next post!

Till then,

Stay Safe!


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  1. anupriya

    We have done pinecone coloring, but a spider. This is too good. Going to try this one soon.

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    Interesting Jhilmil. No matter what interest a kid has, they usually get into the arts somehow.

  3. Ujjwal Mishra

    We had collected a bag full of pine cones during our trip to Ooty. We colored them and different decorations, my mom still has them. Will try this one too.

  4. Aliza Khan

    So creative and amazing✔️?

  5. Trishna

    Wow this pinecone spider is very creative. I’d have never imagined to make a cute spider out of a pinecone haha

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